How to work batch add watermark to videos in bulk

Mar 17, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

Watermarking videos is the most efficient way to protect your own created videos. Most podcasters and video enthusiasts may wish to show their brands on their created video files to promote them with a logo. They may face trouble finding ways to add logos on video files and brand their original videos in bulk. There will be an extensive collection of video clips, and it will be a better option to add watermark to video files before uploading them on various sharing websites.

In today’s article, we will talk about how to add watermark to video Windows or Mac with the best and a few top-rated solutions. Additionally, we will talk about ways to remove watermarks from the videos.

Part 1: How to batch add watermark to videos effectively?

Visdee AiDubber is the best-suggested tool for you today. If you wish to add Watermark to video YouTube or other social sites, this platform has unique and powerful AI video recreation features to meet your personalized needs. So, you can protect the copyrights of your videos to help you hold your personalized identification mark. Even if you wish to add text watermark to video or add image watermark, Visdee AiDubber is the best option for you. Not only that, you will be allowed to create original videos with voiceover and subtitles. Visdee AiDubber offers over 20 tools that will help you remove intro and outro quickly, add/remove background music and subtitles, remove watermarks, etc. You will be able to generate your own dubbed original videos and edit them quickly with Visdee AiDubber’s powerful features. Visdee also offers more than 25 video recreation and dubbing modes. Along with adding a watermark, there are multiple features with 100 times faster video production speed.


  • Offer five modes with five different dubbing methods such as MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, MP3 dubbing for video dubbing and txt dubbing, srt dubbing for audio dubbing.
  • Remove Watermark from video, delete/add intro and outro, and adjust video resolution and speed.
  • Adjust and change video frame rate with the setting of the image layer.
  • Color similarity and blending allow extracting portraits from videos and adding the portraits to the files.
  • Add text watermark with adjustable size, color, and spacing, add image watermark by adjusting the distance and setting display time.

visdee aidubber

Now let’s check more about the descriptive steps to add watermark to video files using Visdee.

Step 1: Insert files and Choose Watermark

After installing Visdee AiDubber, go to the “File” option, choose “Open,” and insert video files.

insert video files

Now, tap on the “Watermark” button

choose the watermark option

Step 2: Select watermark for video

Visdee AiDubber provides you with different types of watermarks: Text watermark, image watermark, outline text, leaping text, and scrolling text watermark. Choose a kind of watermark and make the settings for your watermark. We added an image watermark as an example.

adjust the position

Step 3: Add image

After setting for the watermark, click on the “Add Image” tab and choose the image.

add image

Step 4:Check the final result

Click on "Start," and after completing the process, check the videos, and you will see the Watermark on those videos.

start adding watermark

Part 2: How to crop video with no watermark on Windows and Mac easily?

We will talk about software now to easily complete the task of cropping videos without watermarking Windows and Mac. The software name is EaseUS Video Editor. Check a step-by-step guide to cut a video without a watermark.

Step 1: Import a video to the EaseUS

After installing EaseUs, hit the "Import" button to insert the footage.

add a video

Step 2: Add to project

Choose"Add to Project" and insert the video into a new project.

add the video to project

Step 3: Crop the file with option

You can pick "Keep aspect ratio," "Crop" from the right, or the "Crop" option from its toolbar. Then, click "OK."

select the crop option

Step 4: Save the video

Now, click "Export" and save your cropped video by confirming the formats.

select the format

Part 3: How to add text/picture watermark to video?

Here, we will show you another platform named VideoProc Vlogger that will help you add a picture watermark to the video or add text as a watermark. This simple video editor adds a watermark to video within simple steps for Windows and Mac users. Let’s check the steps to add pictures and text as watermarked below.

Step 1:Upload both video and picture files

After downloading and launching VideoProc Vlogger, go to Media Library and upload video and picture files.

add both video and picture

Step 2: Add photos watermark to video

Add the video file to the Video Track and insert a picture or GIF as the watermark file to its Overlay Track. Remember, the size and positions of the watermark are both flexible and adjustable.

add photo to the video

Step 3: Add text to the clip

Again, adjust the same clip to the Video Track from the interface. Then, drag a pre-made text watermark to its Overlay Track. You can export the video file.

add text

Part 4: How to batch remove text/picture watermark to videos easily?

While editing videos, it is pretty important to know the process of batch removing text/picture watermarks from videos so that the output video/videos are the perfect ones to watch. Check out the following steps to complete the task:

Step 1: Open Visdee to upload files

Open Visdee software, then click on the open file menu. Select the video/Videos or picture to the interface when the popup window appears.

select all videos picture

Step 2: Edit to remove watermark

Visit the Edit menu, there, tickmark to Remove watermark option. Then select the video and click on the Area button.

select video

Step 3: Area section

A new pop-up window with a video/picture appears as you have selected the Area button. There you need to choose the area having a watermark and click OK. And then press the Start button. Doing so will remove the watermark from the video. Repeat the same process for the rest of the uploaded videos to remove the watermark.

select area remove watermark


Finally, we reached the last stage of our discussion regarding adding watermark to MP4 files in bulk. These are some of the top ways to add watermark to multiple videos at once. We saw a few efficient ways to complete such works. Our best recommendation for you will be Visdee AiDubber which will help you insert text images, logos, and shape watermark to the videos. It has an intuitive interface with watermarking batch video features. Try this out, and we believe that will help you accomplish more work in less time than any other software, along with batch watermark video.