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Best solutions to transfer music to iPhone with/without iTunes in 2021!

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Computer to iPhone, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

If you want to learn how to add music to your iPhone without iTunes, you have come to the right place. With iTunes, you will get a premium set of features that will allow you to get a relevant result. But the transferring process with iTunes can sometimes become very problematic and time-consuming. In such a case, choosing a suitable music transfer solution would be a viable option. Thus, here are the top easiest methods on how to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes. Follow the guide to learn how to add music on iPhone.

Part 1: How to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone without syncing?

Add music from iTunes to iPhone without syncing by enabling the “Manually manage music and videos” button and dragging and dropping songs you like to have on your iOS device. To add music to iPhone without syncing, follow these steps.

Step 1: Connect iPhone and launch iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer. iTunes will launch automatically.

Step 2: Choose the Summary option

In iTunes, press the device icon> select “Summary.”

Step 3: Set manually manage music

Disable the automatic sync from options>check “Manually manage music and videos”> hit the “Apply” button and save the setting.

Step 4: Drag and drop songs

Click “Devices” >select “Music”>drag and drop the songs from the iTunes library or any folder that you want on your computer to the “Music” option.

drag and drop

Part 2: Best solutions to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes

What can be the perfect solution to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes? Here, we will deliver you some best solutions to help you move your songs to iPhone without iTunes.

1. CopyTrans Manager

With CopyTrans Manager, make your transferring process easier by dragging and dropping the music tracks from your computer to your iPhone directly. Without synchronizing it with iTunes, you can add songs and other files to any iOS device. You can easily manage your playlists and customize including edit album tracks or title your music library. CopyTrans Manager is compatible with Apple Music. Take complete control over ratings, meta-tags, and lyrics of your music, detect and delete duplicates songs quickly with CopyTrans Manager.

copytrans manager


  • Edit music genre, track titles, artworks, and album titles within a few clicks.
  • Add, delete, or customize the order of your songs.
  • Build your playlists out of the Apple Music tracks from your computer directly.

2. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey lets to organize your audio and video collection by managing over 100,000+ audio-video files, podcasts, audiobooks, contemporary and classical music, or music videos on a hard drive, the cloud, a network, or recorded from any CD. You can look up missing metadata, organize, rename files, set up playlists, send your music on Windows, Androids, Apple devices, TVs, cloud services, other DLNA media players, besides customizing functions with add ons or skins.



  • Play high-quality audio to stereo, Chromecast, or Bluetooth devices.
  • Organize your music and video collection and keep control over it.
  • Convert unsupported formats and normalize the levels of volume.

3. iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer is a one-click transferring solution that helps to transfer more than 15 files, including music. Without erasing the old data, you can easily sync music. As it supports unlimited iDevices, you won’t face trouble while sharing music or any fie with different Apple devices using Apple IDs. Merge your whole iTunes library with one click without duplication. By copying files from your iPhone, you can restore your iTunes library or rebuild it anytime.

imyfone tunesmate iphone transfer


  • Without overwriting old data, sync the iTunes library to iOS.
  • Remake your damaged and corrupted iTunes library anytime.
  • Merge, enrich, and restore iTunes Libraries with one click.

4. EaseUS MobiMover Pro

EaseUS MobiMover provides an intuitive and easy interface to work with a minimalistic set of options. EaseUS MobiMover offers you transferring ultimate file by providing a comprehensive management solution between iDevices and a computer with full compatibility of iOS 13 and 14. You can easily save your music tracks safe by backing up all the precious photos. Send music with1-Click transfer from your computer to iPhone within a few seconds. Its Technician version will allow you to unlock your forgotten password iPhone screen.

easeus mobimover pro


  • Keep control over transferring process with its management solution.
  • Backup your favorite songs and restore them anytime without losing quality.
  • Unlock your iPhone screen if you forget your password or lock.

Part 3: How to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes wirelessly?

Now, transfer music to iPhone without iTunes wirelessly with our recommended ways and choose your preferred one.

1. Via Apple Music

If you have a device that supports Apple Music, you will be easily subscribed to the streaming service of Apple called Apple Music. The only barrier is that it’s paid. But you can add music and browse awesome editor playlists and use your Wi-Fi network connection to download audio tracks to your iPhone. Follow the three steps to transfer MP3 to iPhone without iTunes via Apple Music quickly.

Step 1: Subscribe to Apple Music

Go to Apple’s official website and subscribe to Apple Music.

Step 2: Search the track to add

Browse for the audio track that you want to add to your iPhone.

search for the track

Step 3: Add track

Click on the “+” icon and add your preferred songs to your music library. Or you can hit the big “+ ADD” option to add the whole album.

add track

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one free cloud service Apps that will allow you to upload up to 50,000 audio tracks for free. After uploading your favorite music to the cloud, enjoy them on an iPhone, either online or offline. Let’s know about the steps to copy music to iPhone without iTunes via Google Play Music.

Step 1: Download and sign in

Download the Google Music Manager and install it on your computer at Sign in by using your Gmail or YouTube account.

Step 2: Upload songs

Choose “Upload songs to Google Play”>locate the music folder to upload music. Let the process complete.

Step 3: Sign in to Google Play Music and start playing

Install the Google Play Music app and open it on your iPhone from the App Store. Sign in with the same Google account. After loading your selected music, you can start playing and downloading music for offline listening to your iPhone.

play track

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based service to share music, photos, videos, etc., using the same Dropbox account. If you have the Dropbox app installed on your iPhone, you can easily transfer and download music to your iPhone without iTunes wirelessly over a network connection. Let’s see how to transfer songs from your PC to your iPhone wirelessly.

Step 1: Download and sign in

Download and install Dropbox on both iPhone and computer. Sign in with the same Dropbox account.

Step 2: Upload music

Upload the MP3 files from your PC to Dropbox.

upload music

Step 3: Check Dropbox on iPhone

Open Dropbox on your iPhone to view uploaded songs from your computer. Download the MP3 files to your mobile for offline listening.

check uploaded music on iphone

Part 4: FAQs

1. What will happen if I don’t subscribe to Apple Music?

If you don’t prefer to subscribe to Apple Music, then you check out the below points.

  • If you wish to sync your prior and current music library across your device, but don’t want to sync any music from the Apple Music catalog, subscribe to iTunes Match on your computer. With iTunes for Windows, iTunes Match helps to access your music library on any Apple device or a PC.
  • If you buy music from the iTunes Store, you can download your past music again purchased on your iOS device or a PC with iTunes for Windows.
  • If you wish, you can manually sync music from your computer to your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2. What will happen if I cancel my iTunes Match subscription?

  • If you cancel your iTunes Match subscription or Apple ID, or Apple Music, you cannot access and sync your music library on your device. The original uploaded song files will remain on the device.
  • You can’t Apple Music as a backup service. So, you need to back up your iOS device, Mac, or PC, so that you can have a copy of your music available, including other information, in case your device ever is replaced, switched, lost, or damaged.
  • You can keep up to 100,000 songs in your music library. Purchased songs from the iTunes Store don’t count against the limitation.


So, this was everything on how to add MP3 to iPhone without iTunes. Although the mentioned ways work differently, all methods above will help you add songs to the iPhone with iTunes or any iOS devices like iPad or iPod Touch. And the mentioned ways of transferring through Apple Music will enable you to add music directly and wirelessly.