[Fast & Insane] Add Subtitles to Facebook Video Easily

Feb 15, 2022 | Video Subtitles

You’ve probably seen a lot of videos with subtitles that help people understand the content even when the audio is turned off. Videos like these are frequent on Facebook and the Facebook Live Streaming app. However, this feature has yet to be extended to Facebook profiles, because Facebook pages and profiles use a variety of feature-based differences. If you frequently broadcast videos on Facebook Pages, you’re looking for a caption and subtitle creation tool that enables quick customization. This kind of tool will help you to create and add subtitles to Facebook video.

Facebook has evolved into a popular site for sharing informative, instructional, and educational videos, among other things. Subtitles are essential for making your films accessible to a large audience, particularly those who do not speak the local video language. On English-language Facebook sites in the United States, an automatic caption option is available. The function is free to use, however, it is not particularly reliable, and captions should be double-checked. In this article, we are going to talk about different ways to add subtitles on Facebook video without any hassle. So stay tuned and follow till the end.

Part 1: Is It Important to Add Subtitles on Facebook Video

People often associate closed captions and subtitles with foreign film festivals they attended in college or television captions for accessible viewers. Both, however, provide more than just accessibility and the ability to watch international films. That’s why here are some reasons as to why it’s important to add subtitles to video on Facebook

  • Adding subtitling or closed captioning to your video can make information with technical language, business jargon, or individual/company names much more understandable. Jargon, abbreviations, and particular names may be difficult to understand for listeners, especially if they are unfamiliar with your sector. Subtitles can help a viewer remember information more easily by providing both audio and visual stimulation.
  • Children’s reading and comprehension have great impact from subtitles. In comparison to students who did not consume media with captions and subtitles, those who did score higher in reading comprehension. They can aid with reading speed and fluency, vocabulary learning, word knowledge, word recognition, and even listening comprehension, among other things.
  • Subtitles allow you to broaden your horizons and allow viewers to discover more international films and series that aren’t in English. At the same time, with each foreign language subtitle delivered, subtitles expand the reach of production firms and filmmakers. Furthermore, if you want to have a huge impact on your audience, use popular methods of translation and convert your subtitles into the local tongue of your viewers.
  • Anyone with an internet connection can share and view a video once it has been uploaded to the internet. People also employ valuable dubbing to make videos relevant to everyone. However, many people watch videos without sound, in which case their subtitles come into play. The main advantage of subtitles is that they allow non-native speakers to grasp what is going on without feeling left out. Non-native speakers may simply skip your video if it lacks subtitles.

Part 2: Ways to Add Subtitles to Facebook Video

Apps for captioning and subtitles are designed to make it easier to create and add subtitles to Facebook video. These services are still in their infancy, and they must adapt to a quickly changing video content market. To be fully successful, these programs must meet specified criteria. Working with an app that charges a price, even if it is little, is usually recommended as a guarantee that the task will be performed by specialists. Expertise in other languages, as well as the style of the captions, may influence your decision. All these features ought to manifest in the proper tool. Follow the below methods that can help you to add subtitles on Facebook video

  • MixCaptions is a famous tool that seeks to make videos more accessible to users who may often watch a movie on the mute option or require transcription for better understanding.
  • Another popular option is the straightforwardly titled Add Subtitles app, which is again only available for iOS users.
  • You can also use Subtitles Viewer in your iOS device. The specialty of this app is, it can show subtitles in different languages. Many people use this app in film and television productions.
  • Veme.ly is a video-subtitling program that allows users to create their subtitles. This tool is specifically created for social media usage.

These are some of the ways that offer Captioning and Subtitles for your Videos.

Part 3: Best Way for Adding Subtitles to Video on Facebook

Fortunately, the best way to add subtitles on Facebook video is by using a powerful video editing tool that can help you to do more than just adding subtitles. We want to introduce you with Filmora, an incredible video editing software that can make your videos literally come to life for the viewers. With all of its advanced video editing features and elegant interface, anyone can become an expert video editor using Wondershare Filmora. There is basically endless possibilities to work on a video using Filmora.


  • Movie clips can be cut, split, cropped, rotated, merged, and resized, among others. In addition, any footage that lacks clarity and quality can be improved.
  • The software can stabilize shaky footage while preserving the dynamics of motion. Additionally, you can focus on a selected subject in certain scenes with the platform’s motion tracking to highlight special moments and notable events.
  • The keyframing feature allows users to add custom animations on a video to increase visual engagement.
  • There are audio ducking, color match, and keyboard shortcut features.
  • Various video effects, green screen, and font/style changing subtitle addition feature available.

Step by Step Guideline to Add Subtitles on Facebook Video

Step 1: Launch Filmora and import the video to the program. Select “New Project” to make another venture. From that point forward, click “Import” or simplify your recordings straightforwardly to its media library window. The additional recordings will show up as thumbnails in the Media Library. You can double-tap a video clasp to review in the right screen window. At the point when all records are flawlessly stacked, intuitive those to the Video track (They will be consolidated into a solitary document).

add subtitles to video MP4

Step 2: Then we will add subtitles. Go to the Titles tab and get a title format you like to apply in your video by drag-n-drop or right-clicking to choose “Apply”. You’ll find a “T” on Text Timeline. So simply drag it to anywhere in the video. Filmora has many Titles and Text presets accessible in the Titles library, including Openers, Titles, Lower 3rds, Subtitles, and End credits too. You can double-tap it to see before adding to recordings.

add title text filmora

Double-tap on the “T” symbol to get to the alter region, then, at that point, plan your texts, change the text style, shading, style, liveliness, and then some.

edit text filmora

To alter the Titles further, click the advanced button. In the Advanced Text Editing window, you can likewise apply presets and liveliness, add more text boundaries and shapes, text fill, and shadow.

add subtitles permanently to MP4

Step 3: Then we start burning the edited subtitles to the video. At the point when you finish captions altering, essentially click “Product” to save creation. In the result window, you can choose a well-known result design like AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, get an arranged configuration for your particular gadget, or copy it to DVD for playback on any standard DVD player or TV, or offer it with your companions through YouTube and Vimeo.

permanently add subtitles to MP4

Extra Tip: How to Create SRT File for Facebook Video

SRT file or SubRip subtitle file is a plain text file that contains subtitle information. These files also include start and end times along with caption text. These files help the subtitles to display with correct timings in the video. It basically matches the audio and video in a correct order. It does not contain the video or audio that you are subtitling with.

Create SRT file

Any text editor from your computer can help you to create an SRT file. But you need to format the text with timings in the video perfectly and then save the text file as an SRT file.

create custom srt files to add subtitles on Facebook video

Once you’ve finished your closed captions file, convert it to plain text (many text editors offer rich text by default) and save it as a file. SRT. Replace “.txt” in the file name with “.srt” if necessary.

Upload to video

Step 1: First you need to go to your video library, if you find it empty you can add videos to it from your device. Upload the video in the website by clicking on Upload.

add subtitles to Facebook video

Step 2: Click on the Edit Video option, to navigate into the Subtitles tab. It offers two choices: Create or download an SRT file.

Few steps to create separate SRT files (Second method):

Step 1: Just open the text editor of your choice.

Step 2: Note that each caption phrase must be divided into numbered sections, so start with 1 and then press Enter.

Step 3: The standard time option for SubRip formats is usually milliseconds, so you have to split all sentences accordingly in the desired time slots. Keep adding your sentences until you watch the entire video.

add subtitles to video on Facebook

Step 4: Now save this text file in SRT format using Save then All Files option. Add the desired filename and select the file format as .srt. Tap the Save option. Format: [two-character language code] _ [two-character country code].srt.

Step 5: Next you need to generate captions of the subtitle. For this case, all you have to do is select the Generate from tool option and subtitles will automatically be added in US English format.

add subtitles to Facebook video

Step 6: Now go to the Create tab where you will find the recently created subtitles for your video file.

Step 7: Video can be paused when you update your subtitles. Facebook video subtitles can also be removed easily, click the Trash option under the caption bar.

Step 8: Check out a preview of any changes you’ve made by editing or deleting your comments. Finally, save all updates when you are satisfied with the preview.


To conclude this guideline, we want to mention that if you want to add subtitles to Facebook video, there is no need to panic before trying any method at all. With the help of this article and easy step by step guidelines, anyone can definitely add subtitles on Facebook video without any complication. Follow any method provided here with proper steps and you’ll get your Facebook video ready with correct subtitles. Moreover, using Filmora allows you to not only add subtitles to video on Facebook and import them directly to social media, but also professionally edit the videos. This software will definitely your best friend in video editing once you start using it fully.