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Best 6 Tools to Add Subtitles to Videos in 2021

by | May 12, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Subtitles

What is the easiest way to add subtitles to a video?

It is the right place if you’re looking for the concerned solution to the question mentioned above. This post is specifically to let you know how to add subtitles to videos via various subtitle-adding tools. Software companies manufacture tools for the purpose, which leads to the easiest methods of doing respective tasks. Concerning the simple procedures concerned, we’ll discuss the best software to add subtitles to videos in different facilitative categories for online and application-centric platforms.

So, lets look at them without further ado!

Part 1: Best 2 Software to Add Subtitles to Videos

Before you dive into the best software to add subtitles to videos, it’s better to consider the essential factors for the purpose. Thus, your aim must be to first look for the ease of use of the software. Then, the

consideration of editing tools is no far, especially when you’re into professionalism. Below are the two best softwareto add subtitles to videos with their respective intros, screenshots, and key features.

1. Movavi Video Editor Plus

The Movavi Video Editor Plus offers you every option to edit and add subtitles to videos. This video editor is used to create incredible videos and movies with special effects. The best part is that it consists of a shallow learning curve compared to other high-end video editors. In short, the function of Movavi Video Editor Plus includes Automatic Video Creation, Object Animation, and other editing tools with inbuilt media sources.

movavi video editor plus

Key Features

  • Scene Detection.
  • Object Animation.
  • Video Stabilization.
  • Great Overlay Effects.
  • Chroma Key.


2. OpenShot

Another best choice for consideration to OpenShot add subtitles to videos. All in all, it’s open-source video editing software with ideal editing tools. However, adding subtitles/captions in OpenShot is quite tricky and confusing. Unlike other video editors, it further offers DMG Installer for Mac operating system. Moreover, the simple drag-and-drop interface makes it a breeze for the users to edit with the OpenShot video editor.


Key Features

  • Multi-track support.
  • Framework for keyframe animation.
  • 3D animated effects and titles.
  • Video transitions.
  • Advanced timeline editing with scrolling, zooming, drag-and-drop editor, and snapping.

Part 2: Best 2 Online Tools to Add Subtitles to Videos

Now, let us study the two best online software to add subtitles to videos with their respective descriptions, images, and critical features.

You will agree that an effective online software must have unique features, including ease of use, fast loading speed, fast uploading speed, editing tools, and so on. So, let’s review these aspects below without further ado!

1. Pixiko

This video editor offers the fastest way possible to accelerate your video content efforts. The user interface of Pixiko is pretty clean with various editing tools listed on the main window, namely the Video Trimmer, Fading Text, Video Merger, Loop Video, Reverse Video, Rotate Video, Neon Text, and so on. Thus, you can add various styles of subtitles with its inbuilt text editor.


Key Features

  • Clean user interface.
  • Inbuilt audio editor.
  • Inbuilt text editor.
  • Video Rotation, Reverse, and Looping.
  • Video Stabilization.
  • Support to HD resolution.


2. Clideo

You can add subtitles to videos via Clideo either with an SRT file or manually. Overall, the Clideo is a multi-purpose online that can be helpful for video conversion as well. Its online subtitle adder is further compatible with various cloud storages, namely the Dropbox or Google Drive account. Other remarkable functions of this online video editor include Merge, Resize, Compress, Slideshow, Meme maker, and so on.

video subtitle adder

Key Features

  • Compress, resize, and loop.
  • Video Merger.
  • Meme Maker.
  • Slideshow Maker.
  • Speed Adjustment.
  • Stop Motion.

Part 3: Best 2 Apps to Add Subtitles to Videos

You will need more features when it comes to using specific applications for specific purposes. The apps we’ll describe below are mainly to add subtitles to videos permanently. So, let’s have a look at them as follows!

1. Easy Subtitles

It is a high-end subtitle adder application made to be compatible with different formats of subtitle files. Suppose you have the specific subtitle files, namely the .ssa, .srt, and .ass, available. In that case, the Easy Subtitles will help you modify those files to make sure your subtitles or captions are in perfect sync with the video content. This app is further available in both free and paid versions to unlock certain premium features.

easy subtitles

Key Features

  • Easy uploading of files from external storage.
  • It supports various subtitle file formats.
  • You get multiple character encoding feature.
  • Application of time offset to all lines or subset of lines.
  • Direct launch of associated videos.


2. Vont

It is a text-on video editing application with the availability of 400+ fonts. And, there is an option to install other new fonts as well. The app’s user interface is pretty straightforward, especially when you’re a beginner and looking to add subtitles to videos in a bit professional manner. Furthermore, they have provided an easy tutorial on how you can install or download new fonts.


Key Features

  • 400+ text fonts.
  • Changeable text size.
  • Rotatable text.
  • Changeable text gradient.
  • Curved text.


Hence after talking about the most straightforward ways to add subtitles to videos, it’s time to learn from our positive and highly motivating conclusion. We’ve tried to mention every best software to add subtitles to videos, whether it’s online or application-specific. Overall, we can say that online software platforms are a bit facilitative over any other tool because they need no installation. However, the choice depends upon your preferences and needs to choose particular software. Yet, the selection needs to be wise and ideal, as is provided in the above recommendations!