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7 Different Ways to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

by | May 15, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Subtitles

Can YouTube automatically add subtitles? Or, How do you put different subtitles on YouTube? The recent YouTube video editing projects rarely come without having subtitles. It is defined in the YouTube algorithm itself that a user can generate a high amount of views and watch time by involving subtitles in the video content. At the same time, it can be pretty advantageous for audiences of different language speakers. Even though the subtitles are slightly different from the captions, they almost serve the same purpose of informing the audience or viewers. Let’s discuss how you can add subtitles to YouTube videos both automatically and manually without further ado.

Part 1, 4 Different Ways to Add Subtitles to Video YouTube

There are various methods by which you can add subtitles to YouTube videos, as discussed below.

1. Steps to add subtitles to video YouTube via uploading subtitle files

Step 1: Sign In YouTube Studio Go to your YouTube channel and hit the YouTube Studio tab to Sign In. sign in youtube studio Step 2: Go to Videos Then, hit the Videos tab on the left-hand side of the YouTube channel and select the video you want to add captions to. go to advanced tab Step 3: Upload Subtitles The next step is to hit the Upload Subtitle/CC tab under the Advanced section. Here, you can upload the subtitle files if you have created them from any external source. upload subtitles youtube Furthermore, you have the option to select With Timing or Without Timing tab. These captions will be automatically added to the video, after which you can hit the Save button.

2. Steps to add subtitles to YouTube videos manually

As usual, the beginning steps start with signing in to the YouTube Studio. Then, go to the Videos tab on the left-hand side and select the video you want to type captions manually. select video youtube Step 1: Go to the Subtitles section As shown below, hit the Subtitles tab on the left and select Language under the Video Subtitles tab. select language video subtitles Then, hit the Confirm tab by checking the box. Turn on Community Contributions if you want the other users of the YouTube community to add subtitles. Click the Add tab to add subtitles to the YouTube video. add subtitles to youtube video To type captions or subtitles manually, choose the third option as shown below. create new subtitles or cc It will then open the window where you can add subtitles or captions. You can also set timings here. transcribe and set timings subtitles Lastly, hit the Publish button after you finish.

3. Steps of using YouTubes Automatic Transcript Sync

Another way to add subtitles to your YouTube video is by the use of Automatic Transcript Sync. Step 1: Go to Video Manager Login to your YouTube channel and tap the “Video Manager” option. Choose the video for which you need to add subtitles and under the edit drop-down, choose the “Subtitles & CC” option. video manager and subtitles Step 2: Select the Transcribe & auto-sync option You will now reach the subtitle interface whereby you execute “Add New Subtitles Transcribe & Auto-sync.” Select the Language, enter the subtitle, and proceed and set the timings to move. transcribe and auto-sync Once you have adjusted the timings, tap the publish button to complete the process.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts to add subtitles manually

  • Shift + Right Arrow: Seek 1 second forward.
  • Shift + Left Arrow: Seek backward 1 second.
  • Shift + Enter: To add a new line.
  • Shift + Space: Play or pause the video.
  • Shift + Up Arrow: Edit previous subtitles.
  • Shift + Down Arrow: Edit next subtitles.
  • Enter: To add a subtitle.

Part 2: How to Automatically Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos?


1. Steps to add subtitles to YouTube video via YouTubes Automatic Captions

It is a quick method of YouTubes Automatic Captioning even though the captions provided are unreliable. Step 1: Sign In to YouTube Studio In the very beginning, go to YouTube Studio, Sign In and start uploading your YouTube video to which you want to add subtitles. upload youtube video Once the video is uploaded, go through the usual settings by adding description, tags, selecting video language, etc. select video language Step 2: Make it Unlisted Go through the further stages of monetization and select Unlisted in the Visibility tab, as shown below. Then, hit the Save button. make video unlisted Now, you need to wait for YouTube to generate automatic captions. Depending upon how long your video is, it will take specific seconds or minutes to develop them. Step 3: Click Subtitles Go back to the page, refresh it, and select the Subtitles tab in the left-hand side menu. Now, select the video you’ve just uploaded and choose the Duplicate and Edit tab in the English(Automatic) section under Languages. choose duplicate and edit Step 4: Edit Captions It’s time to edit the captions that YouTube has already populated into the box given on the left-hand side. You need to play the video alongside to correct the captions, as this isn’t always reliable. You have to add punctuation and grammatical elements as well. Click on Assign Timings and then hit the+button to add captions. edit youtube automatic captions Thats all you need to do before hitting the blue Publish button.

Part 3: Online Way to Add Subtitles to Videos on YouTube

Lets discuss online methods of adding a subtitle to YouTube video with the following two best online editors.

1. Clideo

Cleo makes the simplest when it comes to adding a subtitle to video YouTube. It consists of various tools within a single online platform, including the Video Compressor, Video Merger, Video Converter, Video Editor, etc. Steps to add subtitles to YouTube video via Clideo Step 1: Sign In Clideo Go to Video, Sign In, and select Add Subtitles under the All Tools section. sign in clideo Step 2: Create Subtitles You can either type subtitles manually or choose files from your computer system. create subtitles clideo Step 3: Download After you complete creating subtitles, you can download the specific file from Clideo’s interface. It contains a list of video filters, annotations, audio editing tools, translation, and various subtitle adders.

2. is the best video editing software with the availability of several other tools. It contains a list of editing tools where you can translate, add filters, edit sound waves, edit videos, etc. Steps to add subtitles to video YouTube via Step 1: Sign In Go to the official website, sign in, and select Add Subtitles to Video tab by scrolling at the end. sign in veed Step 2: Add Subtitles After you upload the media, click the Subtitles tab. Then, you can choose from different options, namely the Manual, Auto, or Upload Subtitle File. create subtitles veed Step 3: Download File At last, click the Export button, or you can download the SRT extension file. Conclusion Finally, I hope you have found how to add subtitles to YouTube videos by now. The discussion of different ways of adding will let you better decide the ideal way in a few minutes. However, you have to consider each method to find out the easiest one as per your preferences. In today’s era, videos without subtitles won’t go a long way when the audience’s eyeballs primarily focus on what creators say or use in a language. It also presents a great way of video editing when you desire to reach a large audience worldwide.