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Warp Stabilizer: How to Stabilize Video on Premiere Pro / After Effects

by | May 19, 2021 | Stabilize Videos, Video Creation Solution

Can you stabilize a shaky shot manually? Or, How do you stabilize a shaky shot on Premiere Pro?

After Effects is an excellent compositing and motion graphics software and an excellent tool for smoothing video images. Although it is best to make the shot as smooth as possible during the screening, if you sit down and edit the shot and realize that it is too shaky, it is not the end of the world. You can do many things where warp stabilizers from Premiere Pro and After Effects are the best options.

Part 1: What is Adobe Warp Stabilizer?

Let’s now define what an Adobe warp stabilizer is.

Adobe warp stabilizer is one of the best choices when you need to stabilize After Effects movement. As a drag and drop effect, the warp stabilizer is very easy to use. In short, the working principle of the warp stabilizer is to analyze the entire frame and create miniature tracking points on the objects in the scene.

The warp stabilizer effect uses background rendering. In this way, you can deal with other things while dealing with the impact. It is particularly remarkable because it allows the user to adjust the stabilization strength.

what is adobe warp stabilizer

Part 2: How to apply warp stabilizer Premiere Pro CC/After Effects?

There are simple steps you can proceed with when applying warp stabilizer Premiere Pro CC/warp stabilizer After Effects.

1. How to apply Premiere Pro warp stabilizer

Here is a step by step guide on using this effect to stabilize shaky video with warp stabilizer Premiere Pro.
Step 1: Import your media file

Import the file into the workspace of Premiere pro, and drag it to the timeline.

import your media file

Step 2: Split your clip

To achieve a good result, split the video clip into smaller working areas to ease operation.

split your clip

Step 3: Apply Warp Stabilizer to the clip

For applying warp stabilizer Premiere Pro CC, go to the Effects panel and choose the warp stabilizer option for the distort section.

apply warp stabilizer to the clip

Step 4: Adjust the stabilization as desired

Finally, examine your work, and if not satisfied with the result, make adjustments to ensure that the video features everything in the shot.

adjust the stabilization as desired

2. How to apply warp stabilizer After Effect?

The life-changing stability tool redefines the term “we will fix it later. Here is how to apply the After Effects warp stabilizer.

Step 1: Type “WARP” in the search bar for effects and presets

The warp stabilizer is the best option for After Effects. You can find this list in the “Effects and Presets” panel under the “Warp” tool. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Effects panel and enter “warp” in the search bar.

Besides, you can find it in the “Distort” subdirectory.

type warp in the search bar for effect and preset

Step 2: Drag the layer effect

After finding the warp stabilizer, you need to apply the Effect to the desired layer. To do this, you can use one of the following three methods.

  • First, drag and drop the Effect to the layer in the “Composition” window;
  • Second, drag and drop it on the your desired layer in the timeline, or
  • Third, select the desired material image, double-click the Effect in the case of the layer.

drag the layer effect

Step 3: Allow the WARP stabilizer to analyze and stabilize

When the warp stabilizer is applied, it will operate automatically. So at this point, please sit down and let the stabilizer work. The process should not take too long, and a blue bar will appear on the composition window, which indicates that the warp stabilizer is analyzing the lens. Then, you will see an orange bar appear on the Composition panel, indicating that the Effect is getting applied.

apply warp stabilizer

Step 4: Visit the WARP stabilizer in the effects panel or timeline panel

After the stabilization is complete, press the space bar to start the RAM preview. If you need to make some adjustments to the stabilization effect, highlight the layer to which the effect is applied, and click to display the drop-down menu, or go to the “Effect Control” panel.

The Effect panel will be the best place to adjust this effect.

visit the warp stabilizer in the effect panel or timeline panel

Part 3: Some of the stabilization plugins for After Effects

In After Effects, it is not just the Adobe warp stabilizer that stabilizes video, but there are plugins and, yes, a few of them mentioned below.

1. ReelSteady

The plugin does provide some higher-level technical tools, so you can get detailed information about the tracking data, which should ensure you get the best recording stability. Although you can acquire specialized knowledge, it is still an easy-to-use plugin for any user, regardless of experience level.

However, please note that Reelsteady is a bit expensive at $399.00, but they do allow a trial version, which you can try to see if it meets your needs. Please note that the analysis time may be a bit slow.



Apart from Reelsteady, the only real stable option is Mercalli V4 from the German company ProDad. Like Reelsteady, Mercalli V4 provides powerful tools to obtain the required stability but lower than half the cost.

Mercalli works excellently in After Effects and Premiere Pro, so if you need to do all the work, you don’t need to send the clip to After Effects for stabilization.

Most people might think that lower cost means lower quality, but this is not the case. The analysis time of Mercalli V4 is faster than Reelsteady, and it does appear to be more stable. It is a plugin you should research.

mercalli V4


Finally, I hope you have found how to apply warp stabilizer Premiere Pro CC and After Effects.

The above-discussion on how to apply Premiere Pro warp stabilizer and After Effects warp stabilizer will let you better decide on the suitable way of using warp stabilizer. Without this software, video stabilization won’t go a long way, and we’ll still have shaky footage in movies and TV shows. It is an excellent way of creating videos that stand out and appeal to a large audience.