Top 5 AI Dubbing Software 2022

Mar 16, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

Voice-first technology has influenced many tech innovations. With the development of technology evolution, the role of AI voice dubbing generators has increased in the commercial sector. The usage of AI has become a necessary part of video games, video content, films, and animated movies. The advancement of AI in software technology has increased accessibility to everyone. AI technology has done great for dubbing voices. AI dubbing software tools are beneficial for artists. It helps to modify your voice in a pretty flexible way with the help of dubbing software. It has become an important way of post-production to generate videos. You need to ensure that you use the best AI dubbing software to get that effortless playback experience.

Today’s discussion will let you be familiar with the top 5 AI dubbing software with the best recommendation. Let’s begin!

Part 1: Top 5 AI dubbing software worth considering in 2023 and beyond!

Let’s know the featured description of AI dubbing software and tools worthy in 2022 and 2023.

1. Visdee AiDubber

Visdee AiDubber is a uniquely powerful AI video dubbing software with rich features to dub videos, create original videos, and edit videos with multiple effects. Besides, it works with voiceover and subtitles by generating the video or image and text simply in one click. Visdee AiDubber offers more than 20 options to quickly change or replace background music, remove intro & outro, watermarks, add/delete subtitles, etc. Visdee AiDubber will let you fulfill your needs to recreate your own dubbed original videos with its powerful features. It has 25 video dubbing modes and playing videos with 100 times production speed and five modes supporting five different ways of dubbing. The dubbing’s methods are MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, txt dubbing, MP3 dubbing, srt dubbing.


  • Twenty-five video dubbing modes and editing video features to create the video in one click.
  • More than 20 Video Recreate Tools including video editing, videos speed adjustments, resolution adjustment, duplicate removal, add effects, dubbing, subtitle extraction, cover, etc.
  • There are multiple video batch processing tools: add/remove watermarks, video production, and add/delete intro and outro.
  • Convert the text to voice with txt dubbing or srt dubbing or three other dubbing modes and dub your video.
  • Extract subtitles from video/audio, set subtitle color, size, font, spacing, and style with one click.
  • Adjust background color of subtitle area and top and bottom caption areas.

visdee aidubber


  • All-in-one AI video dubbing software compared to other competitors and more efficient results.
  • Powerful and wealthy packages of features to let users enjoy flawless experiences.


  • Still, there is no negative side found in this software, highly recommended.

2. is a web-based AI dubbing software and one of the most popular AI voice generators. allows creating a realistic voiceover with its offered online voice generator for their projects. It also lets you set up voices through multiple synthetic voices gathered from Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft. This will allow you to integrate real-time voice synthesis. The platform facilitates high-quality text-to-speech generation with its straightforward operating interface. With its adjusting tool for the tone, it is also possible to make the voices sound more natural by controlling the emotions of your voice actors. Users can export final files as MP3 or WAV.


  • Customize speech pronunciations and Voice inflections to fine-tune speech tone.
  • It offers a growing library of more than 570 natural-sounding voices.
  • Offer more than 60 languages and accents to create natural-sounding speech.
  • Enhance the audio with pronunciations, speech styles, and SSML tags.
  • Emphasis and Pauses, Fine-tune Rate, and Pitch option create a suitable voice tone.

play ht


  • Simple process to type or upload the text and choose from multiple ranges.
  • The voice inflection features include several practical tools.


  • Troubleshooting may take time.
  • The process can be time-consuming.


Spik is an efficient voice generator and dubbing software for voice editing. It has the capabilities of generating natural-sounding text-to-speech. This web-based software offers a simple UI to create a voice faster through the speech, including in the text box on its main page. Sike deals with the proper utilization of machine learning technology. This AI dubbing software can create voice effects for realistic sounding. You can also generate files if you are a non-registered user. With this free app, you can generate text with its tools but not 300 characters. You can sign-up for the site’s service to create files with up to 1000 characters in the text.


  • Offer TEXT and SSML utilization to smooth the speech generation process.
  • Change the tone of the generated speech sound like a human, aka Speech Synthesis Markup Language.
  • Three-step methods are available for the speech-generating process.
  • Free to operate.
  • Offer three different English-speaking styles.

spik ai


  • Simple, free, and efficient software to use.
  • Works great for generating voice for Machine Learning.


  • Limited in features extremely.
  • It doesn’t generate speech in many languages than English.


Resemble AI dubbing software deals on many fronts. This platform can deliver immersive voiceover experiences and complete tasks in sync with its offered real-time APIs. You can create your own AI voice with Resemble through its simple ways. It helps generate text for advertisements and generate speech from the text with just one click. If you want, its AI voices can work for you as intelligent assistants for advertisements in call centers, or you can have them sync human-like voices in their games. You can create a customized voice as your voice assistant for Google, Alexa, and more.

resemble ai


  • Create AI-generated texts with a simple click.
  • Four ways: recording on its website, inserting a selected file, generating audio via APIs, and lastly selecting “market of voice actors” of the company.
  • IVR agents for craft dynamic.
  • Several resources and offered custom voices for assistants.
  • Language dubbing and AI text generation for advertisement.


  • Advanced AI dubbing generator for business-related applications.
  • Helpful for developers to employ low-latency API to customize voices.


  • Generally only suitable for businesses
  • Offer a single type of package for the usage of the individual


Murf.AI is a versatile voice generator and AI dubbing software for dubbing and text-to-speech generation. You can use its offered studio-quality AI voiceovers to use these to your videos, games, podcasts, and many other professional presentations. It has an additional room option to experiment with the intonation of the premium voices and deliver them. There are more than 110 different AI voices available in 15 other languages in the library of the Murf, featuring over 115 unique voices so that you can choose from. It offers to use its integrated grammar assistant for generating flawless scripts. You can also add the video, image, sounds, or audio track after generating the voiceover your choice.


  • Even a single subscription can get access to the whole voice library.
  • Online team collaboration supporting audio and text input option.
  • Customize voiceovers, and sync any creative tasks with a chosen voice.
  • Record and upload a created speech to convert into a studio-quality voice.
  • Generate compelling sound and voices for all your content.


  • Work well for natural-sounding studio-quality generating.
  • Offers many advanced features and an intelligent AI to make quality voice generation.


  • It might create a lag in quality for the experienced learners.
  • Adapting to the tool may take some effort.

Bonus: How to easily merge/combine multiple videos and add background music?

To merge or combine several videos and easily attach background sounds, you can use the Windows video editing software Shotcut utterly free of charge. Follow the steps on how to combine files and add music using Shotcut.

Step 1: Select a video file

After installing the software:

  • Go to "File."
  • Select the "Open File" option as a video.
  • Drag it below the timeline.

insert file

Step 2: Add more videos

Now open another video, drag it at the bottom of the previous, and make sure it is lining up with the first clip. Now go to the "File" option and hit the "Export Video" to save it.

add another video

Step 3: Adjust setting and add music

Click on the "File settings" option, and you can add music on its background and set other settings, including video resolution, ratio, scan mode, and more for codec and audio settings. Save the file by hitting the "Export File" button.

adjust settings


Now you know about the top 5 different AI dubbing software and tools. All of the above tools are some of the best AI dubbing generators available in the market. You can quickly go with the best tool. You can then explore the AI dubbing software on your own. Complete your voice dubbing tasks with any above-listed AI voice generator that will deliver in spades. We will recommend you go with a multi-purpose AI dubbing software like Visdee AiDubber that will help you edit all kinds of videos dub videos and meet any post-production requirement in one place. This platform is helpful for personal media video creators, video marketers, teachers and students, and small businesses. You can complete several typical voiceover works and turn the written material into high-quality audiobooks. Best of luck!