Batch Ai Video Dubbing Software, More Efficiently!

  • Powerful batch processing tool: batch video converter, multiple video merger, batch video compressor, batch convert to mp4, video production, add/remove watermarks, add intro and outro
  • 25 video dubbing modes, one-click smart video creating, your ideal video at your fingertips.
  • Text to speech and then dub to video automatically, support txt, srt, ass.
  • 20+ Video Recreate Tools: video editing, videos speed adjustment, resolution adjustment, duplicate removal, mixing, add effects, dubbing, matting, subtitle extraction, watermarking, cover, change background music, etc.

What is Visdee AiDubber

Visdee AiDubber is a unique and powerful AI video recreation tool that allows you to create original videos with voiceover and subtitles in one click by simply preparing the footage (video or image) and text content. Visdee AiDubber comes with 20+ tools that allow you to quickly remove intro & outro, watermarks, background music, subtitles, etc. Visdee AiDubber's powerful features meet your personalized needs to quickly recreate your own dubbed original videos. With 25 video recreation and dubbing modes, your video production speed will be 100 times faster!

Ai Dubbing

Ai Dubbing

Own Dubbing

Own Dubbing

25 Video Recreation And
Bulk Dubbing Modes

Use video or picture material to create video. Visdee AiDubber comes with 5 modes, and in each mode, supports 5 different ways of dubbing, which are: txt dubbing, srt dubbing, MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, MP3 dubbing.

  • If you don't want to record dubbing yourself, you can choose txt dubbing or srt dubbing and Visdee AiDubber will convert the text to voice and dub your video.
  • If you have your own dubbing file, you can choose MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing or MP3 dubbing.

Single Video Mode

Create videos with one video file and add a dubbing.

Single Image Mode

Create videos with one image file and add dubbing.

Multi-video Mode

Create videos with multiple video files and add dubbing.

Multi-image Mode

Create videos with multiple image files and add dubbing.

Multi-scenes Mode

Create multiple videos with sets of story board and add dubbing.

Powerful Yet Simple
Batch Editing Features

Batch Editing Features

Efficient editing features, less time and better results.

  • Remove/add intro and outro
  • Video speed adjustment, 0.5-2x rate
  • Remove watermark from video
  • Adjusting video resolution
  • Convert video to horizontal or vertical
  • Custom editing to select a certain clip

Batch Deep De-duplication

Deep de-duplication solution, the clips can be used with assurance and no longer worry about being identified as duplicate videos

  • Adjust video frame rate
  • Change the key frame rate
  • Set image layer
  • Cutting the video into multiple clips for mixing
  • Modify metadata, including title, description, author, copyright

Batch Video Effects

Modify the common effects of video clips to give them a new look.

  • Video Mirroring
  • Extract portraits from videos by color similarity and blending, and add the portraits to your images or videos.
  • Modify background colors, background images, and even background videos.
  • Add GIF stickers, customize their position and the duration of display.

Batch Dubbing & Subtitling

Powerful dubbing and subtitling features, easily have your videos subtitled and dubbed.

  • 5 dubbing modes.
  • Convert text to audio dubbing with different voice options.
  • Extract subtitles from video/audio with one click.(Coming soon)
  • Adjustable top and bottom caption areas.
  • Set subtitle font, color, size, spacing and style.
  • Adjustable background color of subtitle area.
  • Subtitle translation and dubbing translation.(Coming soon)

Batch Watermark Settings

Various types of watermark settings to protect the copyright of your videos.

  • Add text watermark, adjust size, color and spacing, set display time.
  • Add image watermark, adjust distance, set display time
  • Add outline text, adjust outline width and color, set display time.
  • Add leaping text, you can set the time interval of text leaping.
  • Add movable text, customize watermark display interval and text broadcast durations.

Cover Design

HD video covers are so easy to make with one click.

  • Capture high-definition pictures from the video and customize the picture size as the cover.
  • Add text on the cover, customize text font, size, color and spacing.

More Tools to Improve Efficiency

Modify Background Music

Replace background music with new one.

Batch Video Production

Combine different images, videos, mp3s and text to create batch videos with dubbing and subtitles

Slideshow Maker

Quickly create slideshow videos by combining multiple images and audio.

Subtitles Extraction

Extract subtitles from audio or videos and save them as text.(Coming soon)

Text to Audio

Convert text to dubbing and mix in video, multi-language supported.

Add Intro & Outro in Batch

Add intro and outro of videos in batch

Video Matting

Extract precisely the people or content you want from the video with one click.

Add Watermark in Batch

Add text and image watermarks to videos in batches.

Create HD Cover

Extract HD images from videos with one click to make video covers.

Video to Portrait or Landscape

Convert video to horizontal or vertical with one click, multiple video effects available.

Subtitle Translation Tool

Translate subtitles and dubbings with one click, bilingual displays available, multi-language supported.(Coming soon)

Quick Settings

Save the creation preferences of the previous video so that you can use it directly without repeating the settings later.

Visdee AiDubber Feature List

all features of AiDubber

Who Is The Visdee AiDubber For?

Personal Media Video Creators

Use images and video materials to create original videos with Visdee AiDubber that meet the various requirements of the platforms quickly and get online traffic.


Use Visdee AiDubber to produce useful GUIDE videos in a snap, and use batch processing tools to improve the efficiency of video marketing.

Teachers & Students

A simple and effective way to quickly create online course, convert video courses to text, saving time and improving efficiency.

Small Business

Low-cost, time-efficient production of product introduction with dubbing.

What Our Users Say About Us

"I've been looking for a full featured software like this for a long time and now I finally found it. It looks simple but has so many features, it took me some time to understand each feature, but it's really useful after getting familiar with it. Quick dubbing, adding watermarks, and quickly composing videos are all very convenient and have saved me a lot of time."
"I often need to record online courses and it's time consuming to add subtitles manually, this software can add subtitles automatically and also synchronize with the voice. It saves me a lot of time and I love it so much."
"I use it to make some short videos. Trimming videos, adding background effects, subtitles and dubbing features are very convenient, and what impresses me most is that it can make completely different videos at once as long as I have the video material, text content and dubbing ready, which is really cool. In the past I had to do one video at a time."

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Abel Paul

Bert H

Visdee AiDubber

All-in-one Batch Ai Video Dubbing Software, More Efficiently!