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What Our Users Say About Us

"I've been looking for a full featured software like this for a long time and now I finally found it. It looks simple but has so many features, it took me some time to understand each feature, but it's really useful after getting familiar with it. Quick dubbing, adding watermarks, and quickly composing videos are all very convenient and have saved me a lot of time."
"I often need to record online courses and it's time consuming to add subtitles manually, this software can add subtitles automatically and also synchronize with the voice. It saves me a lot of time and I love it so much."
"I use it to make some short videos. Trimming videos, adding background effects, subtitles and dubbing features are very convenient, and what impresses me most is that it can make completely different videos at once as long as I have the video material, text content and dubbing ready, which is really cool. In the past I had to do one video at a time."

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Abel Paul

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