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5 Best Alternatives to Olive Video Editor to Give a Try!

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Popular Video Editor Software, Video Creation Solution

When looking for a video editor, there are many things you need to look for carefully. These are the attributes and features that make working with the software a breeze. You will need it to integrate with your system and editing seamlessly should be all the more simple. You need to have all the desired features in reach. The Olive video editor is one such best tool designed with cutting-edge features to help you make the best videos. Learn more about the Olive video editor below and why you may need an alternative when using it.

Part 1: What is the Olive video editor?

The Olive video editor is a powerful software that offers node-based compositing. The node compositing is a form of visual programming that gives complete control over how the Olive video editor renders your video. Unlike how other editors use a fixed pipeline, where one effect occurs after another, you can connect anything from anything else with flexibility and create a ton of effects with the Olive editor. Some of its great features include easy color management and robust disk cache performance to provide smooth playback.

However, you may need an alternative when using it because the Olive 0.2 is still in its Alpha stage and is thus a bit unstable. You will have to wait for the 0.2 release to use it without issues. At the moment, you will need a fallback alternative to edit videos with, and below are some of the best Olive video editor alternatives.

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olive 0.2 video editor

Part 2: 5 best Olive video editor alternatives

1. Lightworks

With a reputation as one of the best editing tools used to make some of the finest films in history, such as Pulp Fiction, LA Confidential, and many more, Lightworks stands out as a craft editing tool of choice. Adding to its comprehensive feature set are the import and export capabilities and enhanced frame rate and flexibility to make it easier to work on your media for the maximum blockbusting results on screens and social media.

Official URL

lightworks video editor

Key Features
-Real-time audio and Video FX.
-Wide-format support.
-Export to social networks like YouTube and Vimeo in 4k.
-Powerful asset grouping associations.
-Custom definable sequence output formats.
-Comfortable and user-friendly software.
-Produce industry standard high-quality videos.
-Organized, functional, and hundreds of video effects.
-For seasoned editors, switching to another video editor may be an uphill task.
-Sometimes may become somewhat unstable.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video editor and a great alternative to the Olive Video Editor.  It has many creative tools, integration with other apps is seamless and with the Adobe Sensi crafting footage into a finished masterpiece becomes an easy task. With integrated workflows, you can focus on your story and polish your work without leaving your timeline.
Official URL

adobe premiere pro

Key Features
-Creative workflows along with the Powerful Adobe Sensi.
-Support many formats and platforms and up to 8k and Virtual Reality.
-Works well with other apps and even other Adobe Products.
-Auto-reframe and optimize footage for social media.
-Clear and flexible interface.
-Responsive speed.
-Rich and diverse ecosystem of video editing and production apps.
-Some operations may require additional apps such as After Effects.
-There is no keyword tagging for media.

3. Bandicut video editor

Bandicut is a free lossless video editing software with a very easy-to-use interface. This app is a product from the Bandicam Company. After recording, you may wish to edit the video. Most video editing and production tools will come in handy, and this is where Bandicut comes in. Owing to its unique and patented technology, it edits video without re-encoding, thus no quality loss.

Official URL

bandicut video editor

Key Features
-Easy to use and Fast Video Editor.
-Supports all popular formats.
-Supports hardware accelerated video encoders.
-Lossless video editor.
-Supports HD Resolution.
-Cut and merge videos quickly.
-Trim and split without quality loss.
-Hardware H.264 encoders are supported.
-Available only for Windows.
-Does not offer audio cutting and merging.

4. Kdenlive

The Kdenlive video editor is a non-linear video editor, as its name suggests, and a great alternative to the Olive Video Editor. It integrates many plugin effects for video and audio processing or creation. With a powerful titling tool and DVD authoring menus, Kdenlive is a complete studio for video production. It is a handy tool to use on GNU/Linux and Windows Operating Systems.

Official URL

kdenlive video editor

Key Features
-Multi-track video editing.
-Wide range of video formats.
-Configurable interface and shortcuts.
-Surplus effects and transitions.
-Proxy editing.
-Cross-platform software.
-Broad variety of effects.
-Multi-frame rate video editing not supported.
-Poor meta-data processing.

5. OpenShot

OpenShot is a straightforward and powerful video editing software. It is easy to use and quick to learn. It is free, open-source software that is available for various platforms with many features and capabilities. Have a look at some of its incredible features below.

Official URL

openshot video editor

Key Features
-Unlimited tracks.
-Slow-motion and time effects.
-Simple user interface.
-Powerful animation framework.
-Title Editor.
-Can be used on many different operating systems.
-Make quality videos in a short time.
-The program has few video effects.
-It may lag, freeze or crash at times, with a heavy workload.


Finding a good video editor depends on the scope of work, operating system, and ease of use. The Olive Video Editor is one such software. However, as Olive is still in the Alpha phase, finding an alternative is the only solution. Thus, pick up from some of the best choices given above, which are cross-platform, straightforward to use, and quick to learn.