Unbiased Review On AVS4YOU – All You Need To Know

Feb 9, 2022 | Best Video Editor

While most video editing tools in the market have enough to be categorized as the best, AVS4You stays apart. Its fan following is on a different level. But does it deserve the praise that it gets? Is AVS4You really the best video editing tool out there, or is it just another tool packed in a bright costume?

Well, this guide clarifies just that. Reading this guide, you will know whether AVS4You is the right tool for you or not. You will also find the five best alternatives to AVS4You in case the unbiased review of AVS4You does not impress you. Furthermore, there are some FAQs discussing AVS4You.

Part 1: Brief About AVS4You

An ultimate multimedia editing family, AVS4You, is an easy-to-use tool that allows even the least experienced users to add audio tracks, backgrounds, special visual and audio effects, overlay, text to normal-looking videos. It features a wide range of video editing options and some advanced features like 360 video or automation are missing from the application.  Another influential turndown is the lack of multi-track video editing features that have become a norm in video-editing tools. Nevertheless, if you need a basic video editor with all the essential features — then AVS4You could be considered.

Key Features:

  • key, Slow Motion options, and more.
  • Convert all key videos and file formats, you will also find for Smart Conversion Presets and GPU conversion acceleration
  • AVS4You also supports video editing without file format conversion
  • You could transfer video files directly from camcorders and video cameras
  • AVS4You allows you to create DVD and Blu-ray menus and discs
  • The application also comes with a built-in media player — to play video files of different formats, listen to audios of various formats, create personal playlists, and take snapshots

Pros of AVS4You:

  • The program is simple-to-use, anyone — regardless of the experience they share with video editing — could utilize the software and transform usual looking videos into professional clips
  • Tiny details like mistakes in verbal presentation could be corrected using the software and that is what makes it stand out other than other video editing tools in the market
  • You could cut and add clips from several videos to make one seamless video
  • An excellent tool when it comes to applying the transition to videos and utilizing your full creative aspects
  • An abundant feature set presents an opportunity to customize a video to your preference

Cons of AVS4You:

  • The application crashes for no reason whatsoever — during testing — applying simple effects resulted in several crashes at the start
  • The software is hungry for resources — ensure that your computer customization suits the application requirements
  • While some users have praised the customer support of the vendor, many have criticized for not solving their problem immediately
  • The documentation of the program is good, but it lacks high-end, trendy, and innovative features that are present in other video editing tools

License cost:

  • 1-Year Subscription:  US$ 39.00 — 1 package and gives you access to five AVS4You programs
  • Unlimited Subscription: US$ 59.00 — 1 package and gives you access to five AVS4You programs

Regardless of the subscription, you can avail of free upgrades and customer support.

Part 2: How To Use AVS4YOU Software

As indicated, AVS4You is an easy-to-use tool. You could utilize it without any complications or learning curve (for using the basic features) and tune your clips into professional-looking.

Here’s how to use AVS4You software on your PC:

Step 1. Firstly, download and Install the AVS4You video editing tool on your PC and purchase a license that’ll enable you to run the program on your computer. Once the software is downloaded — follow the installation guide to utilize the program.

Step 2. Launch the AVS4You application and load your video

    • You could add video, audio, images files by clicking on the Import Media Files option. Once you click the option, a pop-up window menu will appear on the PC screen. There, you can select the file/s from the local library
    • Another option to select Capture from Camera — this selection allows you to import videos from the camcorders or video camera directly
    • The third option to load your video file is to Capture the Screen. This time AVS4U video editing tool will allow you to record the screen and use it as a source video

AVS4YOU step1

    • As you insert the media file — the program will ask you to select the aspect ratio, you could either proceed with the set aspect ratio or choose one that suits your requirements. Plus, you could also load other media files by choosing any one of the options mentioned earlier.

AVS4YOU step2

Step 3. Adding the inserted media files to the timeline

    • Add video file to timeline and add effects and transform video according to your requirements. All you’ve just got to do is to click the Start Project button, and the file will be added to the software interface.

AVS4YOU step3

Following all these simple steps, you will have completed the preliminary option. You can now edit the imported files to your likings, i.e., add transitions, apply effects, lay texts, or add subtitles.

Part 3. Users Testimonial About AVS4YOU Tool

George V. — Director, Education Management, Self-employed, Used the software for 2+ years

“AVS4You along with the other software in the vendors pocket is my go-to for every project. The software is effortless to utilize and figuring out the ins and outs of the program were not troublesome after all. In two years of utilizing the software, I haven’t looked at any other alternatives because I did not have to. The program never disappointed me when it came to simple video editing requirements and lets me transform clips effortlessly.”

Dwight P. — Software Developer, Computer Software, Self-employed, Used the software for 1-2 years

“Being a piano teacher, I film all the students playing the video to distribute the recitals to their parents. The software helps me tune the videos and apply transitions. It also helps me combine other students’ recitals into one. For me, the ability of the program to add transitions and a disc menu is more than anything. I would consider using other applications if there is a need to customize a video for which options are not present in the AVS4You. But for now, AVS4You is sufficient for me.”

Pauline E. — Civic & Social Organization, 1-10 employees, Used the software for 2+ years

“For the last two years, I have been using AVS4You to process the church recording and create it into DVDs for use in nursing homes. It has served me well and stands to all my needs. I definitely recommend the tool to all beginners or people who only need simple video editing tools. In the start, I was confused by the interface, but following the online guides, I was able to figure out the software well.”

Part 4. Top 5 Alternatives to AVS4You

Do not like what AVS4You has to offer? Personally speaking, we too do not. That is why we have compiled a list of the five best alternatives to the AVS4You video editing tool. Not only do these applications cost less than AVS4You, but also offer more options to customize every bit of the video that is otherwise not possible with AVS4You. That said, here’s the list of the five best alternatives to the AVS4You program:

1. Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare’s Uniconverter, by far, is the best tool to compress, convert, and edit video clips. The software supports the conversion of 1000+ file formats and also allows you to edit the video files. There are several other beneficial features incorporated into the program, like creating DVD menus and recording in 1:1 quality screens.

Wondershare Uniconverter

All in all, Wondershare Uniconverter bypasses AVS4You in all ways possible. In fact, if you compare the product side by side — you will laugh at AVS4You for what it has to offer.

Key Features:

  •  The program supports more than 1000+ video and audio formats — meaning, you could play or edit the video of any file format utilizing the software
  • You will find infinite conversion options — be it for email, limited storage hard drives, or for social channels — the options are endless
  • You could compress DVD files for storage, backup, or playback
  • Given that Wondershare Uniconvereter comes from the famous Filmora group, you will also find several basic and advanced video editing options within the applications
  • The Uniconverter toolbox contains several audio, video, and images to utilize and create fully-featured professional-looking videos — all royalty-free

Pros of Wondershare Uniconverter:

  • The base subscription price of Uniconverter is less than the AVS4You multimedia suite — yes, there exist other plans — but the basic subscription plan covers all the features that AVS4You has to offer.
  • The user interface of the software is straightforward like AVS4You. In fact, in comparison — the Uniconverter interface is intuitive and provides an even simpler means to edit, convert, compress video clips. For instance — unlike adding multimedia files into AVS4You, Uniconverter has a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Abundant feature-set — edit, compress, convert, burn, and more.
  • Cool options like GIF maker, VR converter, Image converter, CD Converter, and more.

Cons of Wondershare Uniconverter:

  • Customer support is limited to online forums and email — no phone support. Still, the support team is quick in its response. They usually reply within hours of making a request.

2. Animaker

Animaker advertises itself as a “platform for beginners, non-designers, and professionals to create Animation and Live-Action videos for every moment of life” and it does stand to its claim well. The GUI of the software is well categorized and intuitive — both newbies and experts could employ it to their benefit and do all the things offered by AVS4You. One of the biggest advantages of Animaker is the software comes with 100M+ videos and images (all royalty-free), meaning you will have one of the largest libraries at your hands to create the fully-features videos that suit your interests.


Key Features:

  • Animaker runs of powerful HTML5 Engine which means seamless performance on optimized browsers
  • Tons  of professional-designed templates to reduce the video-making time to less than 10 minutes
  • With over a billion character combinations and extensive facial expressions — you could customize every bit of the story
  • Intuitive features like Auto-lip syncing makes video editing much easier
  • Understanding that much of the time wasted, i.e., 80% goes into moving the objects and characters from one place to another — Animaker has incorporated Smart Move to reduce the video editing time

Pros of Animaker:

  • 10000+ graphic content, 100+ premium fonts, tons of readymade templates, 200+ stock music, and audio tracks, billion+ character combinations, and more
  • Futuristic and intuitive interface — drag and drop is all you have to do to create a fully-features animated clip
  • Record your own voice — you could change the recorded audio into
  • Import your assets — the software also allows you to upload file sizes of up to 20GB

Cons of Animaker:

  • You will need a resourceful computer for the software to work — if you are utilizing typical or old computers — then expect the program (on the browser) to lag and skip, meaning it could take hours to finalize a documentation
  • The interface is cumbersome at first — you may get confused by hidden options
  • Be careful about the Setting you customize — downloading the video will leave many things out of the video depending on the Settings
  • There is no software of Animaker — everything is browser-based — internet interruptions could make things troublesome

3. Avidemux

Free and open-source software for linear video editing and transcoding, Avidemux is an excellent tool for basic video editing. To be clear, Avidemux does not have sophisticated features documented in the program but you could utilize it to perform simple tasks like cut, trim, and split faster than any other video editing tool in the market. And given the fact it is entirely free-to-use, you will not have to pay a dime if all you need is basic video editing software.


Key Features:

  • Excellent encoding options — supports multiple file formats
  • Sharpening and denoising features are accessible
  • Simple and clean interface

Pros of Avidemux:

  • Perfect software to perform simple video editing tasks like cutting, splitting, and trimming
  • It could also help you add subtitles, texts, and overlays to give a professional look to the video
  • Free and open-source — managed by the users

Cons of Avidemux:

  • Avidemux lacks any advanced video editing options — to go professional — you will have to utilize another tool like Wondershare Uniconvereter
  • The interface is old and outdated — needs improvement. Still, most users like the simplicity and want the application to remain the same

4. WeVideo

A cloud-based video editing platform, WeVideo, allows you to create professional videos in minutes. The built-in stockpile has over one million royalty-free content — using which you could create fully-featured video clips.  The platform is available across all devices and given the cloud flexibility — you could edit the videos from any device at any given time.


Key Features:

  • Create videos for Business, Education, or Life (family-related) using the dedicated themes
  • The tool comes loaded with all the video editing options — be it simple trim, cut, split or advanced features like Green Screen — the program has them all
  • Gran over one million of stock contents, entirely free to utilize

Pros of WeVideo:

  • Simple interface
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Cloud-based video editor — allows you to edit the videos from any devices at any time

Cons of WeVideo:

  • Wondershare Filmora has more functions and more royalty-free content for a similar price range

5. Video Pad

Video Pad claims to be the fastest video editing tool — which it isn’t, but still, it contains all the influential video editing options that could come into use to beginners as well as experts. The interface of the software is simple and even the neophyte users could utilize it to their benefit.

Video Pad

Key Features:

  • Supports all popular video formats seamlessly
  • Breathtaking transitions and visual effects
  • Create videos for DVD, HD, 360, YouTube, and more

Pros of Video Pad:

  • 50+ visual effects for users to utilize
  • Burn or upload video options available
  • Simple-to-use

Cons of Video Pad:

  • Not available for the mobile devices


AVS4You is a healthy option for beginners who do not need advanced video editing options to tune their video. The program is also simple-to-use, making it useful for users who do not understand much about video editing. Of course, the program lacks some critical high-level functions like multi-track editing, but if you do not have use of it — then it is entirely flawlessly fine. But in case you do need advanced editing features like the Wondershare Uniconverter has to offer — then do not hesitate to choose Uniconverter over AVS4You. Anyway, choosing a video editing tool all depends, so choose as per your requirements.