[Step by Step Guide] Backup Files to OneDrive

Oct 15, 2021 | Mobile Phone Backup

OneDrive by Microsoft is a simple and convenient method to store and retrieve your files on the cloud. Not only is it compatible with Windows PCs, but also with iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, whether your computer is running Windows, Mac, Linux, or another operating system, you may simply access your OneDrive cloud through the dedicated website. If you want to backup OneDrive, you may alternatively use a separate Windows directory. Needless to say, you can backup data to OneDrive seamlessly from a variety of channels and devices. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to backup to OneDrive using a variety of different methods.

Part 1. How to Backup Files to OneDrive on your Windows or Mac

Methode 1: Back up files to OneDrive automatically via OneDrive desktop app

Step 1. Download and install the OneDrive desktop program.

download onedrive

Tip: If you’re using Windows 10, the OneDrive program is already installed on your machine. If you haven’t already, download and install the appropriate version of the new OneDrive sync app.

Step 2. Launch the OneDrive application on your computer and sign in with your OneDrive credentials.

When OneDrive Setup begins on Windows, input your personal account information, or your work or school account information, and click "Sign in."

backup files to onedrive windows

On the Mac, Log in using your Microsoft account credentials. When asked about the intended purpose of this email address, choose "Personal" or "Work or school."

backup files to onedrive mac

Step 3. Give your OneDrive folder a name and a location.

On Windows, on the "This is your OneDrive folder screen," click "Next" to accept the default folder placement for your OneDrive files. Select "Alter location" if you want to change the folder’s location.

onedrive location windows

On Mac, click "Choose OneDrive Folder Location" to choose the OneDrive folder to sync. Click "Choose this location" to specify a location for your OneDrive folder.

onedrive location mac

Step 4. You’ll now be asked to choose which folders to sync between your local PC and the cloud. Offline access will be limited to the items you choose. To proceed to the final setup page, click the "Next" button. This verifies that everything is ready to sync.

By default, Windows will sync all files and folders from your cloud account to the local storage space on your PC. Alternatively, you may uncheck the box next to "Sync all files" and then choose specific folders.

sync between local PC and cloud windows

On Mac, click "Next" after selecting what you want to sync from your OneDrive folder to your Mac and which folder you want to automatically backup to OneDrive on Mac. The procedure is then finished.

sync between local PC and cloud mac

Methode 2: Back up files to OneDrive with OneDrive website

If you’re not interested in downloading the OneDrive desktop application or creating a dedicated directory on your PC for it, have no fear. You may also manually upload the files (and folders) you want to backup by visiting its official website. This way, you may backup virtually any kind of data to OneDrive. If you want to backup OneDrive via the company’s website, follow these easy steps.

To begin, log in to the website.

Step 1. You must log into OneDrive directly from this page using the credentials associated with your Microsoft/live account. After entering your credentials, you’ll be able to log in to OneDrive’s dedicated website and view your previously saved files.

backup files to onedrive website step 1

Step 2. Sync files with the cloud

To upload a new file to OneDrive for PC backup, click the "Upload" button on the toolbar. You may upload a whole folder or a selection of files. Simply choose the one that is most convenient for you. It will launch a new browser window in which you can choose the files you want to backup to OneDrive.

backup files to onedrive website step 2

Step 3. Finish the backup

Simply open the files you want to backup to OneDrive after choosing them. Wait a few moments as your material is uploaded to the cloud. After uploading the files, you may easily see or access them through OneDrive’s website.

backup files to onedrive website step 3

Part 2. How to Backup Files to OneDrive on Your Mobile Devices

By now, you should be familiar with how to backup OneDrive through its dedicated drive or website. If you want to backup files to OneDrive from your phone, you may easily do so via the app’s mobile interface. OneDrive offers dedicated Android, iPhone, and Windows phone applications, which you can download here.

After installing the Microsoft OneDrive Android app on your smartphone, you may create customized backups of your device’s data. You may do this by following these instructions.

Step 1. sign in to your OneDrive account.

Install the OneDrive app for Android (iPhone or Windows) and open it when you’re ready. To begin, sign in using your Microsoft OneDrive credentials to the Microsoft OneDrive Android app. If you do not already have an account, you may create one by selecting the "sign up" option.

backup files to onedrive mobile step 1

Step 2. Upload files to OneDrive

The OneDrive app for Android has a simple interface for browsing your current files and uploading new things. To perform a backup to OneDrive from your phone, tap on the top-right Options (three dots).

backup files to onedrive mobile step 2

This will provide a list of available jobs for your Microsoft OneDrive Android or iOS app. To backup files to OneDrive from your phone, tap the "Add Items" button.

backup files to onedrive mobile step 3

Step 3. Grant access and control material

If you’re adding particular data, you’ll need to provide the OneDrive Android app permission. Simply touch on the "Ok" button to acknowledge the pop-up notification. Now, go to OneDrive and choose the files you want to backup. Wait a moment while your data is uploaded. Later, you may manage your content directly from the app.

backup files to onedrive mobile step 4