4 easy ways to backup iPhone without iTunes

Nov 10, 2021 | Mobile Phone Backup

There are three methods for backing up an iPhone without using iTunes. Additionally, you may use one of them to create a backup of your iPad or iPod Touch. Backing up an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is essential if you don’t want to lose any of the iOS device’s valuable data or if you need to move data to a new iPhone through backup and restore.

When it comes to iPhone backup, iTunes is likely the first thing that comes to mind since it is Apple’s official option for backing up your iPhone data. However, some of you may dislike iTunes for a variety of reasons. If you’re one of the people who prefer to backup their iPhones without using iTunes, continue reading to discover four different methods for creating an iPhone backup without using iTunes.

Part 1. Free ways to backup iPhone without iTunes

1. Using iCloud

iCloud is another option for backing up your iPhone without using iTunes. All backups are wireless with iCloud and may be scheduled to occur automatically when your iPhone is locked, connected to Wi-Fi, and hooked into a power source. How to configure your iPhone for iCloud backup:

  1. Ensure that your iPhone is logged into your iCloud account. You probably done this when you first set up your iPhone, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the Internet through Wi-Fi.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Tap your name at the top of the Settings screen.
  5. Select iCloud.
  6. backup iPhone using iCloud step 1

  7. Select iCloud Backup from the menu.
  8. Slide the iCloud Backup slider to the on/green position.
  9. backup iPhone using iCloud step 2

  10. You are now finished. When your iPhone is locked, linked to Wi-Fi, and hooked into power, it is configured to automatically back up its data to iCloud.

2. Using Finder

Since macOS Catalina, iTunes has been deprecated, and Finder now does device backups. Thus, if you’re running macOS Catalina on a Mac and want to backup your iPhone to the computer, Finder is the way to go. Similarly, although you may see or retrieve the contents of the backup, the contents are often kept in an unreadable manner. And the backup’s sole official method of extracting files is to restore an iPhone from it.

Without iTunes, here’s how to backup your iPhone to your computer:

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to your computer via USB and launch Finder.

Step 2. Unlock your phone and give the computer permission to access it. If prompted, enter your iPhone’s password to proceed.

Step 3. Under "Locations," click [your iPhone’s name].

Step 4. Click "Back Up Now" to begin transferring your iPhone’s data to your computer without using iTunes.

backup iPhone using finder

If necessary, go to "Finder" > [your device] > "General" > "Manage Backups." Then, right-click the backup file and choose "Show in Finder."

It’s worth noting that you should avoid editing, relocating, renaming, or extracting material from the backup, since this may cause the files to become corrupt. If you’ve backed up your iPhone in one of the two methods described above, you may follow Apple’s instructions for restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the backup.

Part 2. Easy ways to backup iPhone without iTunes

1. MobileTrans

When you can do all of these complex tasks with a single touch of a button, why would you want to go through the long process of utilizing iTunes or iCloud? To our mind, it is preferable to go for a more calm and user-friendly option. We came found a program called MobileTrans that is both dependable and very accepted.

Exceptional features:

  • Its program for 1-Click Phone to Phone Transfer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • You may transfer any kind of vital data between an Android device and an iPhone, including contacts, music, messages, pictures, videos, and applications.
  • You may even immediately backup such files to your PC.
  • Whether it’s a WhatsApp Backup, Restore, or Transfer, MobileTrans- Phone to Phone Transfer program enables you to do so fast.
  • Similarly, you may use it to sign in to other social networking platforms such as Viber, Instagram, and others.

How to backup your iPhone to your PC without using iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer in the first step.

As is customary, the initial step is to connect the iPhone to the computer and then run the Backup module after MobileTrans has been opened.

backup iPhone using mobiletrans step 1

Step 2: Select the media to transfer and click "Start."

After you launch the Backup module, it will display all the data and media that may be transferred from the iPhone to the PC. Therefore, choose your data and click the Start button.

backup iPhone using mobiletrans step 2

Step 3: Perform a complete backup

Simply leave your iPhone connected and unplug it after the backup is complete. Examine the progress bar in the window and then disconnect the device.

2. EaseUS MobiMover

If you want, you may use the following iPhone backup software: EaseUS MobiMover. You may use it to backup your whole iPhone or to move certain data between your iPhone and Mac or Mac anytime you wish. After copying these items to your computer, you may easily restore all or selected files from your computer to your device when necessary.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone via USB connection to a computer running the Windows operating system > Select "Backup Manager" from the left panel > Click "Backup" to begin.

backup iPhone using MobiMover step 1

Step 2. Tick the box next to "Select All" to backup all of your iPhone’s files to your PC > Configure the backup destination on the computer > Select "One-Click Backup" to start the backup procedure.

backup iPhone using MobiMover step 2

Step 3. MobiMover will begin backing up your iPhone files to your computer instantly, without the need for iTunes. Wait patiently for it to complete.

backup iPhone using MobiMover step 3