Backup LINE Chat on Cloud/Computer/Mobile [Step By Step Guide]

Nov 15, 2021 | Mobile Phone Backup

Backups are critical regardless of whether you move to a new phone, have insufficient storage capacity, or accidentally erase all of your texts. To the majority of Line users, backing up their chat seems to be an impossible and tough job. And the issue may deteriorate further if the conversation log is erased automatically. And this may be one of the reasons you’re looking for methods to backup your conversation history. There is no need to be perplexed or worried if you have never backed up your data before.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to transferring all of your chat history messages, pictures, and videos to your Cloud/Computer/Mobile device. Additionally, we’ve included all potential solutions in case you run into problems using Backup Line Chat. Therefore, continue reading here until the end!

Part 1: 2 Ways to Back Up LINE Chat on Cloud

1. Backup Line Chat with Google Drive

Android has dominated the smartphone industry by offering a free and open-source operating system to everyone. Additionally, it is more user-friendly than iOS devices. Within the LINE program, you may backup your LINE conversation straight to your Google Drive account. The following are the procedures for backing up your LINE conversation on your phone:

Step 1. On your phone, open the LINE program and tap on the "More" button.

Step 2. Navigate to settings and touch on "Chats" in the "General settings" section.

backup line chat with google drive 1

Step 3. At the top of the list, you’ll find "Backup and restore chat history." That is to be tapped!

Step 4. Select the "Backup to Google Drive" option.

Step 5. The UI will begin backing up your Google Drive conversation history.

backup line chat with google drive 2

Step 6. Ensure that your "Google Drive account" is activated.

That’s it! You’ve accomplished it!

Disadvantages Of This Method:

  • The Line app’s interoperability with Google Drive may be a problem.
  • Google Drive must have an adequate amount of storage.

2. Backup Line Chat with iCloud

One of the most effective and widely used methods for backing up the Line conversation is to utilize the iCloud. If you’ve enabled iCloud, you’ll be able to back up all your texts without trouble.

This procedure allows you to back up the whole data set in a matter of seconds. Bear in mind that your iCloud and Line app versions must be compatible. Additionally, using this technique of Line chat backup, you may recover all of your text conversations but not pictures or stickers from your gallery.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how to backup Line chat history on iPhone, you’ve come to the correct spot. To bolster the security of your whole Line conversation:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and choose iCloud.

Step 2: Enable the iCloud Drive service. Additionally, if you’ve enabled iCloud Drive, you may launch the Line app immediately.

Step 3: Select "More."

Step 4: Navigate to "Settings" and then "Chats."

Step 5: After choosing "Backup Chat History," press "Backup Now."

backup line chat with icloud

Disadvantages of This Method:

  • The version of the Line app must be 6.4.0 or above, or a search for the most recent version should be performed.
  • Remember to switch on iCloud.
  • Ascertain that the smartphone is running iOS 8 or later.
  • There is no backup for the pictures and stickers used in the conversation.
  • Delete and then reinstall the Line app.

Part 2: 2 Ways to Back Up LINE Chat on Computer

1. MobileTrans

While keeping your data in a cloud storage facility is convenient, if you are not cautious, it may soon become sloppy. The primary issue that may arise is that you may accidentally delete messages during the backup procedure. The second issue is that consumers are hesitant to share their private chats on Google and Apple servers. The best you can do is use the MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer program to make a backup of your LINE conversations on your computer system.

Not only does this software allow you to backup and restore your LINE conversations, but it also allows you to transfer or exchange other media files across smartphones. Additionally, it is compatible with over 3500 devices across a variety of platforms and brands, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. By following three simple steps, you can quickly make a backup of your LINE conversations and prevent Google and Apple storing your chat history on their servers. On begin, download the program to your Windows or macOS computer.

Step 1. Begin by launching the MobileTrans application

All you have to do after downloading the program is run it on your computer. After launching the application, click on the "Transfer" button located at the program’s "Whatsapp Transfer" conclusion.

mobiletrans home

Step 2. Connect your Phone to the Computer

Connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB connector/cable and wait for the program to identify it. Click the LINE symbol in the "Whatsapp Transfer" section.

backup line chat with mobiletrans step 2

Step 3: Convert your LINE messages to a backup

After selecting the LINE transfer, you’ll see the "Backup" and "Restore" buttons. Following that, click on the "Backup" and "Start" buttons to start the conversation storing procedure.

backup line chat with mobiletrans step 3

2. UltFone

While iCloud is a great tool for backing up all of your conversations and data, it often becomes very difficult to utilize for this reason. The primary reason is iCloud’s storage capacity. As a consequence, the majority of iPhone users are looking for a way to backup Line conversation without using iCloud.

As a result, we’ve developed another effective yet simple method for BACKING UP ALL OF YOUR CHAT using UltFone WhatsApp Transfer. It provides you with versatile and simple-to-use methods for backing up all of your critical files.

UltFone WhatsApp Transfer features include the following:

  • Backup all data, including movies, pictures, and conversations.
  • All backup files will be stored on your own computer.
  • There are no Wi-Fi requirements.

How to Create a Backup of LINE Chat

Step 1. Open WhatsApp Transfer and choose the Line app icon from the UI.

backup line chat with ultfone

Step 2. From the top-down list, choose the iOS device and click "Back Up Now."

backup line chat with ultfone

Step 3. The software will begin the process of transferring the Line to your computer.

backup line chat with ultfone

Step 4. The whole procedure would take just a few minutes. Bingo! Backup has been completed successfully.

backup line chat with ultfone

Part 3: Back Up LINE Chat on Mobile using a App

Numerous third-party applications have been developed especially for the purpose of backing up LINE communications. Among these applications is "Backup Text for LINE," which offers full control over conversation filtering by date and type. Additionally, it allows you to export a backup of your conversations to your SD card or email. To utilize the program, you must manually make a LINE backup using LINE’s built-in text backup function.

The following are the procedures for using "Backup Text for LINE."

Step 1. From the Google Play Store, download "Backup Text for LINE" on your Android device.

Step 2. Now launch the LINE application and go to your conversation.

Step 3. Select "Settings" from the arrowhead in the top-right corner of the display.

Step 4. Now, press "Export chat history," and your conversations will be stored as a text file using "backup text for LINE."

backup line chat with a app

Step 5. After creating the backup, you may export the LINE messages to your SD card or send them through email to another location.

Step 6. Depending on your preferences, you may also filter your communications.

backup line chat with a app

While backup text for LINE enables you to save or filter text messages according to your preferences, the technique is out of date and unstable.