How to batch add intro and outro to videos in bulk?

Mar 17, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

By adding intro and outro to a single video, you will find the process a little bit hard while adding these to multiple videos in a batch. It is not that tough. However, the process will be to trim, add and delete the beginning and end from more than one video. It will be time-consuming to edit and add these video files one by one. Now, several top-level solutions will help you complete adding intro and outro in a fast way in batch. Imagine that you will add intro and outro to video files within a few minutes. Today, we will introduce the best intro-outro editor and video editor from those top solutions. Let’s start.

Part 1: How to batch add intro and outro to multiple videos in bulk?

As we already mentioned, we will know about the best multi-tasking video editing platform. The most effective, unique, and robust AI video recreation platform is Visdee AiDubber. Visdee will not only let you add intro and outro to video files, but you can also complete hundreds of video editing tasks. Visdee is known as the most effective solution and king of batch processing. Visdee AiDubber offers more than 20 tools to remove intro and outro quickly, background music, subtitles, and more. Visdee AiDubber offers 25 video recreation and dubbing modes, including multiple powerful features to meet your personalized requirements to recreate your original videos and edit videos quickly. Visdee AiDubber helps create original videos with subtitles and voiceover by providing straightforward steps. You can prepare the footage and text content with 100 times faster video production speed.

Take an overview of the offered features of Visdee AiDubber.

  • Offer a total of 25 dubbing and recreation tools that offer five modes supporting five different ways of dubbing.
  • Remove/add intro and outro, watermark from video, adjust video speed rate and resolution, etc.
  • Custom editing to select video clips and help to convert video to horizontal or vertical.
  • Deep de-duplication solution to adjust and change video frame rate, modify metadata, and more.
  • Video effects offer Video mirroring, adding GIF stickers to customize their position and the duration.
  • Add text watermark with adjustable size, add image watermark with adjustable distance, and add outline text, leaping text, movable text with multiple adjustments.
  • Color similarity and blending extract portraits from videos and add the portraits to the files.
  • Adjust and set color, size, font, spacing, style, and background color of subtitle.
  • Capture high-definition pictures from the video clips with text on the cover, including customizable text settings.
  • Powerful video batch processing features offer to add intro and outro, add/remove watermarks, video production, etc.
  • Add intro and outro of videos in batch, extract subtitles from files, and save them as text.

Visdee AiDubber provides the simplest and easiest ways to ensure accurate performance. We will now check how to add intro and outro to videos using this best multi-tasking platform Visdee.

Step 1: Import the files from pre-selected files

You have to download and open Visdee AiDubber on your system. You can organize intro, outro, and pre-determined videos in different folders. The following step is to go to the “File” and “Open” and choose your videos. Here we have inserted four videos selectively.

import your pre-selected videos

Step 2: Insert intro and outro videos

Now, tap on the “Postprocessing” option. Now, tick on the “Intro” option and tap on the “Select Folder” to add the intro videos. Then tick on the “Outro” option and tap on the “Select Folder” to insert the outro video.


  • If you want to add one intro/outro to many videos, select the “Intro Video” or “Outro Video” button.
  • If you want to add different intro/outro videos to many videos, “Select Folder.”

add intro and outro videos

Step 3: Begin the process

Click on the “Start” option to begin the process and complete the video processing with added intro and outro.

complete batch adding intro and outro

Part 2: How to batch trim beginning and ending from multiple video files?

This section shall see the solution of batch trim beginning and ending from multiple video files. We will discuss how Visdee Aidubber assists you to crop the length of the beginning and end of videos. Follow the detailed steps on batch trimming the parts of videos.

Step 1: Open Aidubber

Launch Visdee Aidubber to open the main interface of the software.

Step 2: Add all the videos

Load all the videos into the software, click Open file, and then upload them. Ensure you know how many seconds you want to trim out from the beginning and end of the videos.

upload all videos to trim

Step 3: Edit Menu to Batch Trim

Visit the Edit menu, checkmark on ‘Cut Intro’, and enter the duration in a second. Then checkmark on ‘Cut Outro’ and enter the duration.

Note: If the video duration is less than 5 minutes, checkmark on the Accurate Segmentation to avoid deviation. Otherwise, for a video length of more than 5 minutes, no need to check for accurate segmentation.

trim intro outro

Step 4: Save Work

Now, press the start button to initiate trimming batch trimming videos from the beginning and end. Wait a while, and then your videos are good to check.

start button


This is all about today’s discussion regarding putting intro and outro in videos in bulk. We have put a descriptive solution including both ways to batch add intro and outro to videos and how to batch trim from multiple videos fastest. Visdee AiDubber is the most accepted and wisest decision to accomplish all types of video editing tasks. Visdee AiDubber comes with various features and adds intro and outro tools in its Toolbox. You can efficiently deal with any video editing and recreating issues. With the help of this multi-tasking platform, you can save considerable effort and time while adding the intros and outros of your videos in bulk.