How to batch add one music or different music to many videos

Mar 16, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

You will face several issues while adding multiple audio files, like changing background music, recording audio to one video, adding sound effects, etc. And most important, these all are not easy to play simultaneously. To do these tasks accurately, you may be required to pay a hefty amount to purchase the professional video editing program. To operate such kinds of programs and tools will require you to spend much time learning the necessary manual. You can trust reliable editing software for free to add background songs to video at a time. Or you can pay a tiny amount to get more features and successfully do music adding, video exporting, and adding another audio file to the program repeatedly.

Today’s article is all about the modern methods that will lead you to get the perfect solution to batch add music to video and save time by not letting you do a single task only.

Part 1: How to batch add music to a video?

You can complete adding one or different music to many videos, with the best solution is Visdee AiDubber. You can try this easy video editing program for free or purchase the paid version of this trendy program to batch add music to video with its unique and powerful AI video recreation features. You can also create original videos, including voiceover and subtitles, by simply capturing the footage and text content in one click. It will let you add music to the video with no watermark, change or replace background music, remove intro & outro, subtitles, etc. It has offered more than 20 powerful editing features to help you meet your personalized needs. Visdee AiDubber can allow you to recreate any original video.

Let’s take an overview of the offered features of Visdee AiDubber that will help you accomplish all the editing video tasks.

  • Powerful and efficient video batch processing tools: add/remove watermarks, video production, and add intro & outro.
  • You get 25 video dubbing modes with five modes supporting five different ways of dubbing.
  • Text to speech and then automatically dub to video, support MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, txt dubbing, srt dubbing, MP3 dubbing.
  • Over 20 Video creating and editing tools: video editing, changing background music, watermarking, subtitle extraction, resolution adjustment, duplicate removal, matting, adding effects, dubbing, cover, etc.
  • Convert video to horizontal or vertical and customize editing to choose any clip.
  • Deep de-duplication solution to set image layer, cut the video into multiple clips, adjust video frame rate, etc.
  • Modify background images, colors, and videos, add GIFs and customize them easily.
  • Add text watermark, image watermark, outline text, leaping text, movable text, and many other adjustments.

Part 2: How to batch add one background music to multiple videos?

In our first way to add background music to video, we will show you the best platform Visdee’s ways to deal with the process. Let’s check the steps to batch add background music to multiple videos.

Step 1: Open your pre-selected video and audio files

After installing the Visdee software, open it and go to the “Open” then “File.” Select both video and audio files you have chosen to batch add and open them.

add the files

Step 2: Choose the mode for dubbing

Make sure you have selected the “Single Video” first. Then tap on the “Dub” and tick the “Dub Mode” option.

select dub mode

Step 3: Choose the option named mp3

From the given option now, choose “mp3” from the given options.

select mp3 option

Step 4: Begin the process

Click on the “Start” option to add the background music process.

start adding background process

Part 3: How to batch add different background music to multiple videos?

In this vital part, we will also introduce the steps to batch add background music to video files using Visdee AiDubber. With this all-in-all video editing program, you can add more music to multiple videos. Know the steps below and smoothly complete adding background music tasks.

Step 1: Insert a video file for adding music

Download Visdee and install it on your systems (support on both Windows and Mac). Select the ‘Single mode.’ And then select files from going to the ‘Open’ and ‘File.’

insert video files

Step 2: Open the pre-selected files

Select two or more video files without any sound. Here we have selected three videos and after selecting those files by dragging the mouse, click on the “open” option.

open video files

Step 3: Tap on the “Background Sound” option

Now tap on the “Postprocessing” portion and check “Background Sound.”

mark tick on the background sound

Step 4: Insert the music folder with audio filesn

Then select the “Music Folder” and choose your pre-organized audio files folder.

insert the audio folder

Step 5: Start adding music process

Click on the “Start” button and add background music will begin. After that, let’s check and play the final videos, and the videos will be ready with background music.

start the process

Part 4: How to remove/replace background music from video?

If you wish to try out software or think to compare whether Visdee AiDubber provides the most uncomplicated process to complete the task, then take a look here. We have selected a top-rated platform Filme to show you the differences. Let’s check how to remove or replace background soundtracks from your video files with Filme.

Step 1: Select the “Editing Mode”

After launching Filme, click on the “Editing Mode” from several options.

click on the editing mode

Step 2: Choose a new project option and import a video

Tap on the “File” option to get an option “New Project” with the desired ratio. Import the video by selecting the “Media” menu to remove its background music.

select a project and ratio

Step 3: Detach the audio

Drag the imported video to the timeline and click right on the video and click on Detach Audio.

detach the audio

Step 4: Delete a portion of your audio file

Now your video and audio have been separated. To delete the audio, press the “Delete” button.

delete the audio

Step 5: Export the file

Click on the “Export” button and save the video by selecting the desired format.

export the file

Bonus: How to batch remove watermark from videos quickly?

Here, we have chosen Bitwar Watermark Expert to help you batch remove the watermark. This software may not have many multi-purpose features, but it will serve you well while removing watermarks from the videos. Now, we will check out the steps of batch removing to do so.

Step 1: Add the videos to remove the watermark

Download, install and launch the Bitwar Watermark Expert. Now, hit the option “Add Videos” to add your selected videos.

launch the bitwar

Step 2: Highlight the watermark

Choose the option “Segment Trim” and make sure that your watermark of the video is highlighted to remove.

highlight the watermark

Step 3: Start batch removing

To begin removing the watermark now, hit the “Batch Erase” button.

start removing watermarks

Step 4: Preview and close

After completing this process, you will get notified with a pop-up window, and you can take a preview by choosing the “Open Path” option. Or close it.

preview the video without watermark


Well! You have known multiple ways how to add audio to videos’ backgrounds. No doubt, Visdee will offer you the simplest and easiest way to start the process of adding one or multiple music to multiple videos. There is a bonus suggestion and an additional way to add background music to video files. Compared to video editing tools, Visdee is the wisest choice ever. We believe that the provided performance and result of Visdee for every kind of video editing will be the most accepted.