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Top 15 Portable Green Screens to Give a Try Today!

by | May 26, 2021 | Green Screen, Video Creation Solution

A portable green screen is a backdrop behind a subject or person while shooting videos or capturing photos. It uses a particular effects process and is known as Chroma Key. It allows you to single out one specific color to turn it transparent. Then, you can turn the solid color into another background image on the screen. You can place the captured subject in nearly any setting. When you create your green screen background, you can have so much flexibility to make great-looking videos. And so, we have arranged some top portable green screens to get the best videos.

Part 1: Top 15 portable green screen tools

Here are the top 15 portable green screens on Amazon in this session for you.

1. Webaround

Webaround Big Shot 56″ is a portable green screen tool with collapsible webcam background. Webaround offers excellent customer service by its dedicated team. Its background color helps to remove your environment, and it is perfect for home or the office to hide the chaos.

Webaround Big Shot 56

Price: $75.00
Size: 56″ diameter
Color: Chroma-Key Green, Blue, Gray

Click here to purchase Webaround Big Shot 56

2. Homegear Streaming/Video Background Green Screen

It has an instant and large size green screen available for premium videos. It has a pneumatic X-frame that raises automatically and locks the screen whenever you want to release it. The integrated case protects a built-in rugged aluminum case.

homegearstreaming/ video background green screen

Price: $139.99
Size: Large, product dimensions 5ft x 1.3ft x 6.5ft
Color: Green.

Click here to purchase Homegear

3. Elgato

Elgato has a green screen mountable Chroma key panel for the removal of the background. It offers auto-locking and self-rewinding. It develops ultra-quick to set up and pack up in seconds with instant immersion. You can lift and let the pneumatic X-frame lock the screen.


Price: $193.93
Style: Mountable, Mountable, Collapsible
Color: Green.

Click here to purchase Elgato

4. Yesker

It has a green screen mount on a tripod. This portable green screen stool designed with a tripod all in one with easy to set up is perfect for your videos in any small office. This tool delivers professional Screen material, anti-wrinkle, non-reflective, and excellent screen support.


Size: 50X70.8 Inch
Color: Green.

Click here to purchase Yesker

5. Neewer

Neewer is a double-sided screen with 2-in-1 collapsible and reversible background, including a green and blue screen.TheChromakey Backdrop enables fast and clean Chroma key compositing. You will be allowed to set up everything in a few seconds with a pop-up backdrop.


Price: $53.47
Size: 5’×6.6’/1.5m×2m
Color: Green, Blue.

Click here to purchase Neewer

6. Andoer

Andoer has a top-graded and nonwoven environmentally friendly surface and web to help absorb the light and remove the reflection. It is much lighter in weight, and you will find it easy to fold. This tool is excellent for studio and portrait shooting.

1.6 x 3m photo studio

Price: $15.99
Size: 5.9×8.8 ft., 5.9×8.8 ft., 6×9 ft., 6.6×10 ft., 10×10 ft., 10×19.7 ft.

Click here to purchase Andoer

7. Emart

Emart includes the kit 6 x 9 ft Green Muslin Backdrop[1 x] and Backdrop Clips[4 x] to keep the backdrop tight as well as free from wrinkle. The surface of it is a soft non-reflective surface for the professional-looking portrait images.


Price: $45.33
Size: 6 x 9 ft
Color: Green, Black, Blue, Blue and Green, Grey, White.

Click here to purchase Emart

8. LS Photography Screen

This green portable photography screen is for Chroma Key. It has a backdrop muslin background with soft textured seamless fabric for streaming photos and videos. It tries to reduce the reflective issues and none gloss as well.

ls photography screen

Price: $44.59
Size: 10 x 20 feet
Color: Green

Click here to purchase LS Photography Screen

9. Yisitong Green Screen

One of the best recommended green screens for quick and easy set-up and break-down is Yisitong. It is a convenient collapsing mechanism and supports a stand that uses polyester cotton to reduce the reflections. You can use it on both sides.

yisitong green screen

Price: $42.32
Size: 3.6 x 6.6 ft / 1.1 x 2m or 5 x 6.6 ft 1.5 x 2m
Color: Green

Click here to purchase Yisitong Green Screen

10. Fotodiox

This 5’x7′ collapsible Chroma Key for portability is excellent with green background. It is of pro-grade material available and heavy-duty construction with a floor stand. Its combined green and blue background allows a flexible solution for location jobs.


Price: $99.42
Size: 5×7 Panels
Color: Green/Blue, Diffuser, Black/White

Click here to purchase Fotodiox

11. Westcott Wrinkle-Resistant X-Drop Backdrop

Westcott is a portable set of Chroma Key green screens available for mobile setup to record videos and live streaming. The green screen is easy to setup with a fixed stand with telescopic legs.

westcott wrinkle-resistant x-drop backdrop

Price: $119.90
Size: 5′ x 7′
Color: Green/Silver

Click here to purchase Westcott Wrinkle-Resistant X-Drop Backdrop

12. Emart Photography Green Screen

Emart Photography backdrop processes the kit umbrella studio lighting. It has a muslin Chroma Key green screen with the background stand supporting the system while shooting photos or videos. It has tools including a stand, green screen background, duty spring clamp, photography light stand, lamp holder, umbrella, studio light bulbs, and carry bag.

emart photography green screen

Price: $99.99
Size: 8.5x10ft Backdrop Stand
Color: Green

Click here to purchase Emart Photography Green Screen

12. LimoStudioChromakey Green Screen

It includes a mounting stand made of sturdy metal material with adjustable heights and a metal frame. It offers a colossal size background for professional tasks. For streamers, it works the best. Its interlocking system is easy while you will go for operating.

limostudiochromakey green screen

Price: $125.50
Size: 10 ft. x 20 ft. [Green Background 10 ft. x 9.4 ft., Background Support Stand (2 x) 33″, White Umbrella (2 x) Clamp]
Color: Green

Click here to purchase Emart Photography Green Screen

13. Fancierstudio Green Screen Background

It includes a 10ft by 12ft green screen backdrop and an8ft height 10ft wide stand for carrying the case. It has a light background that supports the system for both studio and location work. It is helpful as it secures the stands with gaffer tape.

fancierstudio green screen

Price: $74.99
Size: 10’x12’
Color: Green

Click here to purchase Fancierstudio Green Screen Background

14. SquarePerfect 4037 Professional

Setting up the SquarePerfect 4037 Professional green screen backdrop is an easy task. This professional Chroma Key green screen has a 100% seamless muslin cotton backdrop, especially photography and capturing video.

square perfect 4037 professional

Price: $44.74
Size: 10 x 13 Feet
Color: Green

Click here to purchase Square Perfect 4037 Professional

15. MUVR Lab Green Photo and Video Backdrop

MUVR Lab green screen background provides 100% Cotton Muslin for photography videos that includes three clamps and a carry bag. It ensures the green screen looks like a pro. It offers premium quality with the facility of cost-effective solutions to achieve a clean key.

muvr lab green photo and video backdrop

Price: $28.33
Size: 6.5 ft x 9.19 ft
Color: Like picture above

Click here to purchase MUVR Lab Green Photo and Video Backdrop

Note: All the mentioned green screen backgrounds are available on Amazon. After searching, if you find any portable green screen on Amazon unavailable, you need to wait for restocking or choose another one.

Part 2: How to choose the best portable green screen?

You have to consider several factors while choosing the best portable green screen, for example, size. You need to think about the size of the green screen that you need. Compare with those who are offering. Choosing the best one will help you to raise your production skills. Check the proper color, the right size, and decide whether you need a portable or stationary model. Observe the features the tools are offering. Match them with your requirement. Your requirements can be materials, stand, wash-ability, non-reflective surface, package price, etc. You need to also focus on the additional kits and accessories. Based on your requirement, choose your portable green screen and get the best outcome.


Thus, now you know better about the portable green screen Amazon that you need to check out to get the best result. It helps to look amazing to make your videos stand out from the crowd. Make it more professional by adding background scenarios in green screen background more efficiently than ever.