5 Best Video Editors for Android in 2021

May 4, 2021 | Best Video Editor, Video Editor for Mobile

“Is video editing a useful skill?”

Even if you are little into video editing, know its high significance beforehand. Moreover, we can provide you countless reasons to consider the best video editors for Android this 2021. Some of those reasons to point out- enhanced creativity, real-time marketing demand, and ease of understanding. These were the common factors that make a video a top-rated marketing tool among all. So, why wait to look for your best video editor for Android?

We have come up with a comprehensive guide to our five best video editors for Android. So, let’s begin studying these in detail as follows!

Part 1: Top 5 Video Editors for Android in 2021

“Are there any best free video editors for Android also?”

Some video editors are provided in both paid and free versions, whereas others are available at no cost entirely. So, we’ll look at both these kinds of video editors below and their brief intros and critical specifications, a must to consider in 2021.

1. PowerDirector

Link: Download here

CyberLink’s PowerDirector is our top-rated pick for the best video editor for Android. It is a comprehensive video editing platform available in both free and paid versions. It also offers the fastest way of direct recording, photo editing, and video editing to create awe-inspiring projects.

Yet, the user interface is pretty straightforward that even novice users can quickly get started. With its Magic Movie Wizard in the editing timeline, you are automatically allowed to get stunning video outputs. It further contains an Express Project function with a list of pre-built video templates.

PowerDirector best video editor for android

Key Features

  • Exports up to 4K resolution video formats.
  • Animated titles.
  • Video stabilization.
  • Chroma key.
  • Various tools like video blending modes and overlays.

2. KineMaster

Link: Download here

KineMaster is another favorite pick as the best free video editor for Android, containing simple yet enjoyable editing tools. Likewise, it is also available in both paid and free versions with a lot more advanced editing panels than our first selection. Thus, you can readily use various tools first hand. It also contains both basic and advanced editing functions and, therefore, ideal for professional editors. KineMaster’s color correction tools are pretty exclusive to fine-tune your video tasks.

kinemaster best video editor for android

Key Features

  • Speed control with slow motion/fast motion.
  • Color adjustment tools.
  • Video blending modes.
  • Various EQ presets.
  • It provides 4K export support.
  • You get different color filters.
  • Voice changers, background music, and various sound effects.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Link: Download here

Adobe Premiere Rush is an all-in-one editing application with the ability to create professional-looking and super-fast videos. Its mobile application is entirely free. For the ease of users, it offers various audio capabilities and the best motion graphics tools. And its learning curve is relatively shallow than other video editors. You can sync everything in this program to the Cloud. Thus, you are available to resume the edit whenever you open it over the mobile app.

adobe premiere rush best video editor for android

Key Features

  • Various soundtracks, graphics, and overlays.
  • Inbuilt professional camera.
  • Animated titles.
  • Sound effects.
  • Multitrack timeline editing.

4. Funimate

Link: Download here

As the name suggests, it offers a fun way to edit videos. Well, you are not required to have any expertise to work with Funimate. Likewise, other editors provide direct social media sharing over platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iMessage. With Funimate, you can also work with powerful effects like text effects, overlays, and sleek transitions, making it the best video editor for Android.

funimate best video editor for android

Key Features

  • Custom animations.
  • Transitions.
  • Various video filters and text effects.
  • Keyframes.
  • Intro and Outro Effects.
  • Music Library.

5. InShot

Link: Download here

InShot is our last pick for the best video editor for Android. It is quite feature-rich and contains all sorts of enhancement and editing options. However, the editing panel of InShot is unique to other video editing platforms and is super simple comparatively. Also, you may not be able to see specific advanced editing tools here. This app is excellent for creating fantastic photo slideshows as well.

inshot best video editor for android

Key Features

  • Inbuilt music video editor.
  • Video splitter and video cutter.
  • Video merger.
  • Slideshow maker.
  • Various video filters and effects.
  • An inbuilt text editor.
  • Animated stickers.
  • Speed control.

Part 2: FAQs

1. Does Android have a video editor?

Yes, the Android devices are also compatible with various high-end video editors. That is why we have mentioned the five best video editors for Android above with their respective intros and critical features.

2. Can I edit a video on my phone?

Unless you are a high-tech professional creator, you can easily edit videos over the phone. The best video editors for Android provided above are available with user-friendly editing tools to make awesome video projects directly over the phone. They also consist of various advanced editing tools worth considering.

3. Can I crop a video on Android?

Yes, the best video editors for Android mentioned above have the unique video cropping feature in any ratio you desire. For quick reference, you can check the InShot video editor.


So, this was all about the best video editors for Android devices designed explicitly for such platforms keeping in mind the needs of young creators. However, it would help if you remember that every application or software you use for video editing will be unique in terms of certain features.

Thus, you have to decide the best according to the essential factors in the best video editors for Android, your preferences, and requirements. For your reference, the best video editor is the one that easily tackles the need of both novice and professional users. It must contain a reasonable amount of learning curve and be available without too many complexities.