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Best Ways to Add Subtitles to Video with/without Imovie

by | May 15, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Subtitles

There are times when you need to add subtitles to your videos or YouTube videos to stream them on other video players or social media. But, why? Well, to make your video understandable, it is mandatory to add such subtitles to your videos. Now, if you are an ardent Mac user, you are fortunate as you can add subtitles to video in iMovie easily. Yes, with no third-party application required, iMovie adds subtitles is the best idea that you can execute on your Mac or iPhone device. If you are new to the concept in iMovie and confused about adding subtitles in imovie iPhone or Mac, then our today’s article is all you need to explore!

Part 1: Is it possible to add subtitle in iMovie?

What do you expect the answer to be-is it a yes or no? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, the process of adding subtitles in iMovie is quite different than other software. Because, in iMovie, you can use the built-in titles, and at the same time, keeping the subtitle file (*.SRT) ready is recommended as well. On the other hand, iMovie’s subtitles are not the standard SRT files as they are just the layer of text on your existing video.

To insert subtitles in iMovie, you should first check your video’s reliability before moving to the next session. As iMovie works only on M4V, MOV, and MP4, other video formats like WMV and FLV need to convert before adding subtitles.

Part 2: How to add subtitles to video in iMovie?

To add subtitles to video in iMovie isn’t a great deal as all you need is just follow the below specified steps.

1. Add subtitle/caption in iMovie

First of all, you need to open iMovie on your Mac and open the project to which you want to add subtitles to a video in iMovie followed which, execute the below steps.

Step 1: Open iMovie

After iMovie launches, you need to go to “File New Project Create” to create a new project.

Import your video easily into iMovie by executing “File Import Media,” which will allow you to choose the video from the Mac device’s local disk.

open imovie

Step 2: Select Subtitle Format & Add Text

To see a list of title styles, click on “T” from the toolbar. After dragging the video to the timeline you can enter text in the “Title Text Here” box.

From the available fonts on the window, you can choose the desired one, and to see how it works on the video, you can preview it on the screen by the right.

select subtitle format and add text

2. Adjusting Subtitles in iMovie

For adjusting subtitles, or to edit or change fonts, colors, sizes, duration in iMovie, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Change Fonts

You can customize the subtitles, including fonts, sizes, colors, numbers of lines, subtitles place, etc. And to do so, go to “Show Fonts Change Fonts”. You can skip this step if font customization isn’t a requirement.

Step 2: Adjust Duration

After adding the text, font, colors, and other additional text tasks, you can preview the video with subtitles.

If you want to adjust your iMovie subtitles duration, you need to click the video clip twice. After the above, drag the slider to adjust the beginning and endpoints of the project’s subtitles.

select subtitle format and add text

3. Enhancing the text styles in iMovie

You can change the font style, text format, size, color, and alignment of the subtitle’s text by following the below steps.

1. On the video on the timeline, click the clip where you inserted the title.

2. Followed which, click on the Ticon or the Title Settings button above the video preview screen. From here, you can access different text style enhancements.

enhancing the text styles

Part 3: How to add subtitles in iMovie iPhone?

Its not just on iMovie of Mac, but you can add subtitles imovie iPhone as well. Once you have downloaded iMovie on your iPhone, execute the below steps.

Step 1: Click on the Project

First, import the video by tapping the +button on the right bottom. If you wish to edit the already created video, you can open the video under the Projectssession.

Step 2: Insert your Text

Click the video once it comes into the workspace. Drag the video to the timeline from where you can access editing options like volume, effects, and so on. Among these, tap on the Ticon to insert overlay text on the video.

insert text

Step 3: Edit Text

On the Title Text Here section, enter the text to be inserted onto the video clip. To change the font style like reverse, prism, gravity, and so on, slide over the text options below the timeline. To alter the text places, choose the option like center, lower, or upper.  

edit text

Step 4: Save Final Video

To save the final and modified video, you need to select the “Save Video” option. Then with iMovie, you can save the video to your Photos app or iCloud Drive, Facebook, YouTube, or other sites.

Once saved, you can also export and share the video by adding texts, subtitles, or captions to social media network accounts.


Thus, I hope you have found the best way to add subtitles in iMovie. Although iMovie is the traditional platform offered by Apple to carry over all your video-related processes, there are circumstances where you get confused on how to perform specific actions on iMovie. Without a doubt, adding subtitles imovie iPhone and Mac could have been the most arduous task to date. Now that you have come to know in detail how to add subtitles to video in iMovie put them into practice today!