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Best YouTube Movie Maker for PC/Online/Android/iPhone

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Best Video Editor, Social Media Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

“Is making videos on YouTube worth it?”

Yes, for sure! The answer is optimistic if you know the right video marketing strategies. You should consider the best YouTube movie maker along with knowing the ideal marketing strategies. Furthermore, there are countless benefits of having a YouTube channel. You will get more personal connections, high traffic reach, more creative outlets, and so on with a custom YouTube channel. Most of all, nothing is reached without going out of my comfort zone.

So, let’s try to new concept this 2021 and know some best YouTube movie makers on PC, Online, Android, and iPhone devices.

Part 1: YouTube Movie Maker for PC

Let’s first talk about the three best YouTube movie makers that are PC-specific, starting with the inbuilt YouTube movie maker!

1. Inbuilt YouTube Movie Maker

Windows has given us various priceless tools, including the Windows Movie Maker. It is an inbuilt video maker into the PC system worth considering. However, this editor accepts only specific formats such as MPG, WMV/ASF, WAV, WMA, and MP3. This program is super simple to use with an easy installation process. You can easily add clips into the timeline and select one of the Auto Movie themes. Thus, you can complete basic video editing with this Windows Movie Maker YouTube.

windows movie maker youtube

Steps to Edit videos with Windows Movie Maker YouTube

Step 1: Import Video Clips

Click on Add Videos or Photos tab to import media. You can also record from a webcam within the editor, as shown below.

import video clips

You can now select the YouTube video.

record youtube videos windows movie maker

Step 2: Edit YouTube Videos

Now, it’s time to edit your media with various tools. You can split, cut, trim, and combine videos by locating their buttons on the storyboard. Click the Animations tab to apply other transitions.

edit youtube videos windows movie maker

You can also mute or edit audio in video clips by clicking the Video Volume tab, as shown below.

edit video audio windows movie maker

And, this is how you can add captions, text, and credits to the YouTube video.

add text to youtube video windows movie maker

Step 3: Publish YouTube videos

Click File and hit the Save Project tab to save your YouTube video. Then, hit the Publish Movie tab and select YouTube among the list of options.

publish youtube project windows movie maker

2. Free YouTube Movie Maker Software – YouTube Movie Maker

Step 1: Launch YouTube Movie Maker

Click the Make YouTube Videos tab after launching the program.

launch youtube movie maker and add media

Press the Red + button to add media sources.

add media youtube movie maker

Switch to the 3D video tab to incredible cool 3D stuff.

3d video youtube movie maker

Hit the Record button to capture from within the editor.

record videos youtube movie maker

You have to use YouTube Movie Maker v6.25 to make an excellent lyrical video.

make lyrical youtube movie maker

Part 2: Online YouTube Movie Maker

It’s time to switch to the two best online YouTube Movie Maker as described below.

1. RenderForest

Create stunning YouTube videos with RenderForest. It contains various online templates, including Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit, YouTube Video Editing Toolkit, YouTube Promotion, Trendy Typography Pack, YouTube Outro Pack, etc.

renderforest youtube movie maker

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Various inbuilt video templates.
  • Custom Editing tools.
  • Royalty-free video clips and images.
  • Export in preferred quality.

2. Invideo

The Invideo software will help you edit and create YouTube videos quickly in less than 10 minutes. It consists of a pack of editing tools such as music, animated texts, and other special effects for high-end video project creation. Let’s see what it offers more in crucial features below!

invideo youtube movie maker

Key Features

  • 3 Million+ Tracks, Images, and Stock Videos.
  • Effective Text Editors.
  • Power Transitions.
  • Multiple Layers.
  • Multilingual Videos.
  • Automated VOS.
  • Smart Frames.

Part 3: YouTube Movie Maker for Android/iPhone

Let’s now switch to the Android and iPhone versions of YouTube Movie Maker as follows!

1. Android – Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

Alive is an ideal Android app for Instagram and YouTube Movie Maker. It is a simple yet robust video editor and player tool to capture pics and edit them with built-in creative match effects to impose a cinematic experience. You could be a professional or a beginner; it is a fun tool to start your career.

instagram and youtube movie maker

Key Features

  • Smart camera technology.
  • Inbuilt creative templates.
  • Free timeline editing.
  • Seamless connections.
  • Sample effects, stickers, texts, and music.

2. iPhone – Videograph

Designed especially for iPhone and iPad users, Videography is here from beautiful video project Inc. it is a complete all-in-one video editor tool with cool fonts, great graphics, and basic ones like trim, timeline features. Coming to compatibility, MacOS 11 or later, iPhone of iOS 9.3 or later, and iPad of 9.3 or later is required.

iphone youtube movie maker

Key Features

  • Combine multiple video clips.
  • Change background color, trim, and crop.
  • Add text, cool fonts, and excellent graphics, and music.
  • Speed control.


Thus, these were top YouTube Movie Makers with compatibility on respective platforms. As described above, these moviemakers compiled into three categories, namely are the online YouTube movie maker for iPhone and Android devices.