3 Ways to Bypass Google Verification on Samsung

Oct 9, 2021 | Other Tips for Mobile and Computer, Unlock Mobile Devices

On Samsung, How to Get Around Google Verification

For your Android devices, Google account verification provides a built-in security layer. If you purchase a used Samsung J7/S7/S8 and are unable to contact the seller, or if you forget your Google account password, it will be difficult to access the device.

But don’t be concerned! We’ll show you three ways to circumvent your Google account on Samsung in this article.

1st Method: [Best Tool] In Less Than 5 Minutes, Bypass Google Account Samsung

When it comes to bypassing Google verification on Samsung, the first technique we’d like to recommend is Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, which is a fantastic application. With a few simple steps, this program can unlock any Samsung Google account lock.

first step: After connecting your Samsung phone to your computer, open Tenroshare 4uKey for Android and select the feature "Remove Google Lock(FRP)".


2nd step: The next screen will display some notes, as well as a manual selection of your Samsung device’s system version. To proceed, click "Send Notification."


third step Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will then send an alert to your Samsung device.


4th step Now you must set your unlock pin code by following the steps on the interface.


5th step "Bypass Google FRP Lock Successfully!" will appear once you’ve finished. After that, restart your device and log in with the new pin.


That’s how to use a computer to bypass a Samsung j3’s Google account.

2nd Method: How to Get Around Google Verification on Samsung Without Using a Computer

When it comes to bypassing Google Account on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the following must be the most basic method for you. In general, the method begins once you have successfully reset your phone, and then you will take a few steps to regain access to your phone.

Here’s how to bypass your Samsung’s Google account after a factory reset without using a computer:

1 Simply perform a factory reset and restart on your Samsung phone.

2 After that, choose a language and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

3 You will now be prompted to enter your Google Account credentials.

4 To access the Settings menu, tap and hold "@" on the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen.

5 Select Google Keyboard Settings from the drop-down menu.

6 Then, at the top of the window, press on three dots; depending on the version of Android you’re running, there may be more dots.

7 Select "Help & Feedback" from the drop-down menu.


Steps to circumvent a Samsung Google Account (Fig.)

8 Press "Using Google Keyboard" in the "Help" section, then tap and hold to choose any text on the page, then click "Websearch."

9 You’ll see a search box appear, and you’ll need to put "Settings" into it.

10 Select "About Phone" by scrolling down the menu once more.


Steps to go around Google Verification on a Samsung Galaxy: Fig.

11 After that, go into the menu and look for the Build Number. After you’ve found it, tap it seven times to activate the Developer Options.

12 Return to the previous menu and select the Developer Option that you just unlocked.

13 There, activate "OEM Unlocking" and double-tap "back" twice.

14 Connect to Wi-Fi again after restarting the device.

15 You will not be asked for your Google Account information this time, but you will be prompted to create a new Google Account.

16 Simply create a new account and you’ll have complete control over your device.

This is how to bypass your Google account on a Samsung device; it will not work on any other device.

3rd Method: [Most Difficult] How to Use an App to Get Around Google Verification on a Samsung

You can also use a particular app to bypass Samsung Google account verification. And because this is a highly involved and detailed method, you should read it thoroughly. This method will undoubtedly circumvent Google accounts on the S21/S20/S10/S7/S8/J3.

Here’s a full explanation on how to go around Google verification on Samsung:

1 Restart your Samsung phone and wait for the "Welcome" screen to appear. Select your language and press "Start."

2 Connect to the Wi-Fi network now, and you’ll be prompted to enter your Google Account information.

3 Type anything where the email ID is required, then tap and hold it to select it, then click to "Keyboard Settings."


Using an app to bypass any Samsung Google account lock

4 Select "About Samsung Keyboard" and then "Open Source License" from the drop-down menu.

5 When the pop-up displays, tap and hold on the agreement page, then tap on the three dots.

6 Then select "Web Search." Unfortunately, your request has been turned down.

7 Return to step one and hit the Home button three times.

8 Then, on the touchscreen, type "L" to bring up a Talkback tutorial menu.


Fig. utilize app to bypass step 9 of samsung google account bypass A new Global Context Menu will appear, and you must pick "Talkback Settings" from there.

10 In the Talkback Settings, press both of the Volume buttons at the same time, and a new dialog box called "Suspend Talkback" will appear.


Fig. delete samsung google account with app step 11 11 Return to the Talkback Settings and touch on "Help & Feedback" after clicking "OK" on the box.

12 Tap and hold "Get Started with Voice Access" in that menu.


Fig. utilize app to bypass step 13 of samsung google account bypass A website featuring a video on Voice Access will appear.

14 You must tap on "YouTube" in that video to be directly sent there.

15 Go to YouTube’s Account page and select "Terms & Privacy Policy."

16 Then, a dialog box with three options will display; press "Cancel," and you will be quickly returned to the "Terms of Service" page.

17 Now, in the search field above, input "Lavileztechservice" on Google.

18 Block the advertisements on the "Lavileztechservice" download page.

19 Then select "Andoes Launcher" from the drop-down menu.


Fig. utilize software to bypass step 20 of samsung google account

20 Now, get "anddoes.launcher.apk" on your phone.

21 If it won’t download, type "youthsgalaxy.com" into the search bar.

22 Now, go ahead and get this one.

23 After that, go to "Bookmarks" and then "History."

24 Select "Download History" from the "History" menu.

25 Tap on "Andoes launcher" in the "Download History" section to find the setup files.

26 A dialog box will appear when you tap on the launcher; press on Settings.

27 Then hit "Unknown Sources," which will display a new dialog box. Uncheck the selected option and tap "OK."

28 Install the launcher now.

29 After it has been installed, go to your device’s Settings and select "Lock Screen & Security."

30 Select "Other Security Settings" from the drop-down menu.

31 Uncheck "Find My Device" in "Device Administrators."


utilize app to bypass samsung google account

32 After that, return to Settings and tap "Apps," making sure the System Apps are visible.

33 Now, disable Google Account Manager by tapping on it.

34 After that, turn off Google Play Services.

35 Return to your download history and select "Technocare" to begin the installation process.

36 After the app has been installed, tap "Done" and return to Settings.

37 Tap "Accounts" under "Clouds and Accounts."

38 You must now select "Add Account."

39 A drop-down menu will appear, from which you must choose Google.


Figure 40: Using an app to circumvent a Google account on a Samsung device.

40 "Couldn’t Sign it" will appear on the screen; touch "Next."

41 Return and try again; this time you will succeed.

42 Fill in the data for your new Gmail account and wait for the device to verify them.

43 Return to the settings menu and select Other Security Settings.

44 There, activate "Android Device Manager" by tapping on "Device Administrators."
45 Go to Apps now and turn on "Google Play Services."

46 Restart the computer.

47 Tap "Start" on the "Welcome" screen, then "Agree to All" on the next screen.

48 The phone will now begin checking the network.


Step 49: Use an app to circumvent a Google account on a Samsung device.

49 After that, click "Don’t Restore" and proceed without selecting any security protocol.

50 Complete the wizard.

51 Return to the Settings menu and select "About Phone."

52 Then go to "Software Information," where you’ll discover the "Build 53 Number," which you should tap many times.

53 Return to the "Developer Options" dialog box and select "Agree."
54 Activate "USB Debugging" before proceeding to "OEM Unlock."

55 Then return to the ‘About Phone’ section "and select "Reset" from the drop-down menu, then "Factory Data Reset."

56 Finally, press "Delete All" to start the procedure.


Figure: Using an app to circumvent a Google account on a Samsung device.

57 After that, it will restart, and you will need to hit "Start" to complete the Wizard.

58 And you’ll see that the Samsung gadget has confirmed your Google Account, and you may now use it.

This is a time-consuming method that only works on Samsung Android handsets.


Every time you perform a factory reset, you will be confronted with something like Galaxy S8 bypass verify or Google account verification. Whether you’re looking for "How to bypass Google verification on Samsung Galaxy Tab A" or "Samsung J3 Google bypass," we’ve got you covered "To bypass Google Account Samsung, you can use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android or any of the techniques listed above. You can also use the service to bypass the Samsung lock screen/password/pattern/pin if you have a locked Samsung galaxy phone. It’s a professional Android screen unlocker that can easily get around any password. It comes highly recommended!