How to Replace Video Background with image or video?

Mar 18, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

Being in the field of video or picture editing needs lots of creativity, innovative ideas, and practical tools and software to enhance the overall visual experience of the audience. One cannot limit itself to creating the video only. But, if you have a specific video background editor or video background changer, you can do the miracle with your project. You must be curious how. Well, friends with the vast-ranging technology and its advancement bring some excellent tools like VisdeeAidubber that will be going to the game changer to edit your videos effectively.

Video background significantly impacts the viewer’s mind. An attractive and effective visual is more eye-catching than a simple background screen. So, through this article, you will get to know how to change the video background ways to portrait matting with proper step guidance.

Part 1:How to change video background easily with another video?

A few years back, thinking about changing the video background of an already created video seemed impossible. But thanks to the Visdee Aidubber video background changer, it is now possible to change video background quite easily. What you need is your video ready with some alternative background video.

Visdee AiDubber brings an efficient solution to video background enhancement, background changing, and more. Let’s check out some of its main features:

  • Smart Video Creating Technology
  • Effective Video Background changer
  • Edit or change background music
  • More than 20 Video recreation tools
  • Speed adjustment, speedup, or slowdown effectively
  • Resolution Adjustment, Keyframe rate changing.
  • You may add watermark, remove, customize content, top-text, leaping/scrolling text.
  • Add Video voiceover and subtitles, subtitles extraction, etc.

Now, follow the step by step process discussed below:

Step 1: Launch Visdee AiDubber

From the official website of Visdee Aidubber, you can comfortably download and install the video background changer and then launch it.

visdee aidubber

Step 2: Set video mode and resolution

Select singe video mode from the ‘Merge’ menu and set the resolution.

single video mode

Step 3: Upload video

From the top left, tap Open, pick your video file, and OPEN to upload it to AiDubber.

upload video

Step 4: Effects Menu

Now, visit the Effects Menu and select Portrait Matting from the existing video to get the background screen’s color value. And paste this value under the Portrait Matting and paste it under the ‘Color’ option.

get color value

Then, click on the Background Folder option and choose your desired background video. And press the Start button. Thus, it will replace the background video.

background folder

Part 2: How to change video background with an image?

Just like you have learned how to change video background with video, it is even possible to change video background with an image of your own choice. And here also, Visdee AiDubber comes out to be the right approach to deal with this course. Let’s understand how to go about with this video background editor to change video background with an image in simple steps:

Step 1: Launch Visdee AiDubber

Launch and be ready with the video to edit, plus an image you want to set as the footage background. First, upload your video. Use the Open menu to select your video to load into the software.

select video

Step 2: Merge Menu

From the merge menu, you need to choose a ‘single video’ from the given option and define the required resolution of the output video. Say you have set it as 1920 as width and 1080 as height.

define resolution

Step 3: Effect Menu

Now, open the Effect menu and checkmark the ‘Portrait Matting’. Next, you need to get the background screen’s color value of the video you have uploaded to the software. For that, you can use any of the software, e.g. ‘Just color Pixer’ or any other online.

green color value

Open your video and ‘Just color pixer,’ copy color code and paste the color value at the color box next to Portrait Matting.

Step 4: Background folder

Click on the background folder. From there, select the image folder and click on the Start button to initiate replacing the video background with an image.

select background image

That’s it; following these simple steps, it becomes possible to change the video background with an image. Isn’t that simple to follow? It is!

Part 3: How to add an image as a layer on video?

Adding an image as a layer on a video produces a different effect, sometimes also called overlaying a photograph. Such effects create a different look to your video. So, learning how to add a photo as a layer on a clip is an extra advantage.

Visdee AiDubber provides an easy-to-use guide while overlaying an image to create a realistic amalgamation of the image within a video. Let’s make it more clear:

Step 1: Get ready with image and video

Here, be ready with your video and image in a separate folder. Then launch the software

Step 2: Upload video

Now, upload your video into the VisdeeAidubber application by clicking on the Open file menu.

upload video

Step 3: Eliminate Menu

After that, you need to visit the eliminate Menu and check on the ‘Image layer’ option. There define and adjust the image transparency.

eliminate menu

Step 4: Image folder, Start and Preview

Next, click the image folder button to select the image folder where you have saved your image. Then press the Start button to layer the image on the selected video.

image folder

After all the processing is over, you can check and preview how image layering on a video works from the output folder.

Part 4: How can I remove a background from the video?

We often need to remove the video background to avoid distracting the main content. So, now, you will see how to eliminate your video background. Here you go:

Step 1: Launch Software

You need to launch the software and be ready with your video and green screen image folder.

launch software

Step 2: Upload Video

Now, upload your video into the Visdee interface from the Open Menu to proceed.

open file

Step 3: Remove Background

Now, select the single video mode from the Merge menu, move to the Effect Menu, checkmark the Portrait matting. With the help of ‘Just Color Pixer’ or any software, get the color value of the video background screen and then paste the color value at the rectangular box next to the Color option. After that, click on the Background Folder button, select the green screen folder, and tap the Start button. Your video background will get removed in a few seconds, and now a simple green screen is visible.

remove background

After that, you can Preview your video that looks without any background.


By now, you must have a big smile on your face after editing or changing the video background with the most appropriate visual. And definitely, that will be going to have more views than ever. You are free to promote your business and brand through these edited videos or photos. Or, if you are an enthusiastic video editor and want to share your creative videos on multiple platforms, you are good to go. Visdee AiDubber video background editor is such a tool that will let you change video background with ease and is capable of a compelling portrait matting process. So, why delay anymore? Just move ahead and start your outstanding creative projects with full vigor.