How to Change the Playback Speed of the Video

Mar 18, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

Let’s start with a typical life example: while walking or driving on the road, you can quickly increase or decrease your speed. But, have you ever tried to change video speed by either speeding up videos or slowing down videos alternatively. If not, no worries, let’s take a roll with this article. That will specifically cater to your need for speed variation of videos with an easy-to-use explanation.

Changing video speed creates varied effects, especially when the business’s concern is to promote various products or services to multiple customer bases worldwide. Creatively modified videos by changing video speed without changing pitch are the demand. Also, if you also get to know how to speed up video without a watermark, it will create a big difference.

We move ahead in changing video speed in the following lines with detailed guidelines.

Part 1: How to change Playback Speed of the Video and Save?

While promoting movies, it is common to either speed up videos or slow down videos to promote their movie. Different companies or organizations also change video speed options on the same trends while creating product promotion videos. So, now let us focus on changing the Playback speed of the video you have made or want to modify with Visdee AiDubber. That is one of the most preferred video editor and dubbing software of all time.

Key Features:

  • 20 + tools to easily remove watermarks, intro/outros, background music.
  • Enable you to create your own dubbed videos
  • 25+ video dubbing modes with video recreation facility.
  • Adjustment to video resolution, video speed, etc.
  • Subtitle extraction, Caption, and subtitle adding/deleting feature.
  • Text to speech recognition, automatic video dubbing facility.

You might be eagerly waiting to change video speed with no delay, so here we go with the following step by steps methodology mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch Software

The first step is downloading, installing, and launching Visdee AiDubber software from the official website.

launch Aidubber

Step 2: Upload video

After that, you need to upload the video from the selected folder.

upload video

Step 3: Single Video option

Visit the Merge menu and choose the ‘Single Video’ option, as currently, we are working on a single video.

single video option

Step 4: Edit Video

Open the Edit menu, go for video speed, and enter the values from 0.5 to 2. 0.5 is for half the speed, and if selected 2, it will increase speed twice.

edit video speed

After that, press the Start button to change video speed as per the desired value. Now, you can visit the output folder to check how it works and look?

Part 2: How to Speed Video without Changing Pitch?

Many instances indicate that whenever a user tries to speed up videos, it may affect or result in sound quality variation or the rate of the audio vibration. So, if you also want to change video speed without changing pitch, the solution lies with Visdee AiDubber. You can easily change video speed without changing pitch in the real sense.

Visdee AiDubber is one of its kind, which will enable to speed up video without changing the pitch. So, if you also want to enhance video speed without any alteration to the pitch, follow the step guidelines mentioned in Part 1 above. Once done with the process, you can check how the output video with enhanced speed looks and that without any changes to the pitch.

Now, you try some creativity with your videos. Add effects, speed up videos, and more with Visdee AiDubber.

Part 3: How to Speed up video without Watermark?

If you own the product or purchase the services, reflecting your company watermark is a good idea. But, if it does not belong to you, then your edited video’s watermark may not appear a good choice. So, your primary concern about how to speed up video without a watermark will get resolved under this article with proper explanation in the right direction.

Friends, be ready with the valuable steps in your video speed change efforts:

Step 1: Open Visdee

When you open the Visdee AiDubber, its main interface will appear.

main interface

Step 2: Select Video

Now, select your video when the dialog box gets prompted and open it using the open menu.

Step 3: Edit video Speed

Visit the Edit menu. Under the video speed section, fill the required speed value from 0.5 times to 2 times range.

edit speed option

Step 4: Remove Watermark

In case there exist some watermark. Then that you can remove it easily with Visdee Aidubber. In the interface, under the Edit menu, after adjusting the speed you will see ‘Remove Watermark’. Tick on it then selects the video on which you want to remove the watermark. Then click on the area button.

remove watermark

Step 5: Select Area

When you press the Area button, a new dialog box will appear. There choose the watermark area and press OK. After that, choose the Start button.

select area

Doing so will automatically speed up video without any watermark. Thus, now you can comfortably use this exclusive tool from Visdee and speed up your fabulous videos without a watermark.


Thus, if your concern was about how to speed up video without watermarking or change video speed without changing pitch, all such queries are handled under this article. Visdee AiDubber is the go-to tool to cover up all the mentioned requirements with the top-quality output. Accessing and making a change in the video speed becomes relatively easy with Visdee AiDubber. So, guys, hurry up and make innovative speed modifications to your videos and check how they will grab viewers’ interest.