How to convert horizontal video to vertical and change video background?

Mar 18, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

Do you need to convert horizontal videos to vertical videos for your videos in TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, or IGTV? There is no description needed for this reason as we know this view side is much more acceptable for the usages of social media’s video while enjoying them. Well, to create and present your video match perfectly for uploading or watching personally in various social media and short-form video representative platforms, you better choose the option to change the orientation of a video and convert landscape view to portrait quickly.

In today’s post, we will show you the efficient methods to convert horizontal video to vertical videos with our best-recommended landscape to portrait video converter and the best performance quality.

Part 1. Different advantages of vertical videos!

Well! A vertical video is taller than a wider one. Usually, doing so will assist in grabbing complete attention as it covers the whole screen area of the phone device. And here, most people hold their phones vertically while watching videos rather than horizontally. Why is vertically-oriented video most accepted? Here you get a glimpse of how beneficial the vertical video can be.

1. Phones’ design is perfect for it

It’s up to the users how they operate their phone devices. Phones are designed for portrait mode as well as for vertical use. Because of being reflexive, the vertical video makes the most practical sense. For example, when you wish to watch a movie on Netflix or any video on YouTube, It is an expectation rather than a rule is you will generally choose the landscape mode. And maximum people hold the phone in one hand vertically. That’s the reason vertical video has turned into the norm.

2. It is convenient

It appears bizarre but somewhere true. As we as people lay inherently, videos in landscape mode have become the norm. And people hardly conserve energy via the least resistance, which means they don’t like to give a calorie to turn a phone sideways.

3. Big players are following this sigma rule

Vertical video is the most priority object for business users when they decide to spread the idea of their service or product through marketing or advertising. People view videos vertically on these platforms on social media avenues such as Facebook and Snapchat.

4. Vertical videos can maximize the screen space

We do everything, from buying something from online services to texting messages on any conversation media like Messenger or WhatsApp or scrolling the TikTok video, you hold the smartphone vertically. Almost all people don’t want to take the hassle of rotating their phone screen to horizontal.

5. Social media choose vertical videos as the most preferred solution

It is true for short-form video platforms like Facebook stories, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels. The vertical aspect ratio of 9:16 is the most used and optimal format. Other traditional social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat also upload these videos vertically.

Part 2: How to convert horizontal video to vertical and change video background?

Visdee AiDubber is the best multi-tasking platform that offers a rich set of features to accomplish multiple video editing requirements. You can easily convert video to horizontal or vertical or convert horizontal video to vertical with various video effects available simply. There are numerous unique and powerful AI video editing tools to allow you to create original videos with voiceover and subtitles. You will experience more than 20 videos recreate features to capture and edit video such as video editing, resolution adjustment, change background music, HD cover, duplicate removal, watermarking, matting, mixing, add effects, subtitle extraction, etc. It allows text to speech and dub to video automatically. There are multiple powerful features for video batch processing, including add/remove intro and outro, add/remove watermarks, video production. Visdee AiDubber comes with powerful features to prepare the footage and text content quickly remove intro and outro, background music, subtitles, watermarks, etc. You can create, produce, and edit videos withVisdeeAiDubber’s powerful features and meet personalized requirements to recreate your original videos quickly.

Let’s take an overview of Visdee’s offered key features:

  • Offer five video and audio dubbing methods such as MP3 dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, MP3+srt dubbing, txt dubbing, and srt dubbing.
  • Convert video files to horizontal or vertical mode to fulfill users’ requirements to enjoy phone screens.
  • Remove or add intro and outro, watermark from video, video speed adjustment, custom editing of video footage, etc.
  • Extract portraits from videos with color similarity and blending tools, and add the portraits to your files.
  • Cut the video into different clips, and modify metadata with the adjustment of title, description, author, and copyright.
  • Import GIF stickers with multiple customizable options for their position and the display duration.
  • Add text watermark, image watermark, outline text, leaping text, movable text, including many adjustable watermark settings.
  • Extract subtitles from video/audio with the flexible option for subtitle font, color, size, spacing, and style of the caption areas.
  • HD video covers with high-definition pictures captured from the video and customizes its size.

You know well about the provided information regarding crucial features to convert landscape view to portrait view for video clips. Now, let’s check the steps to convert horizontal video to vertical mode using this best landscape to portrait video converter.

Step 1: Insert a pre-determined video file

Open Visdee and add your desired video to AiDubber first. Follow the path “Open> File” and import your video.

enter your video

Step 2: Identify vertical background mode

Tap on the "Effect" button tick on the "Processing" button. Choose the mode option named "Left and Right." There you will see three vertical video backgrounds. If you select the option "Blur Edge," you don’t have to set more. While selecting "Background Color," you need to develop color. And if you choose "Background Image," a folder is required to determine with images by hitting the "Music Folder" option. Hit the "Start" button each time after inserting every mode.

choose vertical background mode and start the process

Step 3: Take the previews of your results

Choose the “Blue Edge.”

select the blur edge mode

Check the video now with a blurred background after this vertical video background.

preview the blurred background

Now select the “Background Color” mode.

choose the background color option

Check your video with background color after this vertical video background.

preview the colored background

Put the option “Background Image”.

click on the background image button

Check your video with the image on its background after this vertical video background.

preview the background with image

Part 3: How to add an image as a layer on video?

There is an exciting feature of Visdee that will allow you to add and import a picture as a layer on your selected video files. Now let’s check more about the descriptive steps to add an image to video files using Visdee.

Step 1: Add image to the image folder and upload video

First, keep your image to add as a layer on video. Launch Visdee AiDubber upload video through the open file menu.

add video to aidubber

Step 2: Image Layer

Visit Eliminate menu, click on the image layer option and adjust the image transparency by defining value in the area under ‘Alpha’.

image layer eliminate menu

Step 3: Image folder

Now, click on the Image Folder button to choose the image folder you initially put your image.

click image folder

Step 4: Start to add an image as a layer

In the end, press the start button to add an image as a layer to the video. Then check your video to see how it works from the output folder.

click to start

Part 4: How to batch add top texts to vertical videos in bulk?

This section will show another step to batch adding full text to vertical videos using Visdee.

Step 1: Customize the top text

Select two video files first and put them in a folder. There has a customizable option that will allow you to customize any top text in the file name. In our provided guideline, you can see the file name below. This hyphen symbol represents a linefeed. The written content after the hyphen symbol will represent on the following line.

customize file name

Step 2: Import the two videos

Go to the AiDubber. Now to insert those two pre-selected videos, go to the “Open> File” and drag the two videos and open them.

insert your pre-selected videos

Step 3: Choose vertical video background

Now tap on the “Effect” option and mark tick on the “Processing” box. You will see three video effects for you’re the background of the vertical video. Choose “Left and Right.”

select vertical video background

Step 4: Set images

If you want, you can set images for the video backgrounds. Click on the “Media Folder” option and choose the photo folder.

set background image

Step 5: Go to the “Top Text” option and customize

And go to the "Watermark" option and put a tick mark on the "Top Text" box and as you wish to add top text in multiple videos in bulk, you need not write down any content. And the following two customizable options, "Top distance" and "Size," can be in default values. That means both distance and size will adjust automatically. Set more customizable attributes as per your requirements.

customize top text

Step 6:Start the process of adding top text

Now click on the "Start" option to begin batch converting videos to vertical and adding texts. After completing this process, check those two input videos and find them with top texts.

start top text adding process


We have completed all our information with an accurate description of the platform VisdeeAiDubber, the multi-tasking video editor. This platform is the master of all video editing and creating tasks. As we today talked about the specific point of converting horizontal to a vertical form of your videos, this landscape to portrait video converter will provide you with the best solution and efficient performance to be satisfied. Additionally, we have discussed a few more guidelines to show you the most uncomplicated process of Visdee. In short, Visdee AiDubber will be your only used platform once you try it whenever you need to accomplish video editing tasks.