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Potential Ways to Crop Video Online of High-quality!

by | May 18, 2021 | Crop Videos, Online Free Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

Video cropping is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. From film making to videos for social media, you may require video cropping or trim in all phases. Nowadays, you can find numerous apps to crop videos. However, what if you can crop videos online for free? Yes, and we will talk about the top 8 online software to help you crop videos online.

Part 1: 8 best tools to crop video online free

Here are few tools by which you can easily crop videos online for free and make your videos practical and beautiful.

1. is an online video cropping app that is great for cropping YouTube videos, Facebook videos, TikToks, Zoom recordings, etc. You can easily click & drag your video and crop video online free with no watermark by using this app. is very easy to use, and it works in almost every operating system. You can easily crop social media videos and then add text, subtitles, progress bar, etc.

2. Typito

Typito is also a video cropping online app which is free to cut videos and images. It is helpful to shorten any video you want and helps to crop video length online. You can drag and drop your video on its interface and cut it. Typito is very effective in adjusting the size of a video and works best for every type of video.


3. Clideo

Clideo is the video cropping tool to make your video of any size you want and delete unnecessary parts. You can use this software for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Stories, and more. You can easily use Clideo, even if you’re a beginner in video editing. Using Clideo, you can comfortably crop and trim video online within seconds. Besides being an online software, Clideo protects your uploaded files with security and supports all video formats.


4. Kapwing

When videos are in the wrong shape, size or not focused on the right section, there is a need to crop the video to look beautiful and well-organized. You can upload any video file from your computer, tablet, or phone to the Kapwing crop tool and cut your video to make it enjoyable. This tool also works best for all kinds of videos, besides being free, secure, and online, you can use it anywhere you require. You can also download your videos with no watermark.


5. Pixiko

While shooting a video, we pay attention to the models and forget to focus on the background, due to which some unnecessary things or space distract viewers from the primary picture. These unnecessary things from your video can be removed by Pixiko easily. By just cropping your video, you can make people focus on good content. This tool is easy to use and helpful in removing unwanted things from your video. Do online video crop and trim easily, along with all kinds of video editing with Pixiko.


6. Invideo

With the help of Invideo, you can change the aspect ratio of your cropped video to suit Instagram or YouTube. Here, first, you can select the aspect ratio and cut the video accordingly. Through this tool, you can zoom your video while cropping. With this, you can easily share your video on social media platforms, as it is freely available online and gives good HD quality results. Thus, if you want to crop your video, then download this software and crop the video offline.


7. Fastreel

The Fastreel online video tool is the easiest way to create or edit videos online without installing anything. You can do this with an appropriate balance of ready-made templates in these tools, making it ideal for users even without video cropping or video editing knowledge. In this tool, you can get many templates that help you get an idea for your video cropping. It is convenient to operate with an easy-to-use interface. There is a free saving option in Fastreel, and also helpful to secure your video from unwanted sources.


8. Biteable

Biteable is a video-cropping tool designed to help marketers, HR representatives, agencies, and entrepreneurs create animated videos for Facebook, Instagram advertisements, cartoons, commercials, presentations, and lots more. Within a short time, you can crop and rotate video online through Biteable. It also helps you crop videos with no watermark, supports all formats of videos, and quickly turns videos online.


Part 2: FAQs

1. Is it a reliable way to crop and trim video online?

Absolutely! It is reliable to crop and trim video online. First, it does not require any installation, produces no watermark, needs only two to three steps to crop, is better than offline cropping, and time-efficient. Also, many editing options are available with online cropping tools.

2. How to find the best tool to crop video online?

If you want to crop video online, you have to keep some things in your mind like the size of the video, security, watermark, cost, time, upload and download option, etc. After maintaining these things in mind, you have to select the most suitable tools for your video editing.


Nowadays, videos have become very common on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks. But social media platforms and messaging apps have limitations on the size and duration of the videos you upload. Thus, to maintain the quality of your video, you need practical video editing tools to crop video length online and crop video online so that you can upload more videos on the social media platform.