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How to Crop YouTube Video Online: A Complete Guide

by | May 21, 2021 | Crop Videos, Social Media Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

Have you ever wondered how you could crop YouTube videos online?

The need continues to arise for making videos and uploading them online, especially now that the world is online! YouTube enjoys a massive subscription, with more than a billion users using one or more of its features. With a simple mobile phone, anyone can make a YouTube video, but it is almost impossible to have a perfect video recording, hence the need to crop YouTube videos. Applications exist that allow you to crop and download YouTube videos online with less hassle effectively.

Without much ado, let’s dive into it.

Part 1: Why is it Essential to Crop YouTube Video?

People crop YouTube videos for many different reasons. They are part of but not restricted to the following:

  • making video clips shareable with friends
  • sharing favorite parts of your YouTube videos online
  • Creating custom links to your YouTube Crops to embed on your website
  • Cutting a video to your desired duration
  • Uploading video for different social media platforms
  • Creating smaller videos that highlight a specific portion in a more extensive video.
  • Uploading video for tutorials, project work presentations, etc.

Part 2: Best Tools to Crop YouTube Videos Online and Download

1. oDownloader

odownloader allows you to crop and download YouTube videos easily and effectively. You can cut, trim and crop YouTube videos online for free. Preferred by millions of users, you can download the cropped video directly to the MP3 format.


Follow these three steps below to crop and download YouTube videos online.

Step 1: Paste the YouTube URL and click Cut. It will open the video with two red bars on both sides of the editor.

Step 2: Adjust the bass according to the time duration you want. It will cause only the portions within the red bars to get cropped.

Step 3: Select your preferred video or audio quality and hit Download.

2. YT Cutter

YT Cutter allows you to crop and download YouTube videos online. With a high cropping precision, you can export videos, audios, or animated GIFs, take screenshots of YouTube videos, and so on. With a single interface, you need no registration for YT Cutter.


These three simple steps below are a guide to using YT Cutter:

Step 1: First, paste the YouTube video URL and click on Start.

Step 2: Enter your desired Start and End time to crop the YouTube video automatically. After that, click on Preview.

Step 3: Click the drop-down arrow beside Download to select any of the five options.


You can add and crop YouTube videos online straight from their URL using It is a simple to use online tool that can perform other actions like subtitles adding, audio transcribe, and a lot more.

These three simple steps on below are all you need:

Step 1: Start by uploading or adding the YouTube video using its URL.

Step 2: Now, click Split Video to cut out unwanted portions.

Step 3: Lastly, click Download to save the cropped YouTube video.

4. Clideo

With Clideo, novices and pros can easily crop and download YouTube videos online for free. Being completely online, Clideo supports multiple video formats, offers a user-friendly interface, and completely secure. The only drawback with Clideo is that videos come watermarked in the free version.

These three steps would guide you through Clideo:

Step 1: Begin to upload the video by clicking on the downward arrow beside Choose File and selecting Paste URL.

Step 2: The video editing tools dashboard will display. Go ahead with cropping using the green sliders or directly inputting specific times. Click Play to see a preview.

Step 3: At the bottom right-hand side, click Cut. After processing, click Download to save the file on your device or use the drop-down arrow to select an online storage location.


5. Hashcut

With Hashcut, you can crop any YouTube video online and customize it to your taste. Hashcut also offers other facilities like favorite moments clipping, text & stickers addition, and instant highlight reels.

These three steps would do the trick if you have Hashcut:

Step 1: Create an account and select the YouTube video you want to crop.

Step 2: Click Start and End Hashcut, then drag the sliders to make adjustments.

Step 3: Click Save Hashcut to make your video available for sharing on different social media platforms.


6. Kapwing

Kapwing allows you to crop and download YouTube videos for free with just very few clicks. Although Kapwing is an online tool, it provides an ad-free experience, no watermark in videos, light speed crop action, and so on.

Three steps to crop YouTube videos with Kapwing:

Step 1: Directly upload the video by pasting a link.

Step 2: Using sliders, crop the video to the desired length.

Step 3: Click Export to get the final video output.


7. Typito

Typito is our last simple video editing tool that allows you to trim, cut, and crop YouTube videos online. It’s not just cropping actions, but you can also create stunning videos with the easy drag-and-drop editor, brand kit, instant captions, and so on.

Trim and crop YouTube videos online with Typito using these three simple steps:

Step1: Upload the YouTube video.

Step2: Now, you can choose to cut or trim the video.

Step3: Preview and click the Export button at the top right-hand corner. Download the final cropped video.



So, we saw, it has never been this easy to crop and download YouTube videos as it is now. With various video cropping applications, cutting a YouTube video is faster, easier, and simpler to achieve. Haven discussed different options; you can now make informed choices on which application suits your needs. Whatever the case, to crop and download YouTube videos online is no longer a Herculean task!