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Ultimate iPhone Data Recovery Solution With The Highest Success Rate
  • Recover data from iCloud/iTunes backup and iOS devices directly.
  • Recover 20+ data types like WhatsApp, videos, photos, messages, contacts, and so on selectively.
  • Compatible with latest iOS 14 and iPhone X/11.

DataKit iPhone Data Recovery to Recover Files on iPhone 2021

Aug 12, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover iPhone Data

I was going to through my iPhone last to clean the files that don’t use anymore. I found many files such as videos, pictures, and documents that I deleted but suddenly I realized that I have deleted my important business files as well. I am really worried; can someone help to recover my deleted files on my android smartphone in 2021?

Data is an important asset that can’t be touched but it can be valued more than the hardware itself. In 2021 there have been man advancements in every aspect of life and IT is one of the top things. There’s nothing to worry about If you have lost or deleted something on your Android phone. With modern tools using the latest algorithms and technologies now, you can recover your data.

DataKit android data recovery and Android is one of the tools that can help you in such difficult times and you can easily get your deleted data back on your smartphone. You can install it on your computer and later by connecting your Android or iOS device, you can pull all the data that was lost, deleted from your devices. Let’s have a look at its features.

Key Features and Functions of DataKit Android Data Recovery

  • It almost supports all android devices.
  • Easily recover deleted contacts, photos, videos, documents, and other file types.
  • Recover data from SD cards, internal memory, and even from broken smartphones.
  • Offers the highest data recovery rate.
  • Datakit iOS data recovery supports all the latest iOS versions.
  • Easy to use and you can get customer support in no time.
  • Supports many data lost scenarios such as black screen, factory restore, device stuck, OS error, etc.
  • Get free updates and 30 days’ money-back guarantee.
  • It’s fully secure and reliable to use.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Data Using DataKit Android Data Recovery Tool?

The first thing that’s necessary is to download and install the DataKit. The good thing is that you can use it without getting into much hassle. We have provided step-by-step details in the below section. Let’s start:

Step 1. Downloading and Installation

You have to first download the datakit iOS data recovery setup file from the official website of Fonelab and install it according to the instruction provided in the app. Once it has finished the installation process, now launch it on your computer and connect your smartphone using a USB cable and it will appear in the window of the Fonelab Datakit tool. Now, select Android Data recovery on the interface and it will establish a connection with your phone.


Step 2. Select File Types to Recover

Now, you have to select the file type that you want to recover such as photos, videos, documents, archives, WhatsApp data, and many other file formats. After selecting that click “Next” and it will start the scanning process. This process requires your phone to be rooted and you haven’t rooted your phone, it will then install a tool on your phone that will root your smartphone and you have to give permission to whatever it says. If your phone is already rooted, then there’s nothing to worry about and it will start the scanning process it will take some time depending on the size of your device.


Step 3. Preview and Recover Deleted Data

Once the scanning process is complete, you will be able to preview the data that’s recovered. You can preview and save what you need and always keep in mind not to save the date on the same drive from where it was recovered as it can decrease the data recovery rate.


Part 2: Pros and Cons of Fonelab DataKit Data Recovery Tool

As we know everything comes with some advantages and some disadvantages so as the DataKit data recovery tool does. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of DataKit.

Pros of Using Fonelab Data Recovery

  • The data recovery process is very fast and accurate.
  • It’s very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  • When it comes to different types of data such as photos, videos, audio files, archives, and documents it works very well.
  • The data recovery rate is very high.

Cons of Using Fonelab DataKit

  • Sometimes the tool doesn’t bring any result.
  • It’s limited in the trial version and you can see its full features.
  • It only works with phones that have been rooted.

Part 3: Top 3 Alternative to Fonelab DataKit Data Recovery Tool?

1 Dr. Fone Data Recovery

Dr. Fone is another big name in data technology development and you can recover any kind of data that has been lost on your phone whether it’s an Android or iOS operating system. It supports both the operating systems and offers the highest data recovery rate. No matter, whatever you have lost photos, videos, messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, documents, and archives, etc. It supports several data lost scenarios such as the black screen of death, device stolen, device damaged, accidental deletion, and many other scenarios as well.


2 iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

it’s all in one package and solution to all the data lost scenarios for iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and iCloud backup files. It comes along with a free trial version as well which you can use to test its data recovering capabilities. After satisfying with the service, you can later buy a plan that’s suitable for your needs. It enables you to recover almost all kinds of data such as videos, photos, audio files, documents, and many other file types.


<3 iMyFone D-Back (Android)

it’s another amazing data recovery tool that helps you to recover the data easily within no time. You can recover 11+ file types such as photos, videos, messages, contacts, and WhatsApp, etc. It supports both Android phones and Android tablets in various data lost scenarios. It has a free trial version as well but that’s limited in functions and for the full features you have to buy a plan.


Final WordsData is always important whether it’s on your computer or smartphone and no one can afford to lose it especially when it comes to personal data and data related to business. But if you have been the victim of data loss then you can use the DataKit Android data recovery tool to restore your lost files