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[Highly Recommended] Top 5 Ways for Dead Android Phone Data Recovery

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

Are you unable to access your data from your Android device as it is dead or impassive and wondering how to recover data from a dead Android phone? Well, if you care about your data, then don’t fear! This article will teach you all about dead Android phone data recovery in 2021. It sometimes occurs that your Android phone does not answer and becomes entirely dead, and because of this, users have to face lots of hassles. But now, you don’t have to worry about anything as this blog’s main aim is to offer tips on recovering data from dead phone Android in easy ways. So, let’s start.

Part 1: Top 5 Tools to recover data from Android Phone in 2021!

As the name depicts- The dead phone means that it’s not operating, a phone that you cannot turn on, and even worse when you fail to charge it wholly. It is a serious concern as lots of crucial data is on your Android device. Given below are the top 5 tools/software to recover data from dead Android phone.

1. Dr. Fone – Android Data Recovery

Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery is primarily for recovering deleted data and was also initially made for the same aim. But with time, it started offering services with regards to data management. Presently, besides data recovery, you can also use this software for transferring, storing, and managing your Android phone’s data.

drfone android data recovery


  • Recover data and recover deleted files like images, videos, contacts, texts, notes, call logs, and more from phones, memory cards, hard drives, and computers.
  • Copy or transfer data between iOS and Android devices and computers.
  • Permanently delete files from mobile phones before selling or recycling.
  • Manages data during the transfer by adding, exporting, or deleting data.
  • It enables safe and easy rooting of an Android device.

Step 1: Activate easy and secure rooting of an Android device.

Sync your Android phone to the PC with a USB cable. Then select “Recover Data from Android” from the program’s screen.

connect device pc drfone

Step 2: By default, the app will choose all the data kinds. You can also select the files you would like to recover, proceed by hitting “Next.

There are two types of defects of the Android device; Touch does not work or cannot access the phone, and broken/black screen. Just choose the one which you have.

select phone situation drfone

Now, select the correct name of the device and its model for your Android phone. Follow the program instructions to get the Android device into the Download Mode.

Step 3: After the phone is in the Download mode, Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery will determine the device and download the recovery package to show all kinds of files by organizations. Then you will choose the files to preview. Select the Android data files you need and hit “Recover” to save all the vital data you need.

android data recovery drfone

2. Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

Coolmuster is a user-friendly program via which you can easily back up your PC data. Therefore, in case you lose your Android device or wrongly delete something, even then, your device’s data will be secure, and it can quickly restore with just one click.



  • It supports a wide range of Android device brands, including Motorola, Dell, Samsung, HTC.
  • You don’t need to backup or restore your files one by one.
  • This tool allows you to capture screenshots of your Android phone or tablet anytime you wish.
  • It can read and manage your data, and as it’s a read-only utility, it will not fiddle up with your data.
  • Connect your Android device with your PC, run this tool and click on ‘Backup’ or ‘Restore’ to get it done in one click.

Step 1: Connect your damaged Android phone to the PC with a USB cable, then install this data recovery software. Now, choose “Broken Android Phone Data Extraction” mode and the “Start” tab to get your phone’s memory access.

connect android pc coolmuster

Step 2: Here, choose the phone name and model, then tap the “Confirm” button. After that, you’ll get a guide to enter your Android phone into Download mode.

confirm scan coolmuster

Step 3: Choose “Next” to get data from an Android phone, and you can check carefully and mark what you need to recover. Then, hit the “Recover” button to recover data from a dead Android phone.

android recovery coolmuster

3. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

Jihosoft Mobile Recovery software is an excellent dead Android phone data recovery program to retrieve lost contacts, texts, call logs, WhatsApp history, images, video, and more from Android devices. It supports all Android operating system, including the latest Android Oreo version. With it, you can undelete and preview files from any Android phone.

jihosoft android phone recovery


  • The data recovery in all the critical conditions of mistakenly removed your data, factory reset, information is lost due to malware or virus attacks, and so on.
  • It can recover all the major data kinds such as texts, contacts, images, audios, videos, call history, essential documents, WhatsApp content, and Viber data.
  • It provides excellent compatibility with all Android phones.
  • Users can preview the recovered data so that they can choose the desired content.
  • Anyone can use it to activate data recovery without any prior technical know-how.

Step 1: Download and launch the Android Data Recovery program. Activate the USB debugging on your Android device.
Step 2: Connect Android phone to PC. Choose “Start” to start scanning and determining Android data.
Step 3: Preview and retrieve data from a dead Android phone by selecting “Recover.

recover android data jihosoft

4. Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare UltData app is another powerful and the best dead Android phone data recovery tool to restore deleted images, videos, audio files, and Whatsapp data from an Android phone. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly finish recovering deleted data from your Android phone.

Tenorshare ultdata


  • UltData app can’t guarantee 100% recovery of deleted or lost Android data.
  • The app supports ten plus languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Recover lost files, including recover deleted WhatsApp chats and history, images, videos, audios, documents, etc.
  • It offers a highly user-friendly program that helps you to recover deleted files you need.
  • Regardless of what you are deleting or why you are losing a file, you can easily recover using the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery app.

Step 1: Launch UltData for Android Data Recovery, select the feature “Recover Lost Data,” and connect your Android phone via the OEM USB cable.

connect device pc tenorshare

Go to Settings, switch the USB option to ‘Transferring files.’ Now, go back to Setting, look for ‘Build,’ scroll to the bottom to search ‘Build Number.’ and hit it 7 times. After activating the USB debugging, allow the authorization on your phone by hitting “OK” when a window pops up on your phone’s screen.

Step 2: When your device is connected, choose the kinds of files you want to restore, then hit the “Start” tab to scan your Android device.

scan android device Tenorshare

Step 3: After scanning, you can check all the displayed data and choose any kind of file to preview and recover.

recover android data Tenorshare

5. Stellar Data Recovery for Android

Stellar Data Recovery is an inclusive Android phone data recovery application to assist its users in dealing with different data loss scenarios without needing expert knowledge. The software can retrieve 200 plus file formats, including archive files, songs, database files, photos, videos, documents, and more.

stellar android data recovery


  • Reconstruct partially corrupted image and video files.
  • It works on any storage media like hard drives and credit cards for storage space.
  • Stellar Data Recovery file download attracts its users with a simple graphical user interface.
  • The software also gets your data from all memory cards, including micro SD cards, SD cards, CF cards, etc.
  • Stellar Data Recovery offers several options to recover files. First of all, you need to scan the hard drive or volume.

Step 1: Download to install Stellar Data Recovery software, choose ‘All Data’ or a specific data you want to restore, and then hit the ‘Next button. Select a folder location or drive volume from where you have removed the files.

select data stellar

Step 2: Hit’ Scan’ to complete scanning, tap on any document, image, video, or file content to preview before you save it or use the search function to locate the files for quick restoration.

run scan stellar

Step 3: Choose the ‘File Type’ and hit the left-pane to sort the scan results per their kind. Finally, choose all the data that you want to keep and click on ‘Recover.’

recover android data stellar

Part 2: Some FAQs

1. Can you recover data from a dead Android phone effectively?

The best way to recover data from a dead Android phone is from the backup. Then, if your Android device becomes dead, you can restore your crucial files from the previous backup. Yet, if there is no available backup content, you can still do Android data extraction from a dead phone with dead Android phone data recovery tools, as mentioned above.

2. How can I access the internal memory of a dead phone?

Yes, the internal memory of a dead Android device can be accessed to a major extent using various Android recovery software as mentioned above.

3 – How do I erase data from a dead phone?

If you have set up your Android phone to use Android Device Manager functions, you can erase a device from there. But you have to make sure that your phone is turned ON (even if your device is locked, it will run) and has active mobile data or Wi-Fi.

  • Visit the Android Device Manager on your PC.
  • Choose your Android phone from the Menu of your registered phone.
  • Go for the option “Erase” from the list and confirm it by hitting the Erase button.

erase data android phone


Thus, we know that data can get deleted, lost, or missed anytime without any hint, so why worry? Always have a backup for all your essential files in a secure location so that you don’t have to look for when your phone gets water destroyed or it becomes entirely dead. Also, if you don’t have a backup, especially in a dead Android phone, go for the top 5 dead Android phone data recovery tools as described above.