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[Solved] How to Quickly Recover Data from a Dead Phone?

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data, Recover iPhone Data

Accidentally killing your phone can be heartbreaking –specifically if you have owned the cute little thing for quite a while, with many memories associated with the device. Yet, you could be distraught if that device includes essential data. Such data could consist of your wedding day images or child when they were a baby. Otherwise, it could be that work-in-progress task you hoped would make you a bestselling project or detailed notes for that next invoice. Whatever the data, you might be curious to know about a dead phone data recovery. Here are some avenues that are worth exploring.

Part 1: How to recover data from a dead phone without backup?

Generally, on a modern type of storage location, a file isn’t wholly gone once deleted; what has instead occurred is that space has been called free for something else that could soon come. It would help if you thus acted quickly to recover the file before something sincerely replaces it. Data recovery software takes benefit of this peculiarity. Therefore, you can benefit from installing such tools on a PC that can detect the dead device.

1. Tenorshare UltData for Android

Tenorshare UltData Android is one of the successful and ideal launches designed by Tenorshare. Recover all kinds of files ranging from images, videos to WhatsApp texts from your Android phone or dead phone in a few minutes. Moreover, you can separate the data that you want to retrieve data from the dead phone manually. This software makes data recovery relatively easy, quick, and reasonable.

Tenorshare ultdata

No rooting and Wi-Fi connection is required here. You are free to preview and scan the files before retrieval. If you want to recover files without any limits, you have to pay its cost-effective price.

Step 1: Firstly, download Tenorshare UltData for Android and launch it on your PC. Now connect your dead device to the PC via the USB cable. Finally, choose the “Recover Lost Data” option on the interface.

recover lost data Tenorshare

Step 2: Now, you need is USB debugging, in which your dead phone can correctly connect to your PC. After your smartphone is analyzed, you will see the kinds of data that you can recover.

select files Tenorshare

Step 3: Now, the software will scan the files from your device to preview and choose the data you want to recover.

Now the program will scan the files from your dead phone. Now preview and choose the data you want to recover. Next, tick the ones which you wish to restore. Then, hit the “Recover” tab.

2. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free helps you retrieve data from the dead phone in various data loss conditions like accidental file deletion, system crash, virus infection, hard drive loss, lost partitions, etc. It can restore any deleted/lost data from SSD, HDD, external hard drive, USB drive, SD cards from images and cameras, CD/DVDs, etc. It allows you to preview more than 70 kinds of files. Its advanced edition helps you create a bootable disk/USB to boot Windows and retrieve complex drive data when your Windows PC can’t boot.

minitool android recovery

Step 1: Launch the MiniTool Power Data Recovery program and click This PC. Then select the partition that contains your lost or deleted files.

If you want to recover deleted files from an external hard drive, USB, SD card, CD/DVD, etc., you need to connect them with the PC.

Step 2: Rightly click the Scan button, and this free dead phone data recovery tool for Windows will automatically scan the drive and list the results of scanning.

scan files minitool

Step 3: Now, you can find your lost data and click the Save button to save them to another hard drive.

3. FoneDog Android Data Recovery

Fonedog Android Data Recovery is a data retrieval program specializing in dead phone data recovery from Android devices. It is a highly rated recovery software that most people claim works efficiently to recover various data kinds. It supports up to 6000 plus different Android phones and all versions of the Android OS.

fonedog android recovery

It recovers very many different kinds of data from the device without rooting. It comes with a 30-day free trial.

Step 1: Install Fonedog to your PC and then launch the tool. Connect the Android phone to the PC via USB cables.

launch fonedog

Activate USB debugging to allow the program to determine the dead phone. Fonedog offers instructions on how to do that in the following window that appears.

Step 2: Once the device gets determined, select the data you would like to recover data from the dead phone. Hit the “Next” tab to continue.

click next fonedog

Step 3: The program will then scan for the missing data. When the scan is over, review the data in the next window and choose what you want to recover. Click on “Recover” when you’re ready.

recover android data fonedog

4. PhoneRescue – Android Data Recovery

Millions of smartphone users have trusted PhoneRescue Android data recovery for dead phone data recovery, suggested by some high-quality tech guys as well. Three outstanding features make it stand out from many recovery programs in the industry: the world’s highest success rate, the broadest range of data files, and the most uncomplicated procedure.

phonerescue android recovery

It is applicable with the ideal technologies to give you the fastest scan, preview, and lightning recovery. It makes complex dead phone data recovery as plain as three clicks. It has helped 5,700,000 plus Android users successfully execute dead cell phone data recovery. It is an Apple-certified developer, and privacy stays private.

Step 1: Install PhoneRescue for Samsung on your computer > Connect your Samsung to the computer with a USB cable.

launch phonerescue

Step 2: Choose the categories you want to recover > Click the Next button on the right to proceed.

choose files phonerescue

Step 3: Preview and choose the data you want to recover > Click To Device tab or To computer tab to recover them now.

recover android data phonerescue

5. FoneLab Android Data Recovery

Aiseesoft FoneLab has a simple and attractive user interface and will complete its scans notably faster. It also includes some additional specs. But there’s one major limitation to this tool: you’ll have to root your mobile device yourself before you can scan the internal memory of an Android phone.

fonelab android recovery

FoneLab will recover data from your Android phone’s internal memory, SD card, or SIM card. For an additional price, it offers other features:

  • Back up deleted or existing data to PC or Mac,
  • Broken Android data extraction,
  • Android data backup and restore,
  • FoneCopy phone transfer.

Step 1: First, connect your phone to your computer.

connect device fonelab

Step 2: Next, activate USB debugging, an essential step for every computer-based Android data recovery app. FoneLab will offer a brief tutorial relevant to the version of Android you are running.

enable usb debugging fonelab

Step 3: Choose the types of data you want to scan for.

scan files fonelab

Then preview and select the data you want to recover. A search and the “Only display the deleted item(s)” option will help you.

Part 2: Things you need to know you start dead phone data recovery

Q1. What does “A Dead Android Phone” mean? 

A dead Android phone is when your device does not boot up and does not show any logo or any other signs. The device remains blank even after different powering attempts and does not respond even when you try to charge. A dead phone means that all your files are gone, basically, and you have to get data from a dead phone.

Q2. Is there a way to recover data from dead phone?

Yes, there are ways to recover data from a dead phone by using different methods. In most scenarios, the dead phone’s internal memory remains unharmed. If you want to get back those essential files effectively, using an automatic recovery program is an excellent option for which we’ve mentioned various dead phone data recovery tools above.

Q3. If your Android phone is dead, how to reduce the data loss to the least?

To reduce the data loss situations to the least on your dead phone, you need to turn it off and not restart. As long as the dead phone’s internal memory doesn’t destruct, you can restore data from the dead phone’s internal memory. If you try to reboot the dead phone, again and again, that may make things worse.

Part 3: Another Way to recover data from dead phone via Google Drive backup

Google Drive is a helpful utility that can backup your Android device and store all your essential files on it. Yet, this way only operates when you made backups using this utility. These are the steps you follow to restore Android data on Google Drive.

Step 1: Sign In to your Google account on your new phone to see a list of the Android devices you have used previously.

Step 2: Then, choose the Android phone you want to restore files from and hit the “Restore” tab to transfer all the data to your new Android device.

The limitation of using this way:

  • Even if you select the Google Drive backup wat, there is only the limited cloud storage that you can use to store your content, which is possibly not enough.
  • You will need a new Android phone to transfer and copy the recovered data from the old broken Android device.

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Backup is a good habit. However, if you didn’t backup for those essential data and your phone becomes dead, do not panic. A dead phone data recovery tool is always there to help! There are effective ways to recover data from the dead phone, highly suggested as the best Android device’s recovery.