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How to Create DIY Green Screen Hassle-free: Complete Guide

by | May 26, 2021 | Green Screen, Video Creation Solution

Green screen facilities help you add a preferred, desired, and required background for whatever scenario you want. You will find various green screen Chromakey backgrounds online. But if you want, you can have the best DIY green screen to use as a background and make your costs less. We will talk about such DIY green screens and the way to get those easily without facing any complexity and hassle. Stay with us for a complete guideline and discussion.

Part 1: What is a green screen, and what is it used for?

Using a green screen in a video helps you make a diversified change of the background of a video. It offers you to replace your video background with a digital or virtual set. You will get the most natural-looking way to integrate the subject into your processing video. A green screen will let you blend all the objectives that are in the video instead of putting each visual element in its picture-in-picture frame. After completing all the editing processes, you will hardly suspect that the finalized video and introductory video (green screen) are the same. It will see two videos are separated video streams. You will find all technical terms, including green screen, Chroma key, Chroma key compositing, and blue screen.

green screen video streaming

Why use a green screen?

In the example, a meteorologist is using a green screen for reporting the weather. He is standing in front of the green screen and pointing out the parts of the forecast. In such a case, the green screen will have more than that. It usually provides things more clarity. In this case, it allows them to personalize their broadcast, which helps them connect to their viewers.

A DIY green screen will help you drop whatever background images you desire to hang behind the actors or objectives. It is helpful in film production and news and weather reports. The benefits of a green screen are beyond description as it helps you make your video stunning without facing any hassle.

Part 2: How to make a DIY green screen for streaming?

You will get several green screen backgrounds on online sites. You can also use DIY green screen alternatively. A fabric backdrop can be one of the best bets for a DIY green screen for streaming background or other video capturing tasks. Craft stores will usually keep large rolls of solid green in their places and also blue fabric. You can choose from and cut them to make your specifications.

1. Green Craft Paper

With green craft paper, you can easily use it as the alternative to the DIY green screen by adding each other based on the measurement of your desired background. It is easy to amend the shape of the craft paper green screen to match your requirement. You can fit the sheets in a bag to transport them around at an effective costing. Though it does not have a long life, and hardly use more than 3 or 4 times. Adding layers, you can make blue or green screen background easily. The craft paper will provide some relatively good results.

green craft paper

2. Poster Board

You can find any color or even any multi-colored poster board at the nearby craft store. For making the DIY green screen, you need to search for the poster board that’s color is lime or neon green. Blue boards will also work, but the blue screen is for the lighter background. According to the general measurement of any poster board will be enough for an average environment. If you wish to make the shooting of someone from the neck up, this measurement will be correct. But if you need a broader background, you can combine multiple poster boards to create a single and large surface. You can use the Chroma key on this large surface later. Keep in mind that you need to avoid using the poster broad with a glossy surface because it reflects too much light.

poster broad as diy green screen

3. Disposable Party Table Cloth

A party table cloth is an excellent alternative to a green screen. It easily fits the fabric in a bag for transportation around. Not like the craft paper, it is a waterproof system. You will find it set up more straightforward and quicker. The whole process is very cheap than other processes. You will find any store that keeps usual daily life products or furniture’s element related store. This method provided a relatively good Chromakey background as it maintains the presence of slight wrinkles and reflections of light on the cloth. It may sometimes show some noise that can be visible on the footage after keying. To remove verbal noise, you can use some masks in that case.

disposable party table cloth

4. Green Fabric

The process of setting up green fabric as a DIY green screen is relatively easy. It a versatile way so that it will easily fit the cloth in a bag for transporting around. The problem is that the fabric can be heavier, so it may be difficult to hang for some time without falling. In that case, use clips or a stand to keep it up. It will increase your expense though but give you a fruitful result. Be wise while choosing fabrics because many fabrics may not allow you to remove the creases or challenge iron or steam.

green fabric

5. Green Matte Paint

For a permanent solution and a DIY green screen, green matte paint is the perfect alternative to a green screen. At any DIY store, you will find it easily while picking up a can of paint. It will cost you very little. Keep the permission of the owner of the property where you want to start painting. This process is a one-time setup. After completing the process of painting, any further productions will not require setting up a green screen. It will even offer you very minimal maintenance.

green matte paint

How to make a green screen stand?

If you want to get a green sheet or curtain for the usages of the green screen background, you need a stand to keep it straight. You can’t expect an easy time Chromakeying later by draping your material over a clothesline. Based on the handiness, you need to make a well-maintained homemade green screen stand. Follow these steps for the easiest and cheapest way to make a frame.

1. Get the suitable and robust materials

You need the materials such as PVC pipe with saw or PVC cutter, (4) ½” 90-degree elbows. Bring PVC pipe based on how big you want your frame to be.

2. Cut your PVC pipe

If you want a thick frame measuring 2” x 2”, you need to get 10 feet of PVC pipe. If you want a more oversized frame, reinforce it on the inside with some tee sockets.

3. Together, affix the PVC pipes

Using the 90-degree elbows, you need to attach the PVC pipes. You can easily slide the cloth from there over your new frame.


Finally, you have become aware much now regarding the process of how to create a DIY green screen with hassle-free ways. After getting the entire guideline regarding the alternatives of a green screen, it’s your time now to make your DIY green screen for streaming by implementing the knowledge.