Visdee iPhone Data Recovery

Ultimate iPhone Data Recovery Solution With The Highest Success Rate
  • Recover data from iCloud/iTunes backup and iOS devices directly.
  • Recover 20+ data types like WhatsApp, videos, photos, messages, contacts, and so on selectively.
  • Compatible with latest iOS 14 and iPhone X/11.

Tips about Wondershare Dr. Fone iPhone/iOS Recovery!

Aug 1, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions

When an iOS user loses or accidentally deletes any or whole data set, it brings trouble indeed, and getting back your valuable data professionally requires a perfect iOS data recovery solution. However, when you click on the Internet to find one, numerous solutions projecting they are the best will come up. But there aren’t many tools like the Dr. Fone iOS data recovery with various features to get the highest success rate while recovering any data loss scenario. Thus, this article today will provide you the exact information regarding Dr. Fone’s iOS recovery tool.

Part 1: What is Dr. Fone iPhone recovery?

Dr. Fone iPhone recovery enables you to recover data like contacts, messages, photos, and more, from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud most efficiently and straightforwardly. It ensures the highest recovery rate by letting you get back every piece of the data you lost with the leading data retreival technology. Dr. Fone quickly recovers your lost files from many common scenarios. The iPhone data recovery scans the deleted or lost data on your iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and allows previewing the details before recovery. It is the first tool to fully support the latest iOS system and program, including the current iDevices and iCloud backup model with the best technical ability.

Price: 1 Year License allows using 1-5 mobile devices and 1 PC at $59.95 /Year.

drfone iphone recovery


  • Recover lost/deleted data, photos, contacts, messages, call logs, etc., in various circumstances like system crash, jailbreak, ROM flashing, unable to synchronize backup, etc.
  • Provide 3 iPhone data recovery modes for data recovery to ensure the highest iPhone data recovery rate.
  • Recover data from iPhone/iPad directly and extract data selectively from iCloud and iTunes backup files.
  • Connect your iDevices to the computer and recover the deleted or lost data from the device without backup.
  • Scan and extract the data of the iTunes backup, download and extract data from iCloud backup, and export or restore them selectively.

How to recover data with Dr. Fone iPhone recovery?

Dr. Fone iOS data recovery helps to recover any data as we described directly. Let’s know the process step-by-step.


  • Before running Dr. Fone iOS recovery, download the latest version of iTunes.
  • Don’t launch iTunes at the time of running Dr. Fone to avoid the automatic sync.
  • So, disable the automatic sync in iTunes by launching iTunes, then go to Preferences, choose Devices, and disable “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device with a computer

  • To connect your iPhone to your computer, use the USB cable.
  • Launch Dr. Fone on your computer and run it.
  • Select “Data Recovery” mode.

choose data recovery

Step 2: Scan the device for lost data

Click on the “Start Scan” button to scan for deleted or lost data for a few minutes, depending on the size of data on your device.

When you see your data during the scanning process, click the “Pause” option to stop the process.

scan the lost data

Step 3: Preview and recover scanned data

After completing the scanning, both data lost and existing on your device will be displayed in categories. To filter out the deleted data, swipe the “Only display the deleted items” option to ON. From the search box displayed on the top right of the window, you can search for a specific file simply by typing.

Lastly, click the recovery button to save the data to your computer or your device.

recover data

Part 2: What is Dr. Fone iOS data recovery?

Dr. Fone iOS data recovery features a user-friendly interface for letting it operate without requiring any prior technical experience and ensures the highest recovery rate. It supports the recovery of lost/deleted content, videos, photos, documents, audios, and every critical data with its advanced algorithm. It also allows restoring third-party app data like WhatsApp chats, Viber chats, Kik data, and others stored in an iOS device. No matter what kind of data loss scenario it is, it ensures positive results in less time. It extracts the recovered data to your PC or recovers directly to your iOS device. You can quickly scan and recover your required data from iOS internal disk, iCloud, and iTunes.

dr. fone ios data recovery


  • Recover data like photos, videos, messages & attachments, audios, notes, documents, call history, contacts, calendar, reminders, voice memos, Safari data, and so much more.
  • It includes simple steps; Select iTunes or iCloud backup file, Choose what you want to recover, Preview the selected backup content and Restore it.
  • Recover and scan data from the iOS device’s internal storage extensively and extract a previously taken iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • Save the retrieved data to the connected iOS device directly without storing the content at any intermediate location.
  • Allow maintaining a dedicated backup of the extracted content on the computer and save them by selecting the location where you wish to.

How to recover data with Dr. Fone iOS recovery?

Let’s check out the ways regarding data recovery using Dr. Fone iOS based on the iCloud backup files.

Step 1: Choose Recovery Mode

Run Dr. Fone on your PC, select the “Data Recovery” option, and then choose the “Recover iOS Data” button to click on “Recover from iCloud Backup Files.”

Now enter your iCloud account and password to log in.

Dr. Fone never keeps a record of any account info or content during your sessions.

log in to icloud

Step 2: Download iCloud backup file

After logging into iCloud, Dr. Fone will show all iCloud backup files in your account so you can choose to recover data. Tap on “Download”, and select the type of files you like to download in the pop-up. You can also scan the iCloud content. Then, click on the “Next” option and start downloading. It will take some time.

choose data and download

Step 3: Preview and get data from iCloud backup

The scanning process will complete in a few minutes. After scanning, Preview data, check and tick the item for recovery. Tap on the “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to your device” option to save them on your computer with one click.

Now, you can directly recover to your iOS by connecting with your computer via a USB cable during the recovery process.

recover to computer

Note: If you want to directly preview and recover data from your previous downloaded iCloud backup files, then follow the steps below:

If you have downloaded iCloud backup previously, you won’t have to sign in again and get off the iCloud backup file. Under the account sign-in entrance, tap the “To preview and scan previously downloaded iCloud backup file” button to see all downloaded iCloud files in a list.

To extract the content, choose any of them. All downloaded backup files will be on your computer. If you don’t want them, hit the trash icon beside the scan button and delete them thoroughly.

Part 3: FAQs

1. Is Dr. Fone data recovery completely free?

Dr. Fone data recovery includes some of the data recovery tools to scan the device for free. You might not get a high recovery rate with the Dr. Fone data recovery full free tools.

2. Why is Dr. Fone data recovery tool the best choice?

No doubt. You will find numerous recovery software out there, but Dr.Fone data recovery iOS is one of the best solutions.

  • It is the first data recovery solution for the iPhone that supports the latest version of iOS and iPhone as well.
  • This solution is widely known for its high recovery results.
  • It is a highly secure, safe, and reliable application that has ensured all the user data will be kept safe, one of the major advantages of the tool.

3. Can I recover data from dead iPhone?

Yes, you can recover data from your dead iPhone with the help of third-party software like Dr.Fone iOS recovery, and the steps below:

  • Launch Dr. Fone and connect your dead iPhone to your computer. Go to the Data Recovery mode.
  • After recognizing the iPhone by the computer, use Dr.Fone for directly scanning your iPhone. If the computer failed to detect your iPhone device, use Dr.Fone to browse your iTunes/ or iCloud backup file.
  • Preview the data and save them to your computer.

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We have completed everything regarding Wondershare Dr. Fone iOS data recovery. Lastly, we can say that Dr. Fone is one of the most outstanding iOS data recovery solutions that will provide you the highest data recovery solution with its rich set of features. You can even recover many supportive data from even the latest version of iOS or any recent iDevice model. So, try Dr. Fone and get the desired result with a safe and reliable process.