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Everything about Green Screen that You Shouldn’t Miss

by | May 22, 2021 | Green Screen, Video Creation Solution

Ever thought about how to make some fantastic video scenes? Or, Have you heard about the green screen and still can’t figure out what it is?

You’ve probably seen a movie with really mind-blowing scenes and wondered how makers created those scenes. You must have even given credit to the post-production team for doing such fantastic work, but guess what? Most of the video scenes you see were shot in a studio with what is known as a green screen. A green screen is cheaper and makes post-production of videos classier, with more compelling scenes that would otherwise be impossible to film in real life. Haven said that it is essential we know what a green screen is, its uses, green screen cost, and how you can work around green screen editing.

Part 1: What is Green Screen and its Benefits?

A green screen is a large green setting or backdrop positioned in a background’s shot to allow for the addition of digital post-production effects. A green screen allows video editors to replace the green background with any other thing deemed fit, using computer-generated imagery (CGI). The use of a green screen has made blockbuster movie production, shooting music videos, newscasting, and other forms of video production more entertaining with the out-of-this-world effect it can give you. It is called a green screen because of the large green screen placed in the background. This technique of video production uses layers of the image with the background as the transparent green screen. The final displayed image is the foreground, and the green screen usually gets placed behind this image. Technically, the process of using a green screen is called Chroma keying. Pictures or personalities on set would not wear green. The computer software used during editing allows putting any object on the background of the green screen. Currently, there are green screen kits available, with some as a retractable green screen. One such retractable green screen is Elgato green screen which you can purchase on Amazon for as low as $122.65. Some of the uses of a green screen include the following:

  • It can be helpful for weather broadcasting, blockbuster film production, music production, television shows, etc.
  • It can also be valuable to photographers to create better effects during photoshoots

Part 2: Best Green Screen Video Editors

1. Clipchamp

This green screen video editor allows you to create compelling videos. Its greenscreen feature provides you with just the right tool to create captivating and magical backgrounds of your choice. Be it an Instagram ad, a Facebook video, a news broadcast, or a simple fun video, Clipchamp’s green screen feature gives your video a touch of professionalism, leaving your viewers wowed. It has a stock media library with lots of unique, ready-to-use gifs and footage. There are available green screen template videos that you can easily use. These templates come with green screen special effects, transitions as well as motion titles.

clipchamp green screen video editor


  • Stock library of footages and gifs
  • Split and trim videos
  • Green screen video templates
  • Add stock audio tracks
  • Flexible export options.

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free online green screen video editor with which you can remove background and add composite objects and people onto new locations. With Kapwing, all you should do is open the green screen video editor and upload the link to the video file you want to edit. It could be a video, a gif, or an image. With the chroma key option, you can select the color to key out (blue or green) and fine-tune your results using the threshold sliders. Kapwing green screen video editor allows you to trim your videos, add new backgrounds, frame canvases, and lots more without bothering about watermarks on your green screen videos. Your greenscreen videos are ready to export as soon as you finish.

kapwing green screen video editor


  • Online-based
  • Free to use
  • No ads
  • No watermarks
  • A wide variety of backgrounds.


This powerful green screen video editor offers you the luxury of creating and editing green screen videos with just a single click. With online green screen video editor, you can edit out any background as its green screen editing feature can aptly detect the foreground and separate it from the green screen background. It also has a webcam recording feature with a green screen effect. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for pros and amateurs alike to create green screen videos with stunning backgrounds. The good thing about the green screen video editor is that you can replace the cutout background with an image or slide or even leave it blank. green screen video editor


  • Automatic green screen
  • Webcam recording
  • Chroma key
  • User-friendly interface
  • Green screen video effects.

4. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another top-notch green screen video editor that allows you to create stunning footage. With its drag and drop option, you can import the video, images, and green screen clips you want to edit. Filmora makes it easy to superimpose many different objects and subjects onto virtual backgrounds while still making them appear natural. With its chroma key feature, you can automatically add green screen effects to your clips. Its video tools like alpha channel, tolerance, and offset make the background of the resulting greenscreen video even more transparent. With over 250 filters, effects, overlays, transitions, and music, you’re well on your way to being a green screen video editor pro on Filmora.

filmora green screen video editor


  • Add overlays to video clips
  • Compatible with most popular video formats
  • Over 250 filters, effects, transitions, and overlays
  • Over 40 green screen effects
  • Different sharing options.

5. Openshot

Openshot is a powerful green screen video editor with which you can cut out backgrounds and add new ones. Making a green screen video on Openshot is relatively easy as it comes with many transitions, effects, animations, etc. Its simple drag and drop feature allows you to edit a green screen video in the shortest possible time. You can easily drag and drop the green screen video or image from your media library. Also, its intuitive, user-friendly interface allows just anyone to perform green screen editing on this green screen video editor.

openshot video editor


  • The advanced timeline, including drag and drop, zooming, panning, etc
  • Different simple export options
  • 3D animated effects
  • Supports different image, audio, and video formats
  • Cross-platform.

6. Green Screen Live Video Recording App

This application allows you to record video clips and change their backgrounds using green screen rec technology. It makes the live green screen simpler to achieve. This live green screen app comes with many background sets, enabling you to choose what best suits your project. Its built-in professional sceneries make it easy to achieve professional touch movies, funny clips, etc. With this application, you can add custom background images directly from the camera, web, or media library. With the opportunity to add music from your library and emojis and stickers, the green screen live video recording app is just the right tool for your green screen editing.

green screen live video recording app


  • Add texts to videos
  • Template audio tracks
  • Special effects to Live videos
  • Customized backgrounds from your media library
  • Alter the look and feel of stickers.


Now that you are abreast with the world of the green screen, you can jump right into purchasing a retractable green screen. You’re also now familiar with green screen video editors that allow you to perform green screen editing without hassles. What are you waiting for? Thus, make that dream video of yours come alive by exploring the world of green screens.