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Ultimate iPhone Data Recovery Solution With The Highest Success Rate
  • Recover data from iCloud/iTunes backup and iOS devices directly.
  • Recover 20+ data types like WhatsApp, videos, photos, messages, contacts, and so on selectively.
  • Compatible with latest iOS 14 and iPhone X/11.

Full Guide: Fonepaw Data Recovery for iOS / iPhone

Aug 13, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data, Recover iPhone Data

WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular social app to share text messages, short videos, images, and documents along with friends, colleagues, and family members. It’s available for all the operating systems that are used on smartphones such as iOS, Android, and Windows as well. All the data including pictures, videos, text, and documents that are shared on WhatsApp is saved on the device, not on the server. So, if you deleted WhatsApp’s data from your smartphone it won’t be accessible to you. Many users seek help in such a situation like:

“last way I was facing an issue of storage and I deleted some pictures and videos. But later on, that day when I saw my gallery, I wasn’t able to see personal photos and videos of WhatsApp. I deleted all my personal stuff as well by mistake. Can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone?”

It’s a very frustrated and depressed situation when your personal stuff gets deleted and you can’t bring that back. Deleting WhatsApp data is a common thing and there’s nothing to worry about if you have done something like that by mistake. We can still recover your data using FonePaw iOS Android data recovery too. FonePaw is a third-party data recovery tool with amazing capabilities of recovering data from various devices with the highest data recovery rate. Let’s have a look at some of its features:

FonePaw Data Recovery Capabilities:

  • Supports both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Can recover data from a range of digital devices such as smartphones, cameras, SD cards, USB flash drives, etc.
  • Recover data from iCloud backups without losing any data.
  • Recover data from iTunes and iDevice directly as well.
  • A lot of data lost scenarios are supported, no matter what the scenario is.
  • FonePaw iOS System Recovery supports 30+ file systems for any iOS device.
  • Only restore data that are necessary for you.

Part 1: How to Recover Data Using FonePaw iOS Data Recovery

The very first thing you should do whenever you have lost some data is to stop using your phone. The data deleted from iPhone isn’t gone permanently, in-fact it’s on the device but It’s hidden from the system and it will remain there until it’s not overwritten by some other data. After that follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1. Recover WhatsApp Data Directly from iPhone First, download and install the FonePaw data recovery on your computer and activate it if you have purchased a pro license. After that launch it on your computer and connect your iPhone via original USB cable with the computer. Then, choose “Recover from iOS Device” .


Step 2. Start the Scanning Process After that click on “Start Scan” and the scanning process will begin. This process takes some time and doesn’t use your phone nor disconnect it while it’s being scanned.


Step 3. Preview and Save Deleted Data On finishing the scanning process, all the files and folders that have been recovered will be displayed on the left column. Click on “WhatsApp Attachments” and it will contain all the data that have found during the scan. You can filter it as well by enabling “Only Display the deleted items” and save them to your computer.


Note: if you want to have a higher data recovery rate, then you shouldn’t save the data on the locations from where it was recovered.

Steps to Recover WhatsApp Data Using iTunes with FonePaw iOS Data Recovery

Step 1. Launch the FonePaw iOS Data RecoveryLaunch the FonePaw and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” . It will display all the iTunes backup files and select one that contains your data click “Start Scan” . The extraction of iTunes backup will start.


Step 2. Preview and Save WhatsApp Deleted Data Once the extraction is completed, you will be able to view all the data in the left column. Tick on the “WhatsApp Attachments” and click on “Recover” to save the deleted WhatsApp deleted media on your computer.


Part 2: Top 3 Alternatives to FonePaw iOS Data Recovery

Looking for alternatives to FonePaw data recovery? Well, there are many tools that can be used as alternatives to FonePaw data recovery and we will list the top 3 of them in the below part.

1 Tenoshare UltData

The other alternative to the FonePaw iOS recovery system is Tenoshare UltData. It’s a stable, secure, and reliable data recovery tool as compared to the other ones. It doesn’t crash much and you can easily retrieve your data, doesn’t matter what kind of data it’s and how it was deleted. It’s compatible with all the latest iOS and Android devices. You can use it on both Mac and Windows operating systems as well.


  • It’s stable and doesn’t crash like other tools.
  • You can preview the data even in the trial version.
  • Friendly user interface and easy to use for everyone.


  • Extraction can’t be canceled once it’s started.
  • Can’t extract all the files.

2 Wondershare Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone that’s powered by Wondershare can’t be skipped when we talk about the most powerful and comprehensive data recovery tools alternatives to FonePaw iOS recovery system. It enables you to recover any kind of data such as videos, images, text messages, WhatsApp data, calendars, reminders, etc. You will be able to see text messages in the form of HTML documents.


  • Offers the highest data recovery success rate.
  • Get three ways to recover data.
  • Secure, easy to use, and reliable.


  • It’s not totally free and you have to buy the pro version to use full features.

3 EaseUS MobiSaver

The most effective and reliable data recovery tool that’s alternative to FonePaw data recovery is EaseUS MobiSaver. If you are not comfortable with FonePaw then this is the best choice you should go for. It’s very easy to install and comes with a very friendly user interface. Scanning and recovering your deleted files that have been deleted or lost on your device.


  • Offers free trial version.
  • All the latest iPhone devices are supported.
  • Offers three recovery modes.
  • Anyone can use it without technical knowledge.


  • Sometimes the scanning takes too much time depending on the size of storage media.

Final Words

Recovering data isn’t a hard thing to do in the 2021 century and you can use any of the methods that are described in this article. Tenoshare UltData and FonePaw iOS system recovery is free to recover lost data on your iPhone.