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Everything about Free Animated Video Maker and Titles

by | May 15, 2021 | Animated Video Maker, Online Free Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

Before you go for our top free animated video makers, wed love to highlight the importance of creating animated videos, especially nowadays. First of all, this effective representation directly strikes viewers’ minds compared to any other visuals. Thus, it has a sort of unique attraction attached. Then, it offers a very simplistic manner of video production management. Even if youre using high-end software, the process would be easier than other video production tasks. Lastly, we cant overlook the importance of animated videos when it comes to marketing. The reasons are evident as animated videos are highly engaging, customization, and accessible tools to present challenging ideas. So, lets discuss what our top free animated video offers as follows, along with the easy process of creating animated videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Part 1: Top Free Title Animation After Effects

Consider these five free animated titles incorporate style that offers the most professionalism and ethnicity as much as possible. You can use these free title animation after-effects as overlays in your video production projects as per the specific video content. So, lets have a look at them without further ado!

1. Venue

It is a pack of five free animated titles that are super minimalistic and professional at the same time. These are super fit for high-end corporate videos. venue free animated titles  

2. Hand-Painted Animated Fonts

Are you looking for a funky style? If yes, its not ideal to ignore these free animated titles in a hand-painted version. They include thin and thick along with more excellent compatibility. hand-painted free animated titles  

3. 24 Free Lower Thirds

As the name suggests, it is a set of free 24 lower third fonts that are entirely 4K templates for high-resolution video projects. 24 free lower thirds  

4. Designer Animated Titles

These are fantastic animated titles with versatile layer availability to include diversity in your video projects. designer free animated titles  

5. Free Textured Animated Titles

It is our last yet effective set of free texture animated titles in After Effects. However, you can also use them in any editor with MOGRT files. free textured animated titles

Part 2: Top Free Animated Titles for Premiere Pro

Lets now consider the five best free animated titles for premiere pro for Adobe Premiere Pro editor as follows!

1. City Slideshow

Our first best and free choice is to include animated slideshow scenes in various business and promotional video subjects. city slideshow free animated titles  

2. YouTube End-Cards

Use this beautiful collection of end-card templates, especially for YouTube videos. They consist of five different styles in MOGRT format that you can easily customize and edit accordingly. youtube end cards  

3. Urban Opener

These are modern selections of fonts made to open your videos in a unique style. They have 18 placeholders to add videos and photos and eight placeholders to add text. urban opener free animated titles  

4. Color Glitch Transition

Color Glitch Transition is a set of attractive glitch transitions worth considering in your 2021 video projects. color glitch transitions

5. Rotating Letters

Rotating letters are professional title scenes that can save you loads of time in one go. rotating letters free animated titles

Part 3: How to create animations in Premiere Pro?

It is a bit tricky if you’re new to Premiere Pro, a free animated presentation maker. However, we have tried our best to make it as simple as possible. So, let’s dive into the ultimate steps to creating animations without further ado.

Steps to create text animations in Premiere Pro

We’ll try not to waste your precious time by including the usual steps on installing the software. Step 1: Add Text Go to Window Essential Graphics and create a title with the Text tool. You can select the Text layer to view all its properties. add text premiere pro The Align and Transform section is to center it. Then, you can adjust different aspects of color, shadow, and background in the Appearance section. Step 2: Make a background It’s time to create two rectangle layers. Make one a bit large while locating the New Layer button at the top of the panel. It’s also essential to add Mask to crop everything. Fill colors via Fill in theAppearance tab and adjust layers as per your desire. make background Step 3: Mask Graphics Create a new rectangle layer to add a mask. Check the Mask with Shape button in the Appearance tab as shown below. mask with shape Step 4: Animate background and text You need a simple Y position shift to animate both background and text elements. Place your playhead at the 2-second mark to animate the Y position. Then, go to Align and Transform Position Text layer. It will toggle on the animation as the symbol turns blue. animate background and text Place the playhead at one second to adjust the Yattribute. It will locate the text in the start position while automatically adding the keyframe. Then, you can animate both rectangles of the background via the same steps. Remember to offset time over each asset. adjust y attribute Step 5: Edit Text Effects You need to fine-tune the animation timing in Effect Controls Panel. Go to Window Effect Controls tab to see all the effects, as shown below. edit text effects premiere pro You can add Ease Out to the first keyframe and Ease In over the last keyframe to smoothen the animation effects. Find this Easing option under the Temporal Interpolation tab. Moreover, you can adjust the Speed Curve via the dropdown arrow as shown below. adjust speed curve

Part 4: Best 2 Free Animated Video Maker Online

Its time to introduce our two best free animated video makers in the online presence as follows.

1. Moovly

Moovly is our first free animation maker features a list of editing tools, background sounds, music, free graphics, and other collaborative shareable. The bed of Moovly is more towards the creation of marketing videos which also tells us about its professionalism. You can consider this professional animated movie maker when you’re done with all the tasks, namely creating video scripts and storyboard, etc., beforehand. moovly

2. Animaker

Animaker is another intuitive free animated video maker platform specifically for animated videos. It consists of various editing tools, including the inbuilt backgrounds, Live Video Editing, GIF and Short Video Making, etc. So, you are only required to select a template and then customize it as per your needs. There are extensive features to create characters, facial expressions, auto lip-sync, and smart moves. animaker Conclusion So, that was all about the top free animated video makers 2021. We have first tried to give an overview of some title animation free in After Effects for ease of understanding. Then, we have continued with our best free animated titles in Premiere Pro, leading to creating easy animations and introducing to the best two online free title animation makers. At the same time, you should never overlook the trendy element, which is the case with animated videos nowadays. Mastering this kind of video production won’t let you down in any way you think of.