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Must to Know Specifics about Freelance Video Editor!

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Editor for Business and Life

Video editing has taken many spheres lately. If doing small videos just for fun, this is something you can do without much effort by yourself. The arduous task comes in if you as a business entity or when small to big businesses seek professional video editing.

Herein, learn when it is best to consider a freelance video editor’s services and some reasons why they are a good option. If your goal is to be a freelance video editor, know some of the tools they use to help you start your journey to being a freelance video editor. Learn also some of the other extra services they offer, such as the freelance voice-over and freelance voice actors.

Part 1: Why is a freelance video editor preferred?

freelance video editor is an entity or person you pay on a contractual basis to accomplish the video editing job. Some of their services may include being a freelance voice-over artist, video editing, and consulting on matters to do with video editing.

For a small business subscribing to video editing services, which may run for a duration, say of 3-6 months, which may even run to a year, maybe a disservice as they may need to pay monthly or annually, while at times no video editing services are being carried out. Thus, they would incur many costs, and it would be best to hire a freelance video editor to do the work when needed. The business would subsequently save more on video editing jobs.

Some other reasons why they are the right option are.

Part 2: Best freelance video editor tools for freelancers

1. Best online video editor tool- Clipchamp

Most freelance video editing is online nowadays. You can now do all video editing in the browser without the need for software downloads or enormous file uploads to works. One of the tools mainly used is Clipchamp. It is a tool used by many freelancers as it offers many features and comes with a function in which teams can collaborate and work on a video together. It is easy to use as little experience is needed to start editing videos. Other features Clipchamp offers include the use of filters and transitions, trim, cut, crop and rotate, split, combine, flip and mirror, and even add text, titles, audio, and images.
clipchamp online video editor

2. Best video editor software- Wondershare Filmora

Treasured and liked by freelancers globally, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is here. Those looking for standalone software can work even without the need for an Internet connection. Wondershare Filmora has many powerful capabilities to help the freelance video editor create and edit stunning videos. Some of its features include keyframing and motion tracking, audio ducking, color matching, and it has many keyboard shortcuts, video effects, green screen, and split-screen. It also has speed control and color grading.

wondershare filmora video editor

3. Best video editor app for Android- Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is a company revered for its many products. They have a wide range of products and among them is the Adobe Premiere Rush. When it comes to phone video editing and more so on Android, the Adobe Premiere Rush is the go-to app for any freelance video editor.

Available on Google Play Store, the app can be useful for free. However, you have the option to upgrade to a premium plan and enjoy other editing functions such as the ability to add sound effects and have access to hundreds of soundtracks. Other features include animated titles, loops, overlays, and graphics.
adobe premiere rush android video editor

4. Freelance video editor app for iPhone- iMovie

The iOS fiend is not left out. Available on Apple’s App Store is the iMovie app, which has a great design and intuitive multi-touch gestures. This app lets you create Hollywood-Style Trailers and beautiful videos.

You can choose videos from its many trailer templates and video themes. iMovie offers you the ability to transfer projects across your other Apple devices. You can easily share videos via the app to family and friends in resolutions of up to 4k and 60 frames per second. On iMovie, AirPlay requires Apple TV 2nd generation or later.
imovie iphone video editor

Part 3: FAQs

1. What is the role of a freelance video actor?

The role of a freelance video actor may vary. Depending on a freelance actor’s skills such as movement coordination, sense of timing, and awareness or versatility, most freelance actors frequently undertake the freelance voice-over role.
freelance voice actors

2. What are the famous voice-over freelance sites at present?

You can try your luck on many voice-over freelance sites, though the best and most recommended include Upwork, Fiverr, Voices, Voices123, and Bodalgo.

3. Why is a freelance voice-over software tool required?

It is because manually adding voice-over may be done flawlessly at times on specific video editing tools. Though on other apps such as those discussed here like Filmora, and iMovie using a voice-over tool is mandatory.


Becoming a freelance video editor will require you to possess the necessary video editing skills to perform as needed. Besides video editing skills, there are other traits that you may need to have, like some acting capabilities. You need not be the best, although you will need to be good at it. Some freelance video editors also double up as freelance voice actorsto do voice-overs for the edited videos. Therefore, with some of these skills and the right tools mentioned above, you will be on the journey to be a highly sought-after freelance video editor.