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TikTok Green Screen: What Is It & How to Use It?

by | May 26, 2021 | Green Screen, Social Media Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

Nowadays, virtual backgrounds have grown in popularity because more people are using to turn to video calls and social media. To deliver even attractive and stunning videos while using the social media app TikTok, you need to focus on its background process. Your background of the videos should not be very dull or average. Remember, TikTok has over two billion downloads. Also, it has up to 100 million US users. You may want the most effective result by creating your camera presence, including incorporating a fun and custom background. But, how to change the environment? TikTok has solved this problem by updating it with the TikTok green screen filter. Don’t know what it is? Do not worry as we have arranged a discussion regarding the TikTok green screen and its usages.

Part 1: What is a green screen TikTok filter?

The updated version of TikTok comes with a Green Screen tool to allow you to make your videos more entertaining with several customizable backgrounds. You can choose any background scenario so that you can change your video background, including a city skyline, a sunny beach, a brand logo, a photo, or a custom-designed background. The perfect editing and use of the TikTok green screen have made many videos going viral or trending. On TikTok, the green screen refers to an effect offered for you to customize the background of your video. You will be allowed to upload a photo or video from your Camera Roll or directly shoot your TikTok video with its environment. You will find several famous and unique videos with high views with this green screen TikTok.

green screen video effect

Part 2: How to use the green screen on TikTok?

As the updated version of TikTok is allowing you the green screen option, you have the opportunity at your hand to create your background scenario. To add green screen filter TikTok, you need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Open your TikTok app on your mobile

If you don’t have the app on your device, install it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then make an account for free. And if you already have an account, tap on it to get into the app.

Step 2: Tab for shooting or editing videos

Notice the “+” icon will be front and center at the bottom of your screen. It doesn’t matter which tab you’re under in TikTok. Tap the plus “+” icon in the middle of the bottom row of the available options.

tab for shooting or editing

Step 3: Tap for changing appearance

Tap the “Effects” option that you will find to the left side of the red “Record” button. The effects button will change the total cosmetic appearance of your shooting files based on the last effect that you have used in TikTok.

tap for adding filters

Step 4: Select “Green Screen” tab

To go to the option Green Screen, you will find the options after going to the “New” and then tap “Trending” categories. From there, choose the “Green Screen” tab.

go to the green screen tab

Step 5: Add video and change background

Then you need to upload your image and press the plus “+” icon. Then select the photo or video you want to add or choose from the library of TikTok backgrounds. To add your image or video, tap the plus “+” sign. You can now experiment with its vast number of green screens, including ones from where you have a tiled background. It also offers an augmented reality features. You can add a green screen filter to TikTok.

change background

Part 3: Video ideas to use TikTok green screen filter

You will find vast creative ways in order to use the green screen filters TikTok. Let’s know about a few.

1. Tell a story by using files

Use a combination of your photos to describe a story about something adventurous or exciting that happened to you.

2. Show off your photo-shoot locations

Upload a photo of the best natural looking or a place with stunning views or your favorite locations for shooting photos or videos. Include a detailing why you love them.

3. Rate your task

Use the green screen for displaying your work if you are a photographer or videographer. Use photos or videos from early in your career. Then rate it.

4. Capture a how-to video

You can use screenshots and photos to illustrate a tutorial.

5. Reveal an insider tip

Choose a famous photography or videography trend and disclose it in front of people to recreate it.

Part 4: FAQs

1. What can you do if I don’t get a green screen filter on TikTok?

Many users have faced problems regarding the green screen filter TikTok. They are failing to attempt while finding the green screen effect on TikTok. If the green screen isn’t working on your device for you, there can be a few reasons behind it.

  • The critical and first reason for not getting the green screen TikTok is that you have an outdated app. The TikTok team updates the app continuously, and the latest version of the app has the green screen option. You could be using an older version. For taking the updated version, check the App Store.
  • If the app is up-to-date and even the effect is still stalling, you need to try deleting the app and reinstall it. You need to empty some space on your iPhone if your storage is almost complete.

2. What are the other popular filters on TikTok?

G6 filter on TikTok

G6 is a filter on TikTok for taking videos of food. Because of its popularity shows differently than filters on TikTok by a single letter and number combination.

Face Zoom effect on TikTok

The Face Zoom effect has terrific products to put a unique touch that beautifies your videos with zooms in on your face. Some use it in group videos to see whose face the filter lands on.

Anime filter on TikTok

The anime filter filters the Snapchat app that went viral when people upload their Snapchat videos on TikTok. This filter turns you into an anime character.

Disney filter on TikTok

After hearing the name of the Disney filter, your first impression can be it can make you a Disney princess or prince. Yes, this Disney TikTok filter is your fair chance to turn your face into a cartoon character.

Dog Face on TikTok

Dog Face on TikTok is another filter that shows a fun face. You can try the Dog Face filter to give yourself dog-like ears, a nose, and amazingly a tongue whenever you open your mouth.


Towards the end of the discussion, you know each factor regarding the TikTok green screen, the ways of using it, the filters it provides, and some video ideas. Hence, now it’s time to execute this knowledge into reality and create amazing videos to stand out on TikTok. Best of luck!