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  • 25 video dubbing modes, one-click smart video creating, your ideal video at your fingertips.
  • Text to dubbing in video automatically, support txt, srt, ass.
  • 20+ Video Recreate Tools: video editing, videos speed adjustment, resolution adjustment, duplicate removal, mixing, add effects, dubbing, matting, subtitle extraction, watermarking, cover, change background music, etc.
  • Powerful video batch processing tools: video production, add/remove watermarks, add Intro and Outro.

Visdee AiDubber Guide

Dec 7, 2021 | Visdee Product Guides

Software Operation Interface Introduction

AiDubber software is mainly divided into three areas: file information display area, function operation area and task progress display area:

1. File Information Display Area

You can import files (video, audio, pictures, subtitle files, txts) or entire folders. When the video production materials are imported, they will be displayed in this area, and you can see the basic information of these files.

visdee aidubber - interface 1

Note: In area 1, only video and picture type files will be displayed. Audio and subtitle files will not be displayed in this area. But you can find the total number of imported files in the task progress display area.

2. Function Operation Area

All operating functions are in this area, where you can create videos with all features, such as merging, editing, eliminating duplication, adding effects, adding and modifying dubbing and subtitles, adding and deleting watermarks, adding and editing covers, changing background music, and even keeping custom configuration scheme.

visdee aidubber - interface 2

3. Task Progress Display Area

All operations performed by the software will be displayed here. When you make a mistake during operating, the corresponding problems and guidelines will be displayed here. It is helpful when you check the progress information after operating the software.

visdee aidubber - interface 3

Software Function Introduction

1. Merge Function

Material Placement and Naming Rules

  1. Material placement: Create a folder first, create a sub-folder in the folder, then put the materials for video creating into the sub-folder together.
  2. Naming rules: Audio files must be consistent with the names of subtitle files to ensure synchronization of subtitles and dubbing
  3. When creating videos in batches, as many subtitle files or MP3 dubbing files will be created as many videos.
  4. The final duration of the video is determined by the duration of the dubbing.

5 Video Models

AiDubber has 5 different modes for creating videos. The 5 modes are:

Single Video Mode:Create your own video through a video material.

Single Image Mode:Create your own video through a image material.

Multiple Images Mode:Create your own video through multiple image materials.

Multiple Videos Mode:Create your own video through multiple video materials.

Multiple Scenes Mode:AI merges different clips of multiple storyboards into different videos composed of multiple storyboards.


  • For each mode, you can adopt 5 different dubbing methods
  • You can set the width, height and color of the creative video in advance here

visdee aidubber - 5 video models

Image Strategy

When you make a video with pictures, you can customize the display duration of each picture. There are 32 transition effects between pictures and pictures. You can customize the transition effects and set the duration of the transition effects.

visdee aidubber - image strategy

Video Strategy

When you create a video with video materials, you can customize how many seconds to capture from each video material. For example, if you want to make a 60-second video, you have 6 video materials, you can capture 10 seconds from each video and combine them into a new 60-second video.

There are 27 kinds of video transition effects, you can customize video transition effects and duration

Multiple Scenes Count:When you select the Multiple Scenes mode, the number of videos you want to create.

visdee aidubber - multiple scenes count

2. Editing Function

AiDubber has commonly used editing functions, they are very simple, but very practical

Cut Intro and Outro

You only need to know how many seconds of the intro or outro, fill in the corresponding numbers, and then the intro or outro will be automatically deleted. It also has a little deviation. If you want to cut them more accurate, please check “Accurate Segmentation”. If the video length is more than 5 minutes, we don’t recommend you check it.

visdee aidubber - cut intro

Adjust The Video Speed

If you want to speed up or slow down the video, check “Video Speed” and fill in any number from 0.5 to 2 to adjust the speed. If you fill in 0.5, speed will slow down twice, and if you fill in 2, speed will be doubled. Times. If you fill 1, speed unchanged.

visdee aidubber - adjust video speed

Cut Parts of A Video

It is easy to cut any wanted parts of a video just by entering start time and video duration

visdee aidubber - cut parts of a video

Remove Video Watermark

Step 1. After importing the video file, check “Remove Watermark” then select a video. A pop-up window will appear after clicking the “Area” button.

visdee aidubber - remove watermark

Step 2. In the pop-up video, select the watermark area, and then click “OK”.

visdee aidubber - select watermark

Click “Start” button, the watermark will be automatically removed.

Crop Unwanted Parts of videos

When we recreate videos, we often need to crop some unwanted areas. For example, if the video material has subtitles, we need to cut off the video subtitles at the bottom and add our own subtitles. It can be easily implemented with this tool. Generally, the height of the subtitles at the bottom is 12-14, you only need to fill in 14 in “Bottom” area to crop the subtitles of the original video

visdee aidubber - crop

Convert Video to Horizontal

When your video material is in the vertical screen, you only need one click to convert the vertical screen video into a horizontal screen video. (This feature is coming soon, support free update)

At the same time, you can also customize the video resolution.

3. Eliminate Duplication

Using existing video materials to recreate videos, eliminating of video duplication is a very important step, otherwise the recreated video is easily recognized as a duplicate video by video platforms, and there is also a risk of copyright. AiDubber provides powerful and deep de-duplication function.

Three methods to eliminate video duplication:

  1. Edit the external information of the video: title, description, cover, etc.
  2. Edit the internal information of the video: frame rate, key frame, metadata
  3. Edit the video contents: watermark, intro and outro, picture-in-picture, mask, background, sound effects, mixed cuts, etc.

The more you edit, the better the originality of the video. For a more in-depth understanding of deduplication, you can check here.

Frame Rate: The frame rate of the video is generally between 25-60. Changing the frame rate has a certain effect on deduplication. You can increase or decrease the frame rate.

Depth Process: In-depth processing of the internal parameters of the video without affecting the display effect of the video.

Change Key Frame: Key frame technology is a very important technology in the deduplication index, and all major video platforms are using this technology to check duplicates. For conventional editing operations, such as adding watermarks, changing resolutions, etc., the key frames of the video will basically not change. You must use tools such as AiDubber to change it. The effect of deduplication is very good.

Image Layer: Add a picture mask and customize the transparency of the picture.

Cutting Then Mixing: Cut a video into multiple video clips, and randomly combine these clips into a new video. You can customize the video duration of the video clips you want to cut.

Meta Data: Customize the title, description, author, and copyright of the video. If cell is blank, it will generate characters at random.

visdee aidubber - deduplcation

4. Effect Function

Adding special effects to make your video more original. Here are four commonly used video effects

Mirror:Check to add video mirroring effect

Portrait Matting

Step 1. Add a video with pure color background, enter the video background color value in the color area, Similarity and Blend can be unchanged by default.

visdee aidubber - portrait matting

Step 2. Tap ”Add Background”,select a folder. In this folder you can put videos or pictures as background. Click “Start”, a new video with different background will be crested soon.

visdee aidubber - add background


Add borders on the top and bottom or left and right of the video, set the size and effect of the border, you can also customize the color of the border, or use the background image as the border.

visdee aidubber - processing

Add GIF in Videos

Add GIF sticker at different locations and display times in a video. You can customize the display time of the GIF stickers. You can customize the display duration of the GIF sticker.

visdee aidubber - add gif

5. Dubbing and Subtitles

Dub Mode

AiDubber has 5 dubbing modes. If you don’t want to dub by yourself, you can choose “txt dub” and “srt dub”. You only need to enter text to automatically generate AI dubbing. Choosing “MP3”, “MP3 + srt” or “MP3 + ass” mode, you can use self-recorded dubbing.

visdee aidubber - dub mode

Ai Dubber

If you need AI dubbing, check “Dubber”, choose your favorite dubber, adjust the speech speed, pitch and volume. For how to set up google AI dubbing, please check here.

visdee aidubber - dubber

Subtitle Block Adjustment

You can add a subtitle block to the head or bottom of the video. The height of this block, the distance from the top or bottom, and the color can all be customized.

visdee aidubber - adjust subtitle block

Subtitle Style Adjustment

If your subtitles are in ass format or srt format, you can adjust the subtitles in a variety of styles, such as subtitle font, size, color, and spacing. You can even add outline to the subtitles, customize the outline width, color, and transparency etc.

visdee aidubber - adjust subtitle style

Subtitle Translation

Subtitle Translation: Translate the subtitles into the language you want, you can also set bilingual subtitles display in videos。

Dubbing Translation: AiDubber will recognize the language and translate it into the language you want, then automatically complete the AI dubbing of the target language.

Note: These features are coming soon, support free update.

6. Watermark Function

Visdee AiDubber provides you with 6 different watermark additions, and you can customize contents, size, color, spacing, transparency and display duration of the watermark.

Text Watermark

Normal text watermark without effect, you can set the color and transparency of text

Image Watermark

Add a picture such as a brand logo as a watermark, and you can customize the display range of the watermark.

Outline Text Watermark

It looks more obvious than normal text watermark, you can customize the width, position, color, and display range of the outline.

Top Text

Add the top text watermark, in addition to the basic text settings, you can set the outline background color more conveniently.

Leaping Text

From time to time, the text watermark will change a place. This is a better copyright protection watermark; it is difficult to remove the watermark.

Scrolling Text

The added text content will be displayed at the head of the video, and the text will slowly move from right to left. It is more appropriate to add event announcements in the video, which can remind users and will not affect user experience.

visdee aidubber - scrolling text

7. Cover Function

Visdee AiDubber can help you extract high-definition pictures from the video to make a cover. You can capture multiple time-point pictures at once, separated by commas. At the same time, you can add and adjust text content to the cover, such as text color, size, spacing, bold, etc.

visdee aidubber - cover

8. Background Music Replacement

Front Vol:It is the voice of the dubbing, fill in different numbers to adjust the voice level of dubbing.

Back Vol:It is the voice of the background music, fill in different numbers to adjust the voice level of background music.

Cover:When you only need to replace the background music without dubbing, you can check it. If you need to keep the dubbing and replace the background music at the same time, do not check “Cover”

Random:When there are multiple audios in the selected folder, if you check “Random”, it will randomly select videos from the folder as background music. When “Random” is not checked, the selected audio will be replaced as the background music.

visdee aidubber - Background Music Replacement

9. Add Intro or Outro

Automatically Add Intro

Add different text intro to multiple videos at once, you can follow the steps below to add them:

Step 1. Tap “Dub” section,check “Dubber” and select a dubber.

Step 2. Select “Postprocessing” and check “Auto Intro”. You can customize the background color and text color of the intro. When “random” is checked, the background color and text color will appear randomly

visdee aidubber - Postprocessing

Tips for preparing intro text

Create a txt file with intro text, one intro text one line. For example, making 10 video intros, you need to keep 10 lines. If the text is too long to be displayed in the video, you can add a space and the text after the space will be displayed in the second line of the video.

Add Intro/Outro Manually

Check “Intro” or “Outro”, click “Intro Video” button or “Outro Video” button to add the intro video or outro video. If you have a lot of intro videos or outro videos, put them in a folder, tap “Select Folder” button, and choose the folder, Visdee AiDubber will randomly create videos with a variety of different intros or outros.

visdee aidubber - Add Intro/Outro

10. Keep Configuration

You can save the frequently used settings. When you recreate a video next time, you only need one click to set all the configurations, which greatly improves your video production efficiency. You can keep 5 different configurations.

visdee aidubber - set