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How to Add Sound Effects to Video PC/Online/iPhone

by | May 14, 2021 | Special Effects Video Editor, Video and Audio Effects, Video Creation Solution

Nowadays, the demand for the best videos that attract and increase engagement with the audiences has become more crucial than before. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and so many other social channels visually want to gain viewers by delivering high-quality and eye-catching videos. Thus, the performers in these channels do not miss adding special sound effects to their videos. Compelling and rich sound quality is an essential factor for satisfying the viewers. If you wish to maintain the video sound quality, you need to find out how to add sound effects to the video with the right tools. While adding the sound effects, you will need some additional information to make it perfect from all sides.

Today, we are here with the instructions you need to follow while adding your videos with sound effects.

Part 1: Tips to add sound effects to video

Tip 1: Make use of an appropriate microphone for your job

It is vital to have the perfect microphone positioned in the right spot to make all the difference in the world to your audio quality. The microphones coming in a variety of shapes and sizes help add sound effects in video production. Consider putting your money in at least one auxiliary microphone such as wireless, shotgun, handheld, stereo microphones, boundary/PZM, or wired lavalier.

wireless audio technical stereo microphone

Tip 2: Ensure wind protection while shooting a video outdoor

To use your microphones outdoors, ensure that your selected microphone has adequate wind and weather protection facilities. It is a general matter that lightweight foam windscreens will not be a match for any natural breeze. In that case, you should consider heavier wind and rain protection. Lower frequency wind noise and dripping rain can easily affect your video sound quality and overall work.

tascam hd-p2

Tip 3: Remove ambient noise as much as possible

For getting the best sound quality out of your selected microphone:

  1. Make sure you minimize ambient noise.
  2. Make seemingly innocuous items such as a spinning ceiling fan silent as it can add irritating background noise to the recording process.
  3. Before you start recording, turn off any noise-creating things and unplug any office machines that can interrupt.

Tip 4: Choose a reliable shooting location

Always try to plan out your shooting environment in advance. With the camera and microphone, you are for shooting with, try to bring a good pair of headphones to identify problematic noise sources. A better headphone will help to determine the noise you even can’t detect with your ear. That will make you choose your location in a better way.

Tip 5: Keep a check on volume settings

Always ensure that you are recording your video at the proper volume levels. Pay attention to the input volume meter in your recorder.

For example, for Panopto software for Windows, you will find the input volume on the right side of the screen. And for Mac users, the input volume option is near the bottom of the recording window.

input volume meter for windows and mac

Part 2: How to add the sound effects to YouTube videos on PC?

Sound effects will stun your audience if you can adequately add sound effects for video editing. Eye-catching videos are more acceptable in the big visual platform YouTube. It makes the video scene look more attractive. For making it complex-free, you better choose Wondershare Filmora that comes with a small library of direct free sound effects for video editing for your videos. Now to know how to add sound effects to YouTube videos, follow the steps:

Step 1: Import the video

After installing the version, run Filmora. Click on the “Import” option to add the video or you can directly drag and drop the file to its primary window.

import video

Step 2: Add sound effects to your video file

Drag and drop the selected video file to the Timeline and click the “Sound.” You will see a box listing different sound effects. Select a sound effect, such as “Alarm,” and then click “Play.”

Now, to attach the sound effect to the Timeline, select the Sound effect, hold your mouse and drag it down to the soundtrack below the video clip. It will help you to add the sound effect as a new audio track for your clip. Shift the sound icon in the Timeline to set the sound effect audio clip’s start time and set the ending time. After that, click on the “Play” button for a preview.

add sound effect

If you want to edit the audio effect, double click the sound effect and adjust the “Volume,” “Speed,” “Fade in,” and “Fade out.” For removing the sound effect, press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Export the result

Lastly, click the “Create” button (above image) and switch to the “Format” to select the location and format for exporting the final video.

Click on Export to save the final copy on different devices such as iPad, iPhone, Xbox, iPod, Zune, or to share it directly upload it to YouTube or Facebook if you want.

export output

Part 3: How to add sound effects to video online?

Create videos to increase the engagement of audiences and to heighten your viewership. A recommended online platform is Typito that adds sound effects to video online and saves your time against downloading additional software. Let’s see how to add a sound effect to a video with Typito.

Step 1: Upload your Videos

First, create a Typito account for free. Then select and upload a video in which you want to add effects.

Step 2: Add Sound Effects

Go to the Audio menu and upload the selected sound effect. You can choose sound effects from the list of royalty-free audio tracks.

Step 3: Download the Output

Finally, after a preview of the video, tap the Export button in the top right corner.

add sound effects on typito

Part 4: How to add sound effects to a video on iPhone?

Why not keep an app to add sound effects to a videoon iPhone for quick access? Learn how to add sound effects to the video app and get your concept clear with the mentioned steps below.

Step 1: Open Project

Open your project and scroll the Timeline to move the play-head where you want to add the sound effect.

Step 2: Add Media

Tap the Add Media, option, tap Audio, and then tap an option as per your requirements.

To browse the built-in sound effects, tap the Sound Effect. For searching sound effects in your music library, tap My Music and to go to the songs stored in iCloud or other locations, you need to tap Files.

Step 3: Preview

Tap any sound effect for previewing it.

Step 4: Add Sound Effects

To add sound effects to the video, tap an effects plus button.

add effect on iphone


Thus, I hope you are more aware of adding sound effects to videos on your PC, online, and iPhone device. Along with reading the steps, make sure that you practice and remember the tips that we have also provided to ensure you get perfect video output. Lastly, without waiting, let your videos evoke emotional responses by adding attractive and outstanding sound effects.