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The Ultimate Solution for Huawei Broken Screen Data Recovery

Aug 30, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

Screen breakage is a typical incident when you carry a smartphone. It can happen due to several reasons like,
  • Slipping from hand
  • Bumping into someone

However, the real trouble begins when you think you could no longer get access to your data. This sight is genuinely horrible, and some of us think that the phone becomes useless and your data is lost. Actually, No! It is possible to recover the data. You might’ve stored important files in that phone and wanted to recover them. Hence, in this article, we will give you effective tricks for Huawei broken screen data recovery.

huawei broken screen data recovery

Nowadays, a broken screen is quite common. It’s pretty easy that the phone slips away from your hands or pocket, and its screen gets cracked. It’s a very devastating moment as the screen is an essential part of a smartphone.

Only the screen makes us operate the phone and navigate through different apps, calls, messages, etc. Above all, your phone contains essential data that might concern your work of education. Hence, you desperately want to recover it at any cost. If so is your case, you don’t need to worry, as long as you have a Huawei phone. We have brought 3 most effective ways to recover data from Huawei broken screen. Let’s get straight into it.

1. By Using SD Card

If you have a habit of storing data in external storage like an SD card, you could quickly recover most of your data. SD card is a small SIM type card that is placed right beside the SIM slot. In Huawei phones, the manufacturers provide SD card storage capacity that allows you to keep Huawei broken screen recover data more critical files. Hence, it is the easiest way of Huawei broken screen data recovery.

by using sd card

To recover data from the SD card, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Eject your SD card from a broken Huawei data recovery smartphone and insert it into another Android device.

eject sd card

Stpe 2: Open the “File Manager

Step 3: Click on “External Storage”

external storage

Step 4: Select All, and Copy and paste it to internal storage

This will help you to a significant extent but will be limited to external storage only. Hence, you have to go the extra mile for further recovery.

2. By Using Google Drive

Google drive is the most useable backup storage space across the globe. And probably you would be a user too. Hence, if you are looking for free Huawei broken screen data recovery, this is for you. Huawei smartphones automatically back up your files after and stores them on Google drive. So, you can recover your lost data from there. For Huawei p20 broken screen data recovery, follow these easy steps.

by using google drive

Step 1: Go to “Setting” of your device

Step 2: Click on Backup & Reset

Step 3: Click “Back up my data.”

Step 4: Make sure your Google account is linked with your Backup account

Step 5: Sign in to your Google account

Step 6: Go to “Backup & Restore” and click on “Automatic Restore”.

backup and restore

This will bring back your lost data on your new device

3. By Using a Recovery Tool

Above all the solutions, a data recovery tool is the most effective source of retrieving Huawei broken screen smartphone data. But the real question is, which tool? Many data recovery tools claim to be effective but do not perform as they advertise. Hence, we’ve brought you Tenorshare, recommended by experts and trusted by 10 million users globally.

Tenorshare’s is the best compatible tool for Huawei broken screen data recovery. It can help you recover data from your broken phone to any device. Tenorshare is compatible with all types of storage devices, whether internal or external. It scans the device thoroughly and shows the lost files from every location. That’s why you can easily use Tenorshare for Huawei broken screen data recovery.

tenorshare ultdata

Features of Tenorshare

Easy to Use:

If you think you need to have the technical experience to use it, you are a mistaken friend. Tenorshare is not just effective but user-friendly as well. It is pretty easy to use. You have to connect your broken phone, and the results will appear on the screen. Keep following the steps, and your data will recover in few minutes.

Ultimate Solution:

The primary reason for using Tenorshare is that it provides the ultimate solution. It can recover all types of data, whether lost, inaccessible or accidentally deleted. Be it anything, and you can recover your data ultimately.


Some professionals offer manual data recovery, which sometimes breaks the bank. Comparatively, Tenorshare is a cost-effective option. Just download it on your PC and recover unlimited data without spending a penny.

Technical Aspects:

  • Recovers password, pattern, pin code and fingerprint
  • Keeps the existing data safe
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS
  • Removes Google Account from a device without password

How to Recover Data from Tenorshare?

Step 1: Install and run Tenorshare on your system. Allow the software to scan your mobile and wait for a while.

recover lost data

Step 2: When the scanning is completed, the screen will show you the list of all the recent deleted files

select file type

Step 3: Choose the desired files and click “Restore.”

Step 4: Select the destination to save the recovered files

restore data

4. FAQs

Is Huawei P30 Broken Screen Data Recovery Possible with Tenorshare?

Yes, Tenorshare is compatible with all Huawei devices. You can connect your P30 with Tenorshare via Wi-Fi and connect and recover unlimited data.

Can I Install Data Recovery Software On My Phone?

Yes, you can download data recovery software on your smartphone. Open Google play store/ Apple store and search data recovery tools. Install the most top-rated by seeing user’s feedback.

How Can I Unlock My Huawei P10 Lite?

If you have forgotten your password, Tenorshare can unlock your phone effectively. Connect your phone with the software and break the password. Also, you can do Huawei p10 lite broken screen data recovery with Tenorshare.

Is Tenorshare Free?

Yes, Tenorshare is free software, but there are certain features that you can only access in the premium version.

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Huawei is among the most widely used smartphone brand across the globe. Reason? Because It provides premium smartphone features at an affordable price. However, screen cracking is equally normal in Huawei phones. Hence, when it comes to broken phones, a third-party app like Tenorshare is the best ultimate solution. Because it can help you retrieve the data easily, quickly and efficiently, and above all, you would not have to be dependent on manual data recovery professionals anymore.