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[Solved] How to Transfer iCloud WhatsApp Backup to Android Easily?

by | Jun 23, 2021 | iOS to Android

iCloud is Apple’s term for every cloud-syncing function. Generally, anything synced or backed with Apple’s servers is said to be iCloud’s part. The goal of iCloud is to store data and crucial information safely on Apple’s remote servers. Thus, all your data is backed up to a safe location and coordinated between all the connected devices.

Among different leading operating systems for mobile devices, iOS and Android are the two famous ones for which Backup is a must. Users generally switch from iPhone to Android, while another switch from Android to iPhone to experience technology, specs, and features at their best. And about this, how to transfer iCloud WhatsApp backup to Android? This article will mention all the quick-fix solutions to restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android successfully!

Part 1: Free Solution to transfer WhatsApp iCloud to Android

Firstly, we’ll discuss how you can freely transfer iCloud WhatsApp backup to Android via email.

You can mail your entire WhatsApp chat history, including attachments to email ID on your Android device. So, an email plays an important role when it comes to WhatsApp iCloud to Android backup Transfer. Though this method is not so famous, it can certainly be an excellent workaround method to transfer WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Android quickly.

But the demerit with this technique is that email has a specific file size limit. The technique will be no longer applicable if your data exceeds that limit.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and select any conversation you would like to export via email. Then, hit the “contact name” option available on the top of the iPhone. Now, scroll down and select the “Export Chat” tab.

Step 2: Select “Attach Media” or “Without Media” in the following popup. Select as per your preference, and then go for share via the “Mail” option.

attach media email

Step 3: Now, the conversation data and attachments are already there within the email, enter your target Email ID in the “To” section and hit the Send button afterward.

whatsapp chat email

Step 4: Take your Android device and sign in to the email ID you have just sent your iCloud backup. Congrats, as the backup is there in your Inbox now. You can view the data in the TXT file.

However, you can’t sync these messages or data with the WhatsApp app.

Part 2: Paid Solutions to transfer WhatsApp iCloud to Android

Let’s switch to some of the paid solutions to transfer WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Android! These methods have a bit more facility than the free ones in terms of exclusive features provided.

Without any further delay, let’s get started with the different paid ways to restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android as follows.

1 . Wazzapmigrator

Pricing: $8.50

It’s a WhatsApp transfer tool specifically designed for iPhone to Android and the trickiest way for iCloud to Android transfer WhatsApp. You can import emojis, messages, images, audio, attachments, videos, contacts, locations, and more with the Wazzupmigrator tool.


Step 1: Create iCloud Backup

Connect your iPhone to the PC, and iTunes will be there automatically. Select the “Device” icon at the top left, followed by the “Summary” option in the left menu. Then, hit the “Back Up Now” option.

create icloud backup

Launch the iBackupViewer app and select the “local backup” option you just created.

Hit the “Raw Files” icon on the upcoming screen, followed by the “Tree view” icon.

select raw files

Then, go to the “” folder and search for the “ChatStorage.sqlite” file to export into your PC.

Step 2: Download Wazzupmigrator

Next, download the “Wazzap Migrator” app over your Android device.

Step 3: Transfer WhatsApp iCloud to Android

Select the “iPhone Archive” option at the top of the main screen and then go for the “ChatStorage.sqlite” file into the internal storage.

Lastly, select the data that you would like to transfer to the Android platform.

wazzupmigrator transfer whatsapp

2 . Dr Fone . WhatsApp Transfer

Pricing: $21.95 for one year; $29.95 for lifetime

Wondershare Company, with Dr. Fone, primarily known for lost data recovery, recently introduced a dedicated WhatsApp transfer platform with which you can share chats from WhatsApp and WhatsApp business between iOS and Android devices. Including all the other media like photos, videos, emoji, and attachments, other social media like Viber, Kik, WeChat, and LINE are also supported by Dr. Fone . WhatsApp Transfer.

dr fone whatsapp transfer

Step 1: Download Dr. Fone . WhatsApp transfer

Download Dr. Fone . WhatsApp transfer on your PC. And choose the “WhatsApp Transfer” on the main screen.

download dr fone

Step 2: Migrate WhatsApp data
Then, select the “Transfer” option on the left panel and click on the “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” option. It will migrate your WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android easily.

migrate whatsapp data dr fone

Step 3: Start WhatsApp transfer

Connect both the Android and iPhone to the computer. After the devices are successfully connected, keep the iPhone at the Source and the Android device at the Destination platform.

It will transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to Android, including all data such as photos, videos, documents, attachments, and more.

start whatsapp transfer dr fone

 3 . Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer

Pricing: $19.95 (Lifetime License); $18.95 (1-Year License)

Mobitrix offers a simple yet strong program that manages your device data and brings ease to your life. It is a small tool for iCloud WhatsApp backup to Android Transfer in one click. This software consists of features of Backup, Transfer, and restore. The backup feature is free and needs no prior registration. However, the restore and transfer functions would need a license before usage.

mobitrix whatsapp transfer

Step 1: Connect phone devices to the PC

Connect both Android and iPhone devices to the PC using different data cables. You need to mention your destination and source in the application once they are connected.

connect phone devices pc

Step 2: Start the transfer process
Now, hit the ‘Transfer’ button. Mobitrix will now organize both the devices and start the data transfer process from iPhone to Android. Please wait a bit as it may take time.

start whatsapp transfer mobitrix

Step 3: Finish WhatsApp transfer

Restart the device after the Transfer gets finished. Once it restarts, you will see your WhatsApp data and chats in the iPhone from your Android device.

finish whatsapp transfer mobitrix

4 . iTransor for WhatsApp

Pricing: $29.95

iTransor lets you straightforwardly transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS devices and vice versa. You can also backup your Android and iPhone data to your PC and restore it any time you desire. Moreover, it lets you backup Whatsapp data in CSV/XLS and HTML format.

iTransor makes it quite easy to backup, Transfer, export, and restore data.

itransor whatsapp

Step 1: Select WhatsApp backup

Select WhatsApp backup from the list and hit the Restore to Device option. A popup will let you preview the WhatsApp backup. You can carry on viewing the attachments and chats in the backup or skipping this step to restore the backup directly.

select whatsapp backup

Connect the Android or iPhone device to the PC via the original USB cable once you’re ready to start the restore.

connect device pc

Step 2: Restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android

It is vital to install a custom WhatsApp app while restoring Backup to an Android device to get the backup data into your device. You are also required to perform some manual operations on these devices for which simple instructions and guides will be over the screen.

While the program is restoring Backup to the iPhone device, make sure that you’ve launched WhatsApp on your device and deactivate Find My iPhone.

itransor restore whatsapp data

Step 3: Finish WhatsApp data transfer

Generally, the restore process takes half an hour average time. Then you can check your WhatsApp chat data on your Android device.

itransor whatsapp transfer finish

5 . AppTrans

Pricing: $23.84 (1-Year Plan); $20.85 (3-Month Plan); $47.67 (Lifetime Plan)

AppTrans supports transferring WhatsApp data between mobile phones, whether it’s the same OS like Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone, or different OS like Android to iPhone, and iPhone to Android. Besides phone to phone transfers, WhatsApp and data can also be exported to the PC as a backup. With 1M active users, AppTrans is the best choice as you don’t need to jailbreak or root the device for transferring WhatsApp data.


Step 1: Install AppTrans and set the device

Download AppTrans and select Transfer to Phone under the App Transfer mode. After connecting Android and iPhone devices, confirm iPhone as the Source device while Android as the Destination device.

install apptrans

Step 2: Select WhatsApp transfer and follow the instructions

Select the WhatsApp option and hit the Next tab to begin the WhatsApp transfer process.

choose whatsapp-apptrans

Follow the on-screen instructions to give AppTrans permission to WhatsApp backup WhatsApp data.

Log in to the original WhatsApp account and restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android.

apptrans whatsapp transfer

Step 3: Finish WhatsApp transfer

Select the Transfer Now option to get WhatsApp backup transferred from iPhone to Android when the above process gets finished.

finish whatsapp transfer apptrans


Thus, iCloud WhatsApp backup to Android transfer is essential, and working a little harder to conserve all of your data makes excellent sense. Many folks get discouraged when they discover there is no direct way to restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android, but we have demonstrated there is no basis for panic. A few simple operations can restore the iCloud WhatsApp backup data to the proper place and allow you to access all of your earlier conversations.