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Free Online Video Creators with no Watermark 2021

by | May 6, 2021 | Online Free Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

If you want to show your thoughts, ideas, and creativity through innovative systems, you will have to choose to create videos. Being on a digital platform, visualizing any topic will help you reveal your message more effectively. You will currently find that there are various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Stories, and so on where videos of visual content occur.

While videos are created through templates, videographers, and studio specialists, there is one such mode of video creation that is through photos or images. Yes, it could be for birthdays or education purposes; such videos are more important where the importance of images to video makers rises where online tools are preferred the most. The most important question is which one tool will be the perfect image to video makers online. In today s article, we have selected five images to video maker online tool choices for you.

Part 1:5 Wonderful Image to Video Maker with Music Online


1. Animoto

Animoto is an incredible video maker platform that is our first image-to video maker online for free. This service platform is a cloud-based video creation that allows you to create videos using photos, multiple video clips, and music. It will also authorize you to choose your theme and customize it the way you require it.

Animoto is easy to use with drag-and-drop, where you can share the finalized video on social media and website directly. Features like block, design settings, music library, templates, ration switching, media library, video hosting and downloading options, re-editing videos, and many other features hidden within Animoto!

1. In Animoto, all you have to do is select your images and upload them to Animoto.
2. Add your favorite music, texts, color, and preview it.
3. Once done, download your final video.

Note: In the corner of any video, with Animoto s watermark feature, users can quickly put their logo.


2. SmileBox

SmileBox has made it easy to share, celebrate, and present the beauty and magic in moments. Introduced by Perion Networks (presently known as Conduit), SmileBox is a platform where you can share photos and social expressions. With SmileBox, you can create invitations, digital collages, slideshows, and scrapbooks for special occasions.

Recognized as an image to video maker online for free, using SmileBox is super easy as it carries basic features but incredible ones. The only point is, the free version will leave a watermark on your videos, but the premium version won t.

1. To make videos with images in SmileBox, sign up for an account for free.
2. Next, add photos, music, and customization options if needed.
3. Save the changes and download the video.


3. Clideo

Clideo is a well-known video creator/editor platform for its comprehensive feature set like video creator, edit filters and effects, merge videos, and package videos. For social media, you can create short videos and memes online by using photos and share on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Clideo allows its users to make new videos with the existing clips, GIFs, and audio tracks. Users love to use Clideo as an image to video maker for its compression and preview action.

1. Visit the Clideo website and tap the “Choose Files” option to select the images and music/audio file.
2. Compose the video, add effects, and compress if required and preview it.
3. If satisfied, tap the “Download” option or start over.

Note: Your edited videos will have a watermark on the free version.


4. Kapwing

Kapwing marks its name with no doubt on the list regarding online video makers or video editors. Yes, Kapwing is an online editing platform for images, videos, and GIFs and hence is our fourth image-to video maker online suited for storytelling. Used by software influencers, it is a free image-to video maker that can fill the space as a renewed meme maker, trimmer, looper, subtitler, and more. If you search for an all-in-one online video maker, then, Kapwing takes place to provide watermark-free output and a guaranteed high-quality.

1. With Kapwing, you need to click upload options and select the images you want to turn into videos from your system.
2. Drag-and-drop the images to the workspace, add necessary filters, effects, and music that suits your video.
3. Now, download the finalized video.


5. Editframe

Editframe is our last image-to video maker online tool that provides resizing, trimming, creative, and other tools to make your videos stunning apart from adding photos to make a video. Additionally, Editframe allows you to share your creativity in the online platform, including YouTube, Snapchat, websites, Instagram, and Facebook. Widely used by Podcasters, musicians, marketing agencies, vloggers, professionals, and individuals, Editframe is easy-to-use. Interestingly, Editframe has editable templates to make your video even more impressive.

1. Enter the website, Editframe, upload selected photos, and add music.
2. Now, add speed level, text, resize, trim, or crop options.
3. Preview the video and export it.



Thus, if you want to attract others’ attention towards your thoughts in today’s digital world, it becomes a must to use some photos or videos. Videos today are more critical than ever before, mainly due to the immense use of Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. The above no installation required images to video maker online tools will help you in an instant. Lastly, with a short discussion over the five images to video maker online free, I hope you have found the right one!