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How to add iMovie Green Screen at ease?

by | May 24, 2021 | Green Screen, Video Creation Solution

“Can you use a green screen with iMovie at ease?”

Suppose you shoot a video with a monochrome background (usually green or blue). In that case, iMovie can make that color transparent and replace the set with any other video clips, graphics, or still images as needed. That is in short the green screen effect in iMovie.

With the iMovie green-screen effect, you can easily superimpose any content into any lens. For example, you can transport yourself to any place you like or appear in a movie you want. That’s fun, right? How to perform a green screen in iMovie? Now, if you follow the steps below to apply green-screen effects in iMovie, you will find that adding iMovie green screen effects is just having a cake.

Part 1: How to apply a green screen effect in iMovie

Here are easy steps on how to add a green screen in iMovie on Mac and iPhone.

1. How to add a green screen in iMovie on Mac?

Step 1: Create a new project

Load the green screen and background video from Mac to iMovie from “File”> “Import”> “Movie.” Please make sure iMovie supports your video. If it is not, then iMovie will not allow you to edit the videos in it. A Mac’s video converter is required to convert the videos to iMovie MP4 to get loaded into iMovie for editing. Drag the footage from the event browser to the Project Library or use Filmora for Mac for editing video files directly without any conversion. It supports almost all types of input and output video formats.

create a new project

Step 2. Drag the material to the timeline

Drag the background-clip to the timeline to crop, trim, and adjust this background image/video as needed. Then, click on your green screen recording and drag it down to the timeline and drop it into the track above the background picture or video.

drag the material to the timeline

Step 3. Apply the green screen effect in iMovie

Ensure that the two footage is of identical length. In the timeline, click the green screen footage, which a yellow box will highlight. Then, click on the settings that would give you options and choose the “Green/Blue Screen” option.

apply the green screen effect in mobile

Step 4. Adjust iMovie green screen effect

The effect is adjustable to improve the final results using the tools; “Softness and clean up after.

adjust iMovie green screen effect

2. How to add a green screen in iMovie on iPhone?

Here are simple steps to add a green screen in iMovie on an iPhone.

Step 1: Open the app on your iPhone and create a new project. Add media by tapping the (+) sign

add video

Step 2: Add the background-clip first.

add the background clip first

Step 3: Add the green screen by tapping the (+) icon again and then the (…) button.

tap the add icon again

Step 4: Select the Green/Blue Screen option.

select the green/blue screen option

Step 5: Now your video is ready.

now your video is ready

Part 2: Other alternatives to add a green screen to iMovie

1. Filmora Wondershare

Step 1: Import media files into the program

Click “File”> “Import Media,” or drag the media file directly into the program.

Place the background video or image on the “Video” track, and then place the green screen video on the track above it. After that, you can adjust the display time by moving them on the timeline.

import media file into the program

Step 2: Use the green screen tool

Double-click the green screen material in the timeline to enter the video panel. Go to the chroma key (green screen) tab and enable it to activate the chroma key, then drag the slider to alter the intensity level to make the background transparent.

use the green screen tool

Step 3: Save the green screen video

Finally, click the Play icon to preview the result. If you are satisfied with the work, please click “Export” to save the video to other formats, DVDs, or mobile devices. You can also upload creative content directly to YouTube and Vimeo.

save the green screen video

2. Movavi

Step 1: Import media file

Download and install Movavi on your PC, then launch after complete installation. Click “Add files”, then the “File Import” tab and select. Click open to add the files to the program’s media.

import media file

Step 2: Edit footage using green screen effect

Drag the media file into the video track, select the video to use as foreground, and drag upwards. Click on the More tab and select the Chroma key tab.

edit footage using green screen effect

Step 3: Save Your Video

When you’ve edited to your desired result, click on the export button. Enter the title and the correct video format and quality, as well as the destination folder. Then click start to begin the exportation.

save your video

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: Set up Your Footage

Apply matte to trim excess area on your footage by clicking the effect in your Effects Control to move the point around.

set up your footage

Step 2: Apply the Ultra Key

Select the Ultra Key effect by executing “Effects > Video Effects > Keying.” Under the Keying session, choose the Ultra Key option.

Apply the ultra key

Step 3: Adjust the sliders

Adjust the Transparency slider, the Pedestal slider, the Choke slider, and the Soften slider.

adjust the sliders as desired


Finally, you can take your content creation to a whole new level. Move away from that act of using boring background and learn how to add an iMovie green screen at ease following the easy steps listed above. Metamorphose videos, images, and different graphics by changing its background and concepts using the iMovie green screen. Following the easy steps listed, you can make videos that stand out in the crowd and add this effect in simple steps that are as simple as reading your alphabets but with a professional outcome.