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A Complete Guide to Forensic Data Recovery iPhone and How to Use It

Aug 13, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover iPhone Data

Data recovery and forensic data recovery are the same things but with different intentions. Forensic data recovery is a serious thing and it involves government organizations and law enforcement agencies to collect evidence from and digital criminal proofs to put the criminals behind the bars. If you want to know about professional and reliable forensic data recovery tools, then you are in the right place at right time. In this article, we will let you know about forensic data recovery and what tool is better for forensic data recovery tasks.

What is Forensic Data Recovery?

It’s a process of collecting digital evidence or proofs from digital devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and other devices that can be used for legal purposes. Forensic data recovery is done on the device that is taken from the suspect or found at the place where the crime happened.

Many tools claim to be forensic data recovery tools but there are very less tools in the market that can be trusted and used as Forensic Data recovery tools. We will list some of them in the below sections.

Top 4 Important iPhone Forensic Recovery Tools

These are the top 5 most important and reliable data recovery tools that are used in government law enforcement agencies, courts, and other crime investigation departments.

1 Guidance Software

This is the tool that comes at the top when you are searching for forensic data recovery tools that not merely recover data but also provide depth information related to the content found. Forensic investigators can now acquire data from more than 25 types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other kinds of GPS devices.guidance_software

This helps you to complete your investigation will all the evidence and digital information that you needed. You also be able to get reports while gathering data related to evidence that will be generated by this iPhone forensic recovery.

BlackBag Technologies

BlackBag is another big name in forensic phone recovery, it’s powered and supported by BlackBag technologies. This tool helps the investigators and law enforcement agencies officers to gather digital legal information and evidences from the place of a crime or the gadgets found. These gadgets and devices are furthers scanned and analyzed by BlackBag forensic data recovery. It’s specially designed for the Mac and it costs around $2600. Later, it started supporting the Windows operating system as well but in the starting period, it was only designed for Mac users.blackbag_forensic_data_recovery_tool

This forensic data recovery can be used for both forensic android data recovery as well as iPhone forensic recovery. It’s supported by both widely famous and mostly used operating systems which are Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. It can recover files of 1000+ file types including videos, pictures, and documents, etc. Due to its support for a wide range of devices and compatibility, it’s the first choice of most digital forensic experts. Currently, it has been used by 7 million peoples all around the globe and there’s nothing to worry about if you haven’t gotten your desired results, you can get a refund within 7 days with a guarantee.wondershare_forensic_data_recovery_tool

It can recover data from all data scenarios, whether your computer was crashed, your iPhone was on the black screen of death. The cause of the data loss doesn’t matter. It’s lower in prices but offers more features than the other forensic data recovery tools and that’s the reason most people prefer to buy it.

Access Data

This is a great addition to the list of forensic phone data recovery tools.  Access Data is a professional yet powerful data recovery tool that can perform forensic phone data recovery on all smartphones, computers, and other digital devices for government firms, Law enforcement agencies, and law firms. This tool enables you to recover data in depth that can’t be done with a normal data recovery tool.access_data_forensic_data_recovery_tool

It has a feature that ‘s knowns as Mobile Phone Examiner. This mobile examiner brings all the key files and data that can’t be retrieved with average data recovery tools. It offers stability and matchless speedy recovery. All the products will be on a single database and you will be hassle-free to use it anywhere you want.

FAQs Related to Forensic Data Recovery Tool and It’s Working

Files that are password protected can be recovered?

Yes, in most cases password protected files can be recovered. A forensic expert will have the tools and hardware gadgets that would be necessary to examine the password-protected files. It’s possible but this process takes time as the password breaker tool will combine thousands of combinations to crack the password of protected files.

It’s possible to recover deleted emails with a forensic recovery tool?

It’s possible but it’s not guaranteed that deleted emails would be recovered. Deleting emails from your computer doesn’t delete them from the server. So, if someone has access to services they can still recover it or how the server is configured.

Where forensic android data recovery can be performed?

There are different kinds of digital devices that may hold potentially data. Here’s a list of such devices.

  • Computers and Laptops.
  • Smartphones including all Android and iOS devices.
  • Hard Drives
  • MP3 players and iPods.
  • USB, Digital Cameras, PDAs, CD, and DVDs

Can permanently Delete files be recovered in Forensic examinations?

It depends on the situation and scenario. But there are often chances that the suspect has deleted the file in hurry and it can be still recovered as the data would be on the hard drive as if it’s not overwritten. Often the files remain on the hard drive and not totally erased but they are just hidden from the user so this makes it possible that there are many changes that the forensic expert can recover deleted files.

Part 2: Top 2 Alternatives to FonePaw iOS Data Recovery

Looking for alternatives to forensic data recovery? Well, there are many tools that can be used as alternatives to FonePaw data recovery and we will list the top 2 of them in the below part.

1 Tenoshare UltData

The other alternative to the FonePaw iOS recovery system is Tenoshare UltData. It’s a stable, secure, and reliable data recovery tool as compared to the other ones. It doesn’t crash much and you can easily retrieve your data, doesn’t matter what kind of data it’s and how it was deleted. It’s compatible with all the latest iOS and Android devices. You can use it on both Mac and Windows operating systems as well.


  • It’s stable and doesn’t crash like other tools.
  • You can preview the data even in the trial version.
  • Friendly user interface and easy to use for everyone.


  • Extraction can’t be canceled once it’s started.
  • Can’t extract all the files.

2 Wondershare Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone that’s powered by Wondershare can’t be skipped when we talk about the most powerful and comprehensive data recovery tools alternatives to FonePaw iOS recovery system. It enables you to recover any kind of data such as videos, images, text messages, WhatsApp data, calendars, reminders, etc. You will be able to see text messages in the form of HTML documents.


  • Offers the highest data recovery success rate.
  • Get three ways to recover data.
  • Secure, easy to use, and reliable.


  • It’s not totally free and you have to buy the pro version to use full features.

Final Words

This is all about forensic data recovery and Alternatives, we hope so that you have now a good understanding of forensic phone data recovery. We have described some of the best forensic data recovery tools that you can use for such purposes.