Top 7 iPhone Movie Maker Apps You Should Know!

Mar 15, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Editor for Mobile

“Does Apple have a free video editor?”

We don’t specifically know free iPhone movie makers but can inform you about some renowned iPhone-specific movie editors. However, the top 7 list that we will discuss below also contains some free picks worth considering. So, you don’t need to head to PC or Mac to create stunning custom video projects. The iOS hardware continues to be powerful enough and comes with unique inbuilt editing tools. Thus, high-end professional video editing software is a bit unnecessary if you are looking for just the necessary video editing procedure.

So, let’s begin with the top 7 iPhone Movie Makers as follows!

Part 1: Top 7 iPhone Movie Maker Apps

Below are some of the best iPhone moviemakers that offer many powerful video editing tools and a simple-to-use project interface. Thus, the apps provide you a bit of simplicity to use on bright and small iPhone touch screens.

1. iMovie

The iMovie by Apple contains some elegant editing tools such as color grading, media organization, green-screen effects, speed control, and so on. Also, the last updated version of iMovie is available with a bit more advanced feature. The user interface of iMovie is quite dark and easy to use, especially for beginners. Each tool is located on the left-hand side of the project panel, and you can import 360-degree video content.

imovie iphone movie maker

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Key Features of iMovie

  • You will get 4K & HD Video Support.
  • It has an Automatic Video Editing option.
  • You also get Video Color Settings.
  • Easy to import photos and music.
  • Inbuilt backdrops and themes.

2. Magisto

Magisto is another best online iPhone movie maker with a list of excellent editing features. You can do a lot more with Magisto, such as HD movie downloads, photo uploads, and other premium editing features. AI further powers this tool for practical use in video editing projects. Along with a high-end movie maker, it also helps create stunning slideshows and share-worthy video montages.

magisto iphone movie maker

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Key Features

  • This brilliant editor has driven artificial intelligence.
  • Now cut, trim, reorder and merge video clips quickly.
  • Magisto has ready-made templates.
  • You get unlimited media with the iStock library.
  • Also, get inbuilt style themes.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Let’s review a newcomer to the video editing world by Adobe Premiere Rush. It is one of the professional iPhone movie makers with a simple-to-use project layout. However, the video clip editing tools are located in the bottom-right corner to worth considering. The panel further displays in layers which you can rename as per the required edit layer.

adobe premiere rush iphone movie maker

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Key Features

  • Adobe Premiere Rush gives Free Trial available for up to 30 days.
  • It also provides audio tools and motion graphics.
  • There are various keyboard shortcuts and a premium content library.
  • It has a magnetic timeline, custom animated titles, etc.
  • You can export with different aspect ratios.

4. Quik

The Quik initially designed for Instagrammers is now functional as the best iPhone movie maker among others. Thus, the tool is pretty intuitive and straightforward to use for quick video projects. You have to decide over a theme and pick a selection to create a fantastic masterpiece. You can also choose among different styles, pace, titles, fonts, trims, and filters.

quik iphone movie maker

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Key Features

  • Select among 26 themes with Quik.
  • You can now personalize the story with title slides and text overlays.
  • Quik has unlimited media in the iTunes library.
  • You can also automatically sync transitions.
  • With Quik direct export and share in various formats.

5. Splice

The Splice is another powerful yet simple video editing tool to make the custom and professional-looking video projects. It also contains access to a free music library and integration with iTunes. All in all, it is an ideal movie maker to create those simple videos. Then you have fast and simple social media sharing options with the Splice video editor.

splice iphone movie maker

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Key Features

  • Adjust background colors, apply filters, orientation, and more.
  • Splice lets you add text overlays, title slides, and a custom outro.
  • It gives different transition styles and speed effects.
  • Splice has a wide variety of sound effects and a free music library.
  • Easy to share over various social media channels in versatile formats.

6. SloPro

Are you looking for a slow-motion iPhone movie maker? If yes, the SloPro app is here in your service. It can also shoot high-quality videos from within the app at an impressive 60 fps rate. It consists of various slow-motion settings, from slow to slower to slowest. Thus, the slow-down process of video projects is easy with SloPro.

slopro iphone movie maker

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Key Features

  • SloPro gives incredible action shots.
  • You can toggle in slow motion.
  • It is super slow with 1000fps or 500fps.
  • It also features 3D Slow Effects.
  • Renderless editing with the edit in/ out points with SloPro.

7. Pinnacle Studio Pro

The Pinnacle Studio Pro (the 24th version) is an ideal software to make complex video projects. It is pretty straightforward to import video projects with Pinnacle Studio Pro. Also, the project panel interface is divided into three categories into this video editor. You can find the media library on the left-hand side, the timeline at the bottom, and the preview window on the right-hand side.

pinnacle studio pro iphone movie maker

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Key Features

  • Pinnacle Studio Pro is easy to navigate projects with intuitive gestures.
  • Quick arrangement of clips in Storyboard.
  • You can create fast motion and slow-motion effects for audio and video.
  • Pinnacle comes with montage templates, multi-layer 3D animations, titles, and transitions.
  • It supports 4K and 2K professional formats.


Thus, these were our top selections of iPhone movie makers with their respective brief descriptions and features. You can consider your favorite video editor keeping in mind your personal preferences in terms of both editing tools and export versatility to various devices.