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iPhone Recovery Stick: A Complete Review

Jul 30, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions

“Recently, My iPhone reset itself, and I lost all my data on it! Looking to use a tool to get my text messages and photos back? But so many iPhone recovery software, how can I select an effective one?”

Most of you may have lost important data due to iPhone stolen/loss, accidental removal, or other reasons. Therefore, it’s essential to retrieve data from an iPhone using an ideal recovery tool. But the market is loaded with limitless programs. So how do you go for the ideal one from multiples?

Everyone has their choosing factors on what’s the best iPhone data recovery program. You are looking to know: Can I retrieve my iPhone data without backup? How much does it cost to recover iPhone data? What is the best iPhone recovery tool/program? After collecting customers’ viewpoints and a long-term test, we have decided on the iPhone recovery stick  a famous iPhone data recovery stick.

This article will talk about its complete review and tutorial guide.

Part 1: What is an iPhone Recovery Stick?

The retrieval procedure operates entirely from the Stick with the iPhone Recovery Stick, with no software installation required. Recovered data is stored directly to the stick tool, leaving behind no scenes on the host computer that data retrieval has been performed.

The iPhone Recovery Data Stick takes the form of a USB data stick: users first fix the target iPhone via USB and then pop the iPhone Recovery Stick into another available USB port. The contained software then operates to scan the iPhone for retrieved data; depending on the iPhone state, the procedure can take anywhere from 15 minutes to multiple hours. Yet, the kind of information that you can recover is widespread, consisting of Web browsing history, call histories, photos, map history, voice memos, dynamic text data, calendar and appointment information, contacts, and (of course) SMS messages.

Nowadays, the iPhone Recovery Stick only runs with iPhones versions of iOS 3.2.1 and earlier, but the company claims a version supporting iOS 4 should be there soon.

Part 2: Popular users of iPhone data recovery stick

Initially designed for the Investigative industry ten years ago, the iPhone recovery sticks 2020 or iRecovery Stick for iPhone is the ultimate tool to discover iPhone data. However, the device is now used by various personal and professional users for different reasons, as mentioned below:

  • Business Personnel

Using the iSearch function of the iPhone data recovery stick, users can quickly investigate their iPhone and place data that they may have lost, such as a note, contact, or images. They can also search the entire iPhone and look for any content with the particular search keywords used by the keyword search function.

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies use the stick to look for evidence and clues. Smartphone usage offers considerable insight into a person’s life. Thus, the investigations using the iRecovery stick help determine valuable evidence.

  • Concerned Parents

Using the IRS helps concerned parents to perform a no trace investigation of their child’s iPhone data and history. Saving the content is vital here as you can then preview the data at your speed without even letting your child know.Additionally, you candiscover any recently deleted photos your child may have deleted in the last 30 days.

  • Digital Forensic Centers & Universities

As the iRecovery Stick performs detection of mobile data in a forensically sound manner, it is fantastic for potential digital forensics students and an ideal option for universities and colleges to use. Use the IRS as numerous times as you need for the product’s life, with no subscription fees whatsoever and unlimited usage.

  • IT Professionals

IT professionals use the iPhone recovery stick for all of the above factorsThe iRecovery Stick has a malware reporting feature that allows, IT professionals, to view all doubtful Apps on the iPhone and examine and delete possible viruses on the device.

Part 3: Paraben iPhone recovery stick iRecovery Stick

Paraben iPhone recovery stick for iPhone is an authoritative and easy-to-use tool that helps anyone explore an iPhone using the same ways used by Law Enforcement.

iphone recovery stick

Determining any Smartphone is a tricky procedure. The small size of screens, multiple files and image locations, and sheer data volume make it complicated and enormously time-consuming to inspect all the data.

iRecovery Stick is similar to a Digital Microscope for an iPhone. Connect the Stick and the iPhone to your Windows PC and the iRecovery Stick will copy and paste all of the iPhone’s data.

Key Features of Paraben iPhone recovery stick

  • Perform Deleted Image Recovery: Images can be saved in multiple locations; messages, camera roll, and app data folders for favorite apps like iRecovery Stick; WhatsApp provides all media files on the phone. Using the iRecovery Stick, you can preview each picture found on the iPhone from the device’s Multimedia location.
  • iSearch: Use the iRecovery Stick iSearch role to search content across the entire iPhone by entering symbols or keywords. iSearch will locate the phone’s whole text data and look for any content where those symbols or keywords have been used.
  • Voicemail Recovery: Deleted voicemail is saved on the phone until physically deleted from the removed voicemail folders.The iRecovery Stick not only retrieves the actual voicemail recordings, but also displays the sender’s contact number, voicemail’s date, period, and recording filename so you can pay attention to messages from the multimedia files downloaded from the mobile device.
  • Analyze iOS Apps: It also assists in analyzing the iOS apps like health, Facebook Messenger, Tiktok, Viber, and Waze.
  • Access iTunes backup account: iTunes backup files can be a precious data source. iRecovery Stick can access all the data from the backup file of iTunes, which is the same user data provided straight from the phone. It means that there could be unlimited data in the iTunes backup file that has been removed from the phone, therefore accessing you to retrieve multiple data sets from the same mobile device using the iTunes account associated with the phone.
  • Password Recovery, Siri Commands, and Map History: It also helps recover Web Form passwords and Wi-Fi and map directions and map history. To recover this data kind, you must craft a device’s iTunes backup with a password. Siri Commands from the user is also retrieved as WAVE files.
  • Discover, Export, and Recover: You can easily bookmark essential data and download the content right off the IRS. Create your case quickly. Upgrade iRecovery Stick with future proof expertise to support the latest iOS remotely; hit UPDATE on the user interface and ensure you are linked to the web previous to use, and iRecovery Stick will automatically preview for updates.
  • Extra Features: Sent & Received SMS  Internet History     Review Malware threats Examine Contacts List   Examine Apps data, even hidden Apps.

Data Recoverable by iPhone recovery stick

The recovery procedure retrieves these existing data from the backup or device:

  • Messages received/sent SMS messages, including the exact date and time.
  • Call history call logs containing the exact duration time.
  • Graphics photos and thumbnail images.
  • Contacts phonebook data with modification and creation dates.
  • Multimedia mp3 files and recorded videos.
  • Organizer calendar and notes.
  • Tracking history geographical locations. It includes longitude and latitude coordinates along with a timestamp and is displayed in the Google Earth viewer.
  • Internet data Safari bookmarks, Safari suspend state, Safari history, Safari cookies, YouTube bookmarks, email accounts, and application cookies.
  • Other data this data consists of Maps bookmarks, Maps History, Maps directions, and other properties.


  • Provides free software updates
  • Recover almost every kind of deleted data
  • Keyword search finder facility
  • Recover hidden images from various apps
  • Used by various professionals


  • Do not recover deleted photos and files.
  • Do not retrieve iOS keychain file data.

Part 4: Alternative to iPhone Recovery stick

If you are looking for a suitable alternative to an iPhone data recovery stick, Tenorshare Ultdata is the best choice. Tenorshare UltData supports 35+ file types of data recovery loaded with uncountable features, including all the important ones like photos, videos, eBooks, and app data like WeChat, Viber, Kik. Supporting three recovery modes of iCloud, iTunes, and direct iOS device, you can also recover without backup. The scenario could be an improper jailbreak, factory reset, system crash, and virus attack. Whatever it is, Tenorshare UltData is an export in iPhone data recovery!

tenorshare ultdata


  • Restore data to the iOS device selectively.
  • Recover 35+ file types hassle-free.
  • Fast or speed data recovery in minutes.
  • Effective preview of iTunes data before recovery.
  • Cost-effective data recovery tool

For better understanding, we have made a small comparison over Tenorshare UltData and iPhone recovery stick.


Tenorshare UltData

iPhone recovery stick

Data file recovery

35+ data types

9 data types

Recover deleted data



Data recovery from iOS keychain



Data restore to device







Fast and speed

It may be slow depending on data

Other features

IOS System fix



1 Does an iPhone recovery stick work?

>Yes, the iPhone recovery stick works fantastic. Due to iPhone’s fame and the data’s treasure trove that exists on iPhones, the Paraben iPhone recovery stick is even used by a wide variety of personal and professional users for different reasons.

2 Is recovery of deleted data possible with an iPhone recovery stick?

The only recoverable Deleted Data you can take into custody from an iPhone is the Recently Deleted images. The condition being the images was deleted or removed within the last 30 days.

3 Can an iPhone recovery stick work on a damaged device?

It depends on the level of destruction the iPhone device has sustained. If the device is activated, its operating system can function, and the device is recently not locked with an iCloud or password. The device should talk with the iRecovery Stick and get your data or other content off the phone.

4 What devices are compatible with an iPhone recovery stick?

The iRecovery Stick works with any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) operating on iOS 13.x or lower and iTunes backup files. Also, note that you must get rid of the fingerprints and device passcode, and you should have the iTunes backup password if there is one.

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That’s all for the iPhone recovery stick review 2021. The file retrieval method is demanding work that requires a particular solution. Thus, for the simple destruction and data loss scenarios, you can use any described software on your needs. However, the iPhone data recovery stick, specifically the Paraben iPhone recovery stick, is excellent if you do not want to risk your potential data further with a non-verified app. It is dependable and straightforward to use. If you have any issues during use, welcome to write us in the comments below.