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  • Recover data from iCloud/iTunes backup and iOS devices directly.
  • Recover 20+ data types like WhatsApp, videos, photos, messages, contacts, and so on selectively.
  • Compatible with latest iOS 14 and iPhone X/11.

[Top 5] iPhone Recovery Software You Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

Aug 3, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions

Things become much more complex when data loss occurs on iPhone or Android devices. Android is a system dependent on Linux, and so you could anticipate lots of data recovery apps. Yet, iPhone users don’t have good choices when it comes to data retrieval.

The smallest number of apps or PC data restoration tools available on the internet can get lost data from iPhone. Data Recovery tools for iPhone can recover images, contacts, messages, music, and other data stored on your iPhone.

Thus, in this article, we have determined to list some of the best iPhone Data Recovery software that could help you recover lost data from iPhone devices.

Part 1: Factors to be noted before choosing an iPhone Recovery Software

Getting files back is a process of salvaging inaccessible contents from corrupted, damaged, or lost iPhone devices. So, given below are certain essential factors before you go for the best iPhone data recovery software.

1. Basic knowledge of the data recovery apps for iPhone

It usually offers you three recovery modes to recover what you’ve lost, including restoration from your device, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup. You can recover if your mobile phone is missing, as long as the iCloud or iTunes backup has been frequent before the inaccessibility of the iPhone device.

There are many particular categories of iPhone data recovery software such as image recovery software, iMessage restoring apps, contact recovery apps, etc.

2. Know the standards of the best file recovery app for the iPhone

Before using any best recovery software for iPhone, you’d better understand where you have lost the content from? How did you lose them? What kinds would you like to restore?

Criterion 1. Compatibility

For the first condition: Where have you lost your iPhone content, from an old iPhone or a new iPhone 12/ 12 Pro (Max)? As Apple mobile product line covers 10+ models, the first criterion we have selected is compatibility. Therefore, one promising program should support all accessible mobile device models and popular iPhone versions.

Criterion 2. Operation Ways

For the second scenario: How did you lose your cellphone items, mistaken deletion? Is the device badly damaged or lost? Does iPhone get stuck? Studies show software/hardware failure and human error are the two most common scenarios of your content loss, but different kinds of information disasters require corresponding ways.

Thus, the second criterion is methods. The top program should have solutions to recover in various conditions. And most apps have adopted mobile file recovery approaches like recovering from the device, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup. And some apps can resolve any issues or get back these missing documents.

Criterion 3. Program Ability

No matter how hard you’ve tried to restore your missing iPhone items, you still have the probability that you’ll lose them forever. So the third question, what kinds of phone content would you like to restore? It is the basic standard to justify if your items’ recovery program is qualified.

Criterion 4. Cost of iPhone data recovery software

Generally, iPhone data recovery software is priced with a 1-year license, and you can check their price plans on its store page.

Part 2: Top 5 iPhone Recovery Software

What is the best recovery software for iPhone? After long-term research and considering customers’ views, we summarized the standards, briefly reviewed the most popular apps, and finally chose this top list.

1 Tenorshare UltData

tenorshare ultdata

Tenorshare iPhone data recovery can retrieve more than 15 kinds of files from your iPhone. Not just that, but the tool also facilitates users a preview before recovering the data files. Despite all of these, Tenorshare iPhone data recovery is easy to use, and it allows users to apply filters before scanning for missing files.

No matter what conditions cause your data loss, such as accidental deletion, updating to the latest system, factory reset, etc., its three recovery modes will help you recover almost all crucial content data. Moreover, Tenorshare UltData owns the advanced technology that lets you individually recover files from iPhone devices, iTunes, and iCloud backup.


  • Data recovery directly from iTunes and backups and iPhone
  • iOS system repair functionality
  • Supports thirty-five file formats
  • Compatibility with a large variety of iPhones.
  • It comes with an iOS System Fix feature.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Tools for troubleshooting
  • Preview of files available before the recovery


  • It takes too long to scan
  • Does not fully recover data

2 Dr Fone iPhone Data Recovery

drfone iphone data recovery

Well, Dr.Fone Recover is provided in two versions Premium & Free. On the free version, you can only retrieve limited files. If you need to recover data files from iPhone, you could consider Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery. The tool can recover lost contacts, photos, videos, audio files from your iPhone. Not just that, but the interface of the tool is impressive, and it can recover iPhone data in three steps, i.e., Connect Scan & Preview Data Recover.

You can download Dr. Fone, then launch and buy Dr. Fone – iPhone Data Recovery, or you can buy its Data Recovery directly. And it can restore seven kinds of data from the device and recover seven types of data from iCloud or iTunes backup.


  • It supports various file-formats including notes, text messages, voicemail, call history, etc.
  • Allows preview of backup files before restoration
  • Password retrieval from the mobile phone
  • It can restore data from the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and more.
  • This iPhone data recovery software can export your data to a computer for backup or print.


  • Easy to use
  • HEIC photos recovery from iCloud
  • Recovery from iCloud and iTunes backup


  • Recovery not possible with the trial version
  • Does not fully recover data

3 MiniTool


The MiniTool Power Data Recovery software is among the few tools that offer service with equal effectiveness. Its Mac software licenses are more liberal than its Windows counterpart and are perfect for a professional technician working with Mac OS.

The software facilitates almost all types of shared files, consisting of every photo or video extension. In addition, MiniTool Power iPhone Data Recovery software can retrieve raw data, which can help you get even the rare file kinds used by any proprietary in-house tool.


  • Supports both Mac and Windows OS
  • Recover common types of files and even Raw Data
  • Scan all Internal & External Storage Devices
  • Scan Specific Locations or desired local drive.
  • Bootable Media types.


  • Optimum performance in terms of recovery
  • Automatically save scanning results
  • Easy to run application


  • Streamlined user interface with only recovery options

4 EaseUS MobiSaver

easeus mobisaver

If you are looking for straightforward and easy-to-use iPhone file recovery software, you should pick EaseUs Mobisaver. The best recovery software for iPhone is simple to use, and it’s compatible with old iPhones. Just like other tools, EaseUs Mobisaver also assists users to preview lost files before restoration. However, the EaseUs Mobisaver also has a limitation it’s not always victorious in restoring deleted files.

It doesn’t matter what the reason for the missing data was. It could be anything from a destroyed iPhone device, factory reset, or system upgrade. As long as you have the backup or iPhone ready, it should be simple to restore the desired files.


  • Recovers all deleted or lost data
  • Preview is available before the recovery
  • You can restore 1000+ types of file types.
  • It assists you in getting lost data back from a virus attack.
  • It facilitates you to filter out scanning results by file type.


  • Restoration of all data kinds with the paid version
  • Recovery from iCloud and iTunes backups
  • It also supports iOS 14 support


  • Free and Limited version Data recovery

5 Primo iPhone Data Recovery

primo iphone data recovery

The Primo iPhone data recovery software involves an easy-to-use interface that makes it extremely simple to recover iPhone’s lost data. This data recovery tool allows data recovery not just on iPhone but also on other iPhones devices. In addition, it supports twenty-five different kinds of data.

It further supports the varieties of devices like iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. You can get this free iPhone data recovery software full version download from the link mentioned above.


  • It restores content from iTunes, iDevice, and iCloud.
  • Get your lost personal data back like content, texts, notes, etc., from an iPhone device.
  • It one of the best free iPhone retrieval software to resolve all iPhone crashes or issues.
  • It supports different media like photos, thumbnails, music, videos, playlists, etc.
  • iOS issues or crash repair


  • Simple interface
  • Selective recovery feature
  • Recovery from iCloud and iTunes backups


  • Recovery not possible with the trial version


As the frequency of iPhone data loss increases, it’s recommended to consider taking proper instructions to decrease the impact and cost item loss. Regular iPhone data recovery software with the option of iTunes and iCloud backup is always welcome. Meanwhile, to multiply your recovery chances what you need, you’d better stop using your device until the missing data gets recovered, as this will decrease the likelihood of overwriting data on your iPhone’s disk.

Anyway, if ‘disaster’ happens, those mentioned above best free iPhone data recovery software are great to get back your lost data.