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  • Compatible with latest iOS 14 and iPhone X/11.

Joyoshare iPhone data recovery Review You Need to Know

Jul 8, 2021 | Data Recovery Software for Mobile, Data Recovery Tips and Solutions

Restoring missing data on an iPhone or any other iOS smartphone is a little more difficult than restoring missing data on an Android device!

For the past decade, the iPhone has always been at the pinnacle in terms of technological reliability and efficiency, and it has remained there. Though in today’s technologically advanced world, data loss remains a common problem for consumers. Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is a program that will help you restore data that has been accidentally deleted from your iPhone. We’ll go through all of the software’s advantages and disadvantages in this article, as well as include a concise tutorial on how to use the Joyoshare iPhone data recovery tool. So, keep reading!

Part 1: Is Joyoshare iPhone Data recovery software safe?

There are a lot of applications in this field that claim to be able to help with iPhone missing data recovery, but not everyone is up to the task. Joyoshare iPhone recovery software is the easiest and most beautiful app for recovering missing data from iPhone, iPod, and iPad for iOS users. Data recovery from iPhone and iPad used to include a Mac, but it is no longer the case. You can restore a wide variety of data with this iPhone data recovery feature, including application texts, emails, SMS, Safari’s bookmark, images, videos, calendar, audios and more. An iCloud backup, an iOS system or iTunes can all be used to restore data. The Joyoshare file recovery programme has made recovering missing iPhone data incredibly simple and fast.

In addition, this tool is available for both Windows and Mac users to restore almost every kind of missing data through iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch devices, with strong support to the new iOS 12 models. And In only a few simple taps, the app will retrieve more than twenty different forms of lost files through iOS devices.


Part 2: Features of the Joyoshare iPhone data recovery tool

Joyoshare is a comprehensive kit that includes anything you need to restore missing files.

With certain consumers, the features are now the one place where they will make or break a product. Many people would simply check the features and decide whether or not to download the app. With that in mind, this section will run through a few of the software’s functionality to help readers decide if they like to use it.

Key features:

Retrieve data from a number of sources – data loss can be restored with Joyoshare from broken computers, locked devices, server crashes, ransomware attacks, unintended deletion, and even upgrade failure. Data can also be recovered from an iTunes backup or the cloud.

Restore more than 20 different file formats– Contacts, Notes, WhatsApp history, Voice memos, App recordings, Reminder, Camera Roll, Messages, Phone logs, Photostream, Safari bookmarks, Facebook Messenger, Calendar, Voicemail, and Photo library are among the items that can be recovered.

Different Retrieval Modes- Joyoshare offers three different retrieval modes, including restoring data directly by attaching a device to the system via USB cable. One may use iCloud to restore data through a cloud drive that has been accidentally deleted. Another way to restore missing data is to use an iTunes backup.

Both iOS versions and platforms are supported– This app has been created in a way where it can be used on the oldest version of iPhone 4. This means one can get their data back from any iOS system.

More features:

(1)Support Secure Backups
(2)Preview before Retrieval
(3)Highest Rate of Success
(4)User-friendly Application
(5)Lifetime Free Updates
(6)Free Technical assistance

Part 3: Stepwise guide on how to use Joyoshare iPhone data recovery tool

First, you need to download and install this app from the official website. Once the software is downloaded you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Connect iOS device to PC

Download and install the Joyoshare iPhone app on your PC ‘Launch the app’ then Connect your iPhone to the device computer. By doing this, the app will automatically detect your device instantly.


Step 2: Choose recovery mode and scan iOS device

Once you connect your iOS device, the Joyoshare iPhone data recovery tool will find the device and show you a list of lost and current files in chronological order. All you’ve got to do is select the files you want to scan and click the Scan option. The app will start scanning the screen, which will take a while.


When the scanning process is completed, it’ll display all of the details organized into categories. To recover all results, search with appropriate keywords or pick all.


Step 3:  Preview and recover iPhone data

Once you’ve found all of the data you want to retrieve, click to pick the output folder and then click the restore button. The recovery process will begin and will take a while. However, in order to retrieve your missing records, you’ll need to purchase a license.


The Three Recovery Methods

The Joyoshare iPhone recovery software offers three retrieval methods to assist you in recovering your lost files. The following are the three methods:

The first method involves attaching your iOS device to your screen, scanning it, and downloading the results.

Second, one can use an iTunes backup to restore your missing info.

Third, by accessing the iCloud backup, you can recover your missing data.

Part 4: Compatibility and pricing

Joyoshare iPhone file Recovery is relatively inexpensive as compared to similar devices on the market. The Joyoshare iOS data retrieval program works on all Windows and Mac OS X computers. It is open-source with the ability to update the license. The following OS versions are supported and completely compliant with Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac:

Mac OSX 10.6 – Mac OSX 10.13


The starting price for Joyoshare iOS data retrieval software’s premium edition is $49.99 for a single iDevice with a lifelong upgrade. Other Pro models cost $69.95 for 2-5 iDevices and $359.95 for an unlimited number. Both Pro models come with free assistance and enhancements for the rest of your life.

This tool’s free edition comes with a slew of restrictions. But, at the very least, it would be able to restore any of your missing data. If the amount of data you’ve lost isn’t significant and you won’t use this tool again after the first use, the free edition will suffice; otherwise, a licensed version is needed.

Part 5: Users genuine feedback on Joyoshare iPhone data recovery software

Here is some genuine feedback of some users that are given below.

I’ve tried this Joyoshare iPhone data recovery, it’s really very easy to use and works well on my computer.

Gloria – I can’t believe that this simple data recovery tool can support 20+ data types and I don’t have to worry about its compatibility with different models. I like it!

Oliver White – My friend recommended Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery to me, and I find it’s really good to use. Very fast recovery speed and I can also select any lost data on my iPhone. Really trustworthy.

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Joyoshare Data Recovery Software is an outstanding option for quickly restoring your data. You don’t have to be concerned with the kind of computer you’re using or the file formats you need to recover. If you’re looking for a comprehensive data recovery program with no limitations, Joyoshare is the program for you. Sure, you may be concerned about the software’s consistency, but based on my own experience, there is nothing wrong with it. It performs extremely well and can assist you with almost any problem. It’s easy to use and understand, with three separate recovery options. It’s also fully stable. It works for almost all Apple computers. You couldn’t have wished for anything better than this.