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Recommended Best 7 Meme Video Maker free-to-use

by | May 6, 2021 | Best Video Editor, Special Effects Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

In today’s digital era, you will find various visual content on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, marketing promo, online ads regarding informative data, entertainment, promotion, marketing, and more. Among them, editors love to share memes with their audiences. Memes need to cover appropriate meaning to entertain the viewers. You can create memes free and incredibly easy with meme video makers. Since it is impossible and time-consuming to observe in detail meme video makers in the market, we have made the process effortless for you with today’s post.

7 Best Meme Video Maker


1. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a well-known video creation platform designed to increase engagement through visual content like stories, social posts, and social site ads. If you want a meme video maker, then Lumen5 is an excellent option with tremendous and outstanding user feedback. Beneficial for beginners in making visual content, it is incredibly good at what it does. The features will deliver you the exact meaning of your meme editor. For engaging text-over-image videos, Lumen5 will provide you to share all over social media.



  • Enter a link to fetch the content
  • Copy and paste offline documents
  • RSS feeds for an automated approach
  • Media, music library, and automated workflow
  • Scene length and text positioning
  • HD video resolution


2. Clipchamp

Next to Lumen5, we have Clipchamp as our next text-editing meme video maker. You can easily use Clipchamp to edit videos for creative visual content by using professional tools and features. It has unique options to add filters and basic ones like resizing, merging, or combining multiple cropped videos. You will also find special effects like Green Screen, a stock library filled with 40,000 plus video and music files in Clipchamp.



  • Trimming and cropping
  • Cutting and rotating
  • Speed control
  • Add text
  • Audio tracks and images library
  • Adjust colors and apply filters


3. Kapwing

Kapwing meme maker is an online meme generator with image, video, and GIF editing online platforms. Its features enable it to be a digital storytelling tool that is well suited to fulfill meme makers, subtitlers, looper, and filters. Intuitive user-interface, resize abilities for YouTube, Facebook, presets, and zoom actions make Kapwing meme maker the best all-in-one solution for your video-related task!



  • Audio tracks and media library
  • Access to all tools and the pro-version has premium features
  • Collaboration tools
  • Brand and text overlay
  • Video speed controller
  • Make content private



Suited for both professionals and beginners, is an online video editor that makes creative videos hassle-free. It is one of the most famous video editing applications with subtitles addition, editing video content to hold or increase audience online. You can make great memes using to tell stories, funny/crazy facts, and creative content through its beautiful features. The easy-to-use interface with add-ons panel is quite impressive in!


  • Collaboration tools
  • Video stabilization
  • Supports HD resolution
  • Speed controller
  • Media and music library
  • Text overlay


5. Clideo

Clideo is a familiar known platform when it comes to meme video maker. Apart from being an all-in-one video solution, Clideo serves in the meme video creation from images or multiple videos. Users can also edit all video files and turn them into GIFS and pictures all in one place. Options like compressing, merging, resizing, crop, rotating will give your memes an excellent shape. Interestingly, Clideo has a preview screen with aspect ratio selection and an instant download option.



  • Control the speed of a video
  • Sharing option on any social sites
  • Stop motion movie and reverse effect
  • Music library
  • It supports formats like MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MOV
  • Cut, trim, split, and merge video


6. InVideo

InVideo transforms user’s content into meme videos that aim to increase the audience’s engagement by serving them as per their requirement. You will attract the audience with your creativity through this meme video maker as it is an expert in creating short videos or online ads hence preferred by YouTubers. Recognized to be one of the best video editors for individuals, publishers, agencies, and marketers, pre-made templates, blank canvas, and text to video are the major attraction of InVideo.



  • Branded and professional designs
  • Thousands plus copyright-free media Library
  • Ready-to-use components
  • UI with advanced editing
  • Speed controller
  • HD resolution providing


7. is a straightforward and free online meme video maker that can add text or images to your selected video. You will find available with options to rotate, change its color, and reposition the text and pictures. You can change the transparency of your videos as desired, and it is free to use. With no watermark, you can get your selected memes without being hassled.


  • Online meme maker
  • Crop, trim, merge meme
  • Drag and drop
  • Optimize video by adding progress bars, text titles, and more
  • Custom sounds and add music in the background
  • Automatic subtitles adding


Thus, it is better to know your software, online platform, or services you wish to try. And so, we have provided you with an accurate description, in brief, to let you know about overall features. It will help you choose the better one for creating memes online for free. The recommended meme video makers have incredible free features to make your memes more attractive to increase your audiences. So, hurry! Try your meme maker freely and easily to create your meme videos.