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Best 6 Ways to Merge Audio and Video on Mobile/PC/Online

by | May 15, 2021 | Merge Video and Audio, Video Creation Solution

It is a botheration when you need to find several videos of the same events and click on them to watch. Thus, combining several videos/audios to turn them into one file is an incredible process that makes watching and listening to several files at once enjoyable and hassle-free. For merging, you can find several online sites, software, and even video and audio merger apps. If you choose any of them without knowing their features, you may not be able to perfectly and quickly merge audio and video. Hence, we will provide you today with some of the best video mergers on mobile/PC/online with details.

Part 1: Why is an audio-video merger required?

Suppose that while enjoying some funny movie clips individually from your files, you need to click on each short clip or find the following related video clips and need to play them one after another. Will you feel comfortable with the lengthy process? No! After all, it is time-consuming and very cumbersome.

Even if you are eager to share multiple clips with your friends or colleagues, it will be complex for both of you. So, what can be an alternative but the best solution for it? Imagine if you can see these funny clips sequentially. It will be great. It’s called merging or combining the files. You can easily integrate and connect your multiple files to easily make it a single file with the perfect audio-video merger tool.

We shall get to know some of the best audio-video merger software and their features in the next part.

Part 2: How to merge video and audio online?

1. Clideo

Clideo is a well-known platform to merge video and audio online, making it easy to integrate your audio and video files and create and edits all video files, GIFS, and images together. This audio-video merger online offers a versatile and rich set of video editing features like merging, combining, cropping, clipping, compressing, resizing, slideshow, rotation, and much more. To make videos stand out, you can add audio tracks or text to attract your relevant and targeted audiences. It supports various video formats and resolutions that will help you get your desired output quickly.

clideo video merger


  • Easily merge multiple videos, trim, crop, and clip any part of a video online.
  • Create new videos, slideshows by uploading existing or new videos and music.
  • Reduce file size, resize video, and compress videos.
  • Rotate videos and add a reverse effect.
  • You can change the speed of a video with Clideo.

2. Kapwing

Kapwing encourages people with its features to make and share their moments on the Internet. You can quickly merge video and audio online for free with multimedia editing tools and make Kapwing work as a merger, trimmer, subtitler, looper, filters, and so on. You can make share highlights, stop motions, or resize a video. With the online Kapwing’s Video Merger, you will have controls to put your multiple clips together and customize the output video. You can add text, font style, change background colors, and crop and trim your videos inline. While combining the videos, you can add music or an audio track to the video clips.

kapwing video merger


  • It supports HD resolution.
  • Split and merge.
  • Brand and text overlay, collaboration tools.
  • Audio tools with speed adjustment.
  • Upload file limitation is 250MB file (basic plan)

Part 3: How to merge audio and video Mac/Windows

1. Filmora Wondershare

The Filmora software library to merge audio and video is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Filmora is a popular video editing platform for editing and creating high-quality videos. It can offer editing support for 4K videos if you desire to after merging and is an affordable product with great tools to merge audio and video on Mac. It has many options for adding effects, filters, styling, adding audio, inserting texts, and customizing videos. Filmora uses an intuitive design delightfully that has made it easy for anyone while merging and editing videos. Filmora can help you even crop, adjust video sizes too.

filmora wondershare video merger


  • Video and audio control with audio equalizer and video Stabilization.
  • It supports 4K resolution editing after merging videos.
  • Layer multiple video clips and split Screen
  • Presets color grading.
  • Noise removal, audio-mixer.

2. Joyoshare Video Joiner

It is undoubtedly one of the best-recommended tools available for Mac and Windows to merge audio and video files. Its layout design has made it easy for you to navigate, integrate, and join video and audio clips into your desired contents and lengths. The whole merging process of videos will only take a few minutes to accomplish, and that too, without any loss of the video quality. Along with merging video files, Joyoshare allows you to cut and trim unnecessary parts. It supports many file formats of input and output videos. Its excellent facilities will let you configure video specs, add filters, and insert background sound effects.

joyoshare video joiner


  • Easy to use surface and clean, intuitive interface.
  • Extremely fast in merging at 60X.
  • Support a wide range of formats for videos.
  • Rich sets of video editing tools.
  • Retains 100% video quality even after merging

Part 4: Video and audio merger app for iPhone/Android

1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is very much known as pro video editor free. With all video editing features, merge, join, crop, cut, trim, edit video with music, filters, effects, edit your videos for YouTube, add stickers, text to video, and so on. You can try VivaVideo for your iPhone edit video with music and effect. VivaVideo app merges video and audio incredibly with the most accessible merging tools that won’t let you down. Its pro and advanced editing systems are easy to operate and can edit with cut out, scale, frame precision, and mix up your background in several ratios. So, complement your video collection by giving your video an edge featurette with this app to merge audio and video.

vivavideo video audio merger


  • Merge and quickly move videos with zooming in and zooming out features.
  • Add cool background effects such as pattern, color, gradient, blur, and so on.
  • Parameter adjustments, including adjusting vignette, hue, brightness, and contrast with transitions.
  • An entire library with a variety of trendy, artistic effects and filters.
  • Add music, sound effects, stickers, and voice-overs to your video.

2. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo audio-video merger/joiner app for merging your videos is primarily for Android devices. You will find this program with an impressive menu quality, a clean interface, easy-to-use features, and an impressive main screen that will help you see every option. It is a mighty video combiner that will allow you to merge different video clips. It also edits the video specs through its inbuilt features. With FilmoraGo, you can easily combine many videos by simply clicking a few steps. It will help you to select clips from various ranges of sources. FilmoraGo includes cloud storage applications like Google Drive.

flimorago video merger


  • You can trim, crop, and cut video with its pro trimmer, cropper, and cutter, along with merging incredibly.
  • Sharing options on social media, including YouTube, Facebook feed, stories, and an Instagram feed.
  • Different color filters and effects.
  • Export it in HD quality in any aspect ratio.
  • No watermark and no ads.


Thus, now, with the end of this article regarding the ways to merge audio and video on mobile/PC/online, you are more aware of why and how you need to combine your files. So which tool from the above will you prefer? Any video audio merger app or one of the online tools? VivaVideo for your iPhone or Filmora for your Mac?