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How to Merge Video Online – Top 8 Easy and Best Ways

by | May 11, 2021 | Merge Video and Audio, Video Creation Solution

Are you still playing several clips separately of a particular event captured at different times? Don’t you think playing several clips is time-consuming and full of effort? You can combine various clips of similar topics or subjects amazingly, making the process easy and truly enjoyable. If you are not a musician but still want to merge videos, you must use a perfect video merger. How to know that the online tool will be great for you and the easiest way to merge video online? Don’t worry! We have worked hard to provide you some top easy and best ways to make merging videos easy for you. Let’s have a look and truly become a magician!

Part 1: Top 8 tools to merge two videos online free


1. Clideo

Clideo merger video online will be perfect if you have various videos and images that you want to merge or stitch together. Clideo offers multiple settings, including the desired aspect ratio you want, output format, resolution to merge video and photo online.

clideo merge video

How to Merge Videos with Clideo?

Step 1: Upload files
Choose the videos and photos you want to merge. You can choose several files simultaneously, or you can add videos and pictures one by one after you upload the first file.

Step 2: Join videos and other files
Rearrange videos, photos, or files using drag-and-drop as you desire. For images, you can set the duration. Add sound or music by adjusting its length and volume, choose the aspect ratio, and click the “Merge.”

merge video with clideo

Step 3: Download the merged output
After merging, you can watch the preview. If you need to change anything, click on “Back to edit.” Finally, to save the video, click on the “Download” button.

2. Fastreel

Fastreel is a software platform that allows you to produce and edit online videos with various tools without downloading any additional software. You can easily merge two videos online free with Fastreel while it offers a series of multimedia programs.

Fastreel merge video

How to Merge Videos with Fastreel?

Step 1: Add Video and Files
Click on “Add Your Files” to upload the videos you would like to combine. Fastreel supports formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and WMV, and the total size of the files needs to be less than 500 MB.

Step 2: Merge Videos
If you want to add transitions to your videos, you can choose a style from the drop-down menu. Click Continue to merge the videos together.

merge video with fastreel

Step 3: Export the Output

Lastly, select the download option to save the merged file.

3. Kapwing

With Kapwing’s Video Merger, you will get simple controls to put your clips together to merge video files online and customize your output video. You can add text, change colors, choose fonts, and trim. The best part is you can join videos collaboratively with multiple people.

kapwing video merge

How to Merge Videos with Kapwing?

Step 1: Upload Videos or Images
Upload the clips such as photos, videos, and GIFs that you want to combine.
Step 2: Choose Size and Style
Kapwing’s Studio will allow you to arrange the scenes, trim, crop, add style to the output, and preview the output.

customization for merging with kapwing

Step 3: Export and Share
After finishing, click ‘Export’ to create your new merged video. After that, save and share.

4. Pixiko

Make it easier to merge large videos online with Pixiko Video Merger as you can use the videos from your smartphone, drones, and camcorder, or so on. To merge movies online, Pixiko is widely applicable. Additionally, it provides all the essential tools to edit your video while merging.

pixiko video merger

How to Merge Videos with Pixiko?

Step 1: Upload Videos
You can merge 2 videos online or even three by uploading them together.
Step 2: Click “Merge”
Change the order of your videos if necessary and click “Merge.”

click merge

Step 3: Export the Output
Finally, once done, export the video and save the file!

5. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark encourages creativity by empowering you with the rich set of tools it provides. You can stitch your videos and images together and create a montage, slideshow, educational video, technical or entertaining one. It has new themes or layouts to merge video and photo online.

adobe spark video marger

How to Merge Videos with Adobe Spark?

Step 1: Upload your File
To get started, choose a video and add it to the slide by selecting the” +” icon. From Adobe Spark’s stock image libraries, you can also add photos by uploading your image, videos, or capturing photos.

Step 2: Arrange your video& Customize

After uploading your content, tap on a slide, drag it to a new spot on your timeline. Then open the “Theme” menu to explore the fonts, transitions, and color variations. Select a slide and adjust the scale to choose the length of time.

Go to the specific time frame and head back to the timeline. Select the new icon below the scissors, the option “Continue Clip,” for a new slide, rearranging files, adding text slides, or other video clips in between.

customize video with adobe spark

Step 3: Save and Download
Instantly download your video by tapping the export and share it with your friends, family, and audiences.

6. Biteable

Biteable’s video combining tools lets you quickly merge video for free online and add transition effects. Biteable provides options with a very catchy interface that helps to add audio to a video online easily. It offers a variety of animations and templates, which you can add while merging the videos.

biteablemerge video

How to Merge Videos with Biteable?

Step 1: Upload your Video Clips
After logging in to Biteable, hit Get started now.
To add your first footage, tap the Canvas, go to the “Upload,” and hit “Select background” to select the video you want to merge. For adding the second footage, hit “Add scene” in the timeline, select “Upload,” and choose your footage.

Step 2: Merge and add any transition
Your footage is now automatically merged. If you would like to add a transition, select the space between your video clips on the timeline, tap the white arrow, and choose options from the swipe up, swipe left.

merge video with biteable

Step 3: Export the merged video
By hitting on the preview button, you can save your file.

7. Typito

Join and effortlessly combine multiple videos with Typito and stay on top of your video projects. Its easy drag and drop editor helps you crop, resize, trim, or edit your videos before merging them with support to 20 formats and aspect ratios to create personalized videos.

typito video merger

How to Merge Videos with Typito?

Step 1: Upload your Videos
Create an account for free. Upload your selected videos and images that you want to combine into a video.
Step 2: Combine Videos and Other Files
Arrange your video clips in a sequence. Edit, trim, crop, or resize video clips. You can also add images, texts, captions, and transitions.
Step 3: Download the Output
After seeing the preview, hit the “Export” button in the top right corner to get your final video.

video merge with typito

8. Lumen5

Merge videos online by using multiple features of Lumen5. This program allows you to merge or combine any video files to turns them into a single video clip. You can also add an audio track, set your desired aspect ratio, and select the output format and resolution.

lumen5 video merger

How to Merge Videos with Lumen5?

Step 1: Choose Video Files
Select the video files you want to combine. You can choose several at once.
Step 2: Drag and Drop
Drag and drop the files according to your desired order. Trim it, add an audio file if you want, and set the volume. After organizing the files and additional tools in the perfect position, click the Merge button.

video merge with lumen5

Step 3: Download your Clip

The last step is to download your merged video and save the file to your desired location.


Thus, we are at the end of the discussion regarding merging videos with some incredible tools. Now, if you are a musician or a skilled IT professional and want to merge two videos online to share on various platforms, you have the best tools at your disposal. Yes. We hope you will use the magic software above wisely and merge your videos to bring out the perfect clip for your channel.